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  1. Why Should i be Sad...its perfect and fits with him
  2. Something tells me that would be like a pre-armed interview something like "i love my FRIENDS and they care A LOTTTT, about me, but right now im IN MY BEST MOMENT, and i want some privacy but STILL LOVING THEM"
  3. Venezolanos UP!!!!! @aleomg, algun paisano mas????? Mmmm About "SOMBRAS" I think she would apply the same xtina/shakira strategy that in spanish change about 30-40% of the lyrics. i hope filtered one day but anynomous just filter some things and others not.
  4. i would respect whatever she wants after she gets free this pic speaks by herself the treatments she has received.
  5. Guys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Do you really think that she's gonna answer something in pro for the freebritney?NOOOOOOOOOO... Don't insist too much because remember she got the money and a team working for her.
  6. we need to still trend freebritney and also collect money to found some evidence. to find evidence we need private insvetigators and money to offer to the sources, because nobody gonna sh... their a.... up! without been guaranteed
  7. this sound real but rebellion is pre-divorce if i remember was before jayden. Of course KFed- and the conservatorship was premeditated, the shaved hair history im impacted because she could perfectly go to walgreens or somewhere else and buy a shave machine and do it in private
  8. OMG we need to contact her and telling that the girl would not contact her, but we are us, im available from explaning everything since JT Breakup - to the instagram stories tea of the day
  9. OMG We are making loud, we need to start trending overprotected all the days
  10. mmm well i don't gonna say her name but its stadium category... Without stadium i would say ariana or gaga , but nothing like britney
  11. i learned a lot with OC, One three Hill & Greek are a little realist series because its not like the typical happy endings. I miss lost, friends, sabrina the teenage with (the original not the evil and double intention of netflix), i reading some comments im pro with the series try to be more real... instead of putting Happy and fidelity forever , and serial killers in each city... thats not like that. i mean. Right now - Straights make reunions with their friends, go to strip clubs, plan "fishing" and "golf" trips and them hire some chicks to companion and share it. - Divorces happening. - The people are really unfaithfull some forgive others divorce. - Having extra marriage kids. - the proliferation of the prostution. thats the things are really happening
  12. its a free opinion forum so This thing of calling us "Friends" , The Weird Choreographys and the "personal questions" with prompter Says a lot between lines.
  13. whoever has the information knows what it's worth, so instead of trending topics we need to collect money
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