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  1. YAAAAAS!! OMFG! Is it coming in September? Where did you read it? WE-ARE-NOT-READY-FOR-THIS. She's been feeding us with great visuals and songs. I just wish they were a little bit longer, specially her collaboration with Bilie.
  2. Looking at these songs, I'm shocked no one mentioned Cher. Either not too many exhalers know her or I'm old. I was born in 1991 and this is one of the ultimate gay anthems for the 80's, early 90's kids.
  3. LA ROSALIA! She's one of the greatest artist of this generation. She has so many bops and her style is very unique. Just dropping these in case you don't know her. Also, check out her album "El Mal Querer", a concept album and one of the best releases of 2018. 💃🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This one has Ray of Light vibes. The video is EVERYTHING.
  4. If Taylor wants to squeeze something out of the Lover album, she should release False God (sexy Taylor) as the next single showing a different side of her or Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince if she wants to keep the theme with current events.
  5. She's just waiting for the next yoga session or for the red wall to comeback to record a video to speak up on the subject.
  6. I agree she used the wrong words to make her point. Specially when your best friend's ex boyfriend is a cop (Lana's ex boyfriend). We still love her though. She's speaking up, using her platform and being on the right side of history.
  7. What's wrong with people lately? It seems like the new thing is to come at Lana. I'm actually a stan of Tinasha since her early mixtapes, but this is so disappointing of her to attack Lana when she ain't doing nothing wrong. To the contrary, she's been fully active on the subject. Some people need to chill the fûck out.
  8. I can't stop crying. We did it kids. Karma is doing its job.
  9. You should've used it. Regina is iconic. How many times can you use Mean Girls gifs?
  10. Omg I haven't played Sims in a decade. I've only played Sims 1 and 2. The only trick I remember is: ROSEBUD. And that word takes a whole different meaning when growing up and discovering p00rn.
  11. Not trying to throw shade here, but isn't her too young to release a memoir? I mean, not even Madonna nor Britney have released a memoir. Anyway, GET THEM COINS.
  12. This is totally fake. Madonna would never start a catfight nor throw shade in times like these. Also, I checked on her IG stories and there's nothing about it. Nice try, sweetie.
  13. She's just waiting for the next yoga session or for the red wall to come back to speak on the subject.
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