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  1. Can't wait for the post divorce double-album... Just kidding, I wish them all the best (and lot of grammys with this album )
  2. b#*&ch better have a killer album the longer the wait, the bigger the disappointment...
  3. Madonna working with Timbaland and Pharell Williams on Hard Candy, wayyyyy after all everyone already worked with them. Before this album, she used to be ahead of her time, working with cutting edge producers. Timbaland was already mainstream when they made Hard Candy, and the album was average and unsurprising. Each new album she launched had the same issue. It marked the moment she stopped being a trendsetter. She became late on the music trends, doing things that already existed with other singers...
  4. Britney and Billie Eilish would be amazing on a deep dark ballad.
  5. And Midnight is right, you can hardly tell how old she is... she looks and act like a little girl. I am not that surprised some people think she's still 17
  6. - Queen of twirling! - Queen of the catwalk (+ twirling again) - Queen of fixing her hair while dancing - Queen of leg lift - Queen of yoga But above all...Queen of my heart
  7. Exactly the same, I hesitated. I love the MATM choreo and outfit, but the DWAD tour finale is epic. I mean... she inspired "Rain on me" with that, right ? Worst is definitely POM yes (and the end is far better than the opening of the concert )
  8. I am not a big fan or the song, but I just watched the video again, and didn't remember how fun it was. She looked so confident, funny and happy... I miss her so much...
  9. I have sooo many too But Maluma in his tiny torero pants drove me crazy (and I just couldn't sleep)
  10. As my username indicates, I'm from France
  11. My all time favorite choreos are Slave ( the VMA performance is pure perfection) and MATM (the choreo is genius) ! Britney dance moves were at her best between these 2 eras and during DWAD and Onyx tours.
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