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  1. Some are wondering when they will release the Darkchild Remix video on Britney’s channel, so I guess they will release it on YouTube for the 20th anniversary of the "Britney" album, so late 2021. Because it’s a shame they didn’t bothered to upload it officially on streaming platforms.
  2. I might share asap a download link but if you want to download it now in 4K, use a YT download - like loader.to - You just have to paste the link of the video and select the quality (choose 4K 2160p).
  3. And after, JT’s fans will dislike Britney’s videos.
  4. It was originally released in 16:9, you can find it in 16:9 on Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD. I always keep the original aspect ratio.
  5. Yeah the video is amazing! Even if they release it in 2021, we can still believe it’s a new music video!
  6. I realized another thing, she wanted to miss the opportunity to promote Work B***h by choosing INAGNYAW instead of Work B***h lol, because when she choose a music video, the channel broadcast it right after.
  7. Yeah I don’t know why the DVD/VOB version and HDTV versions have a pink tint, like this 1080p Version of Palladia: Same with MTV, VH1, M6 Music...all HD TV channels have the same pink tinted version with rainbow artefacts caused by the Composite Master.
  8. Hi! Let me share with you my new 4K remaster of Overprotected Darkchild! The sources of this video aren't great but I think it looks really good. Believe it or not, but I re-edited this video more than 30 times until it got unblocked on YouTube. Even if it got slightly compressed by YouTube, I hope you like the quality!
  9. Yes but people will still stream Toxic and Baby One More Time so boycotting would not fix the issue in my opinion. And also, Britney could take that badly that people don’t care about her. I know that’s for helping Britney to not feed her team who profits from her, but I guess there are other ways to help her because boycotting can have negative sides. No?
  10. Omg but where do you find those leaks? Is it someone who sends you the files or you just actively search for the them on internet? Anyway thank you so much, you’re always surprising us!
  11. Idk but I feel like that the music video of Outrageous was actually a bad idea, or at least would not be appreciated by many people. I’ve released an upscale of the video and there are many comments that say: "That’s so cringe" "it’s cringey" "everything is wrong on this video" "wt* is this" "I’m so uncomfortable" "Weird video" "Worst video ever". Where on many other of my videos, I don’t see generally bad comments towards her music videos. So I’m wondering if the video being cancelled isn’t a good idea finally...
  12. Omg, imagine if they take down her account or if she lose many followers, do you think when she will know/notice that she would be happy? I understand the point that Britney don’t run her account, I understand also that some people think that’s not Britney’s own captions (even if I don’t really believe that, they are Britney’s captions imo but it doesn’t matter here). But no one can officially tell that’s not Britney’s captions. And reporting her account would lead to nothing, because many (if not the majority of) celebrities have a Community Manager/Team, and that’s not pretending to be someone else. So no, I don’t think it’s a good idea, especially if it’s really Britney who written those captions, she would be so disappointed that she lost many followers or that her account was taken down. She will take it badly, she will think that her posts are useless and that people mock her.
  13. Yeah I use this DVD if there’s no ProRes Master for a music video. For example, for Baby One More Time, I’ve used the Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD. But for I Love Rock’n’Roll, I’ve used the ProRes Master which is obviously superior than the Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD.
  14. I’m pretty sure we will see a day "Is it Myah Marie on Toxic?". Lmao, jokes aside, no it’s really Britney, we can make easily the difference. But what is obvious, it’s the excess of autotune/high pitching on her voice. But I think we should stop to always wonder if Myah Marie recorded Britney’s songs. Yes, she did many songs on Britney Jean (as well as backing vocals/demos of other songs). Is it an error during the production or is it Britney who was so busy that she didn’t even recorded some of her songs? We don’t really know, but something is sure, it’s really Britney who is on S&M, her voice is recognizable.
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