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  1. Honestly she does not seem like a nice person in my opinion. She just seems to think she is all that
  2. i feel like nicki does not even write her own raps. honestly she is the worst rapper in my opinion. Honestly she adds nothing new to the rap scene. I've been over her for years. she only had one idea pink everything it is boring
  3. i agree plus cardi is better as @OnlyFactsalready knows
  4. honestly Nicki Minaj is a flop imo, I will not be listening. She's too cringe right now for me.
  5. i work a very boring job as an office clerk honestly i need to marry rich soon
  6. omg literally i was thinking this the other day it would be so much easier
  7. Honestly I feel u OP it's true everyone wants open or gets bored and it's so annoying. But then again i never focus on getting a relationship i dont really try and then i just hook up But i know in my heart true love exists I know it I can feel it
  8. honestly i always knew shane was like this, he planned the whole thing i feel bad for James if anything this scandal made me like James more
  9. MDNA is generic and some songs are so bad, my fav is girl gone wild and **** **** the rest is meh Rebel Heart same thing, I was so disappointed the demos sounded way better that what she released (Inside out)
  10. Ok no lie even tho it is debatable what tracks Britney sings and what myah sings, that album has a special place in my heart. It came out when i was in uni and I know all those songs by heart. I was so depressed and it helped me out of my depression. i would be studying for exams and listening to Work ***** lol Admittedly some of the songs i dislike (ISBE, BA, TIG, DG, NTIFY, HOT) the ones I like I LOVE
  11. I already pre-ordered both, bought a used copy of Britney for $35 (was so lucky) and snagged britney jean from urban outfitters luckily. I hope they repress them all again.
  12. do you think it would be a good idea to start a petition to get these re-released I've been obsessed with getting them for the past few weeks and it's so bad for my mental health lol. Why am I obsessing over it i just search and search all day hoping someone has a good price for them but i should know better
  13. Yeah I don't think her apology was enough those posts were terrible in my opinion. Also her online store is not giving fans what was promised and does not respond to my emails. there is a thread on twitter about it and Camila has yet to address it. It seems like she does not know how to address negative press.
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