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  1. Yeah because that’s almost a year that they posted the supposed "HD" remasters on Tidal. A few months ago, Overprotected had an HD remaster on Tidal and a new thumbnail on YT. Yeah JLO’s remasters are too sharpened and don’t look good, idk why they have put so much of sharpening, a simple upscale could have been better
  2. I think SME will update her videos really soon indeed, Britney’s VEVO thumbnails are almost all changed, they always got updated when an HD remaster is available on Tidal, which means that an HD remaster was done. But the bad news is that’s highly possible that the HD Remasters are from Tidal as it’s Sony who have (maybe; I’m not sure) released the HD Composite scans on Tidal. So sadly, not true HD remasters or not even Digital masters, only Composite masters (like the DVD versions) apparently. I hope the remasters on YT are not those of Tidal tho, it wouldn’t be a huge upgrade compared to what we have currently... But the JLO’s remasters look better than the Britney’s Tidal HD remasters. Which means that maybe Sony will provide new HD remasters. The only thing that I don’t like is they are too oversharpened...
  3. Well, I managed to upscale Anticipating (DWAD) in 4K but guess what, the performance is copyrighted so impossible to post it on YouTube. And I can’t edit a live performance unlike a music video.
  4. Thank you for sharing! Hope people enjoyed it My edit of Do Somethin’ made it unblocked in ALL countries while the Official VEVO one is blocked/banned in many countries, a shame that many are just discovering now this music video!!
  5. Like I said before, unfollowing her will just makes Britney feeling that she is useless and that people don’t care about her and lose hope for any support. Even if she is or she isn’t the one who posts on IG, because she will know it anyway that she lost subs. Also, even if she isn’t the one who posts on IG, she is still the one who is recording photos and videos to send them to her team so I think she is okay and aware of her posting. If she don’t like one of her videos, she will shot another and don’t send the bad one. That’s all.
  6. I think it’s a great idea essentially that 3 has those fast motions/transitions scenes which fits Matches rythm.
  7. Yeah @Lonely2001 helped me by re-editing the whole music video by copying the same scenes sequences as the official video so I started to do many AI upscales to pick the best looking one. The only problem I had is that the first part of the video (which is actually the last parts of the behind the scenes) isn’t available in 720p but in lower quality which is difficult to remaster, but I think it’s better compared to the official copy. If there’s HQ rips of those parts, the upscale would be a lot better! But I’m doing my best to have the cleanest remaster possible. Expect its release after I release the releases of Do Somethin’, Outrageous and Someday.
  8. Thank you so much for helping me, I will try to upscale it soon, after or before I release Do Somethin. The next video is My Prerogative (Outrageous delayed as I’m not satisfied of the quality).
  9. Thank you for the support! When I finish Britney’s videos, I will try to remaster various videos of many artists, as well as of Christina Aguilera
  10. Omg thank you so much for your help!! The quality is far better compared to the original video!!
  11. Yes but I saw somewhere that the video got reuploaded many times which apparently affected the amount of views (even if the transition to VEVO tries to keep the old amount of views tho)
  12. Yeah good idea, I’ll make a post about it soon.
  13. I really like what you did for BOMT (maybe you had to make the title more visible), In The Zone and Circus. The front cover of In The Zone have maybe too much of darkness because it gives me Blackout vibes that’s why lol, but I really love the front cover of OIDIA, just perfect. I don’t really like the back one, another shot of that era would maybe be better, but you did a good job.
  14. As "Dance Till The World Ends" is basically the uncut version of Till The World End, it’s not really a problem for this one. However, Someday I Will Understand need to have at least 100M tbh, I think it’s due to the video being black and white which don’t make it too catchy. Kill The Lights is an anime, it should have a real video. I think the song isn’t really known/popular + it’s just an anime, so that’s why views are low. But yeah all Britney’s videos need more than 100M of views, BOMT deserves more than 3B. YT views don’t show the real popularity of Britney’s songs and how she was big back then. I think it’s the same issue with many other artists who were big before YouTube.
  15. Yeah, unfortunately the only clips available are not even the half of the official video... Let’s hope someone have them saved somewhere...
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