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  1. I have been a Taylor swift fan for a few years, becoming more interested in her once I started studying business and communication and had to look into her more as a business brand and label powerhouse. I have followed her choices socially and privately and find her choices fascinating but mainly, why are her first single releases so much more excruciating than the rest of the albums. also, why are a lot of her single choices (.) some of the less interesting songs of the releases. speak now - mine, sparks fly red- we are never getting back together, 22 1989- shake it off, bad blood reputation - look what you made me do, ready for it, end game lover- me (criinge) I feel like there's obviously a side to the decision to pick the catchiest, most commercially available choice - but there's so many lyrically relevant and beautiful songs on the record that get over looked, especially by people that won't dive deeper and listen to the rest after hearing the first single release.
  2. I think the entirety of gagas pop problems come from how limited what the public want to hear from her is compared to what gaga actually wants to release herself. Her most inspired albums/songs never meet the desired reactions from mainstream radio/streaming (Artpop, government hooker, Bloody Mary) and the songs that she releases as singles (stupid love, perfect illusion etc) have no groundwork to hold peoples attention for longer than the "big release" or gaga 'famous' music video that people expect. I also find it incredibly convenient that she decided to push the album back around the same time duas album (which will probably be one of the pest pop records of the year) was brought forward... HAVING SAID THAT I love gaga and think she's genius - but there's definitely a resemblance in vocals on dualsnew album that I think would make any artist shake especially after gagas previous release bombs...
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