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  1. Ok so next videos will be Overprotected (Official Video) in 4K, after Overprotected Darkchild (Official Video) in HD (because there's no source with good quality), then Do Somethin' in HD (no good source too so in HD) and after Slave 4 U in 4K,
  2. All those directors who try to make the old movies effects on their music videos... Essentially when the music video have a futuristic/high technology look...I don’t understand him... Okay, why not for My Prerogative, but actually, I don’t understand why they added that film grain on Do Somethin’, If U Seek Amy, HIAM, etc.
  3. Yeah at first, it was just some experiences where I learn how to use those softwares and wanted to share them on YT, then people aske me for more so I always learn new methods to improve more the videos.
  4. Gigapixel AI with some corrections made on After Effects. You need a powerful computer with an expensive GPU (nVidia GPUs are advised), it can take easily a day or more for a 4 minutes video so if you don't have a powerful computer it will take forever. Also, I advise you to upscale only good quality videos, because you wont have good results on 240p, 360p, or bad 480p videos, in general, you will have better results by upscaling an SD video to HD and HD to 4K (rather than SD to 4K). That's why I will do If U Seek Amy in HD instead of 4K.
  5. Yes it was from the 5GB ProRes Master. Yeah the Blu-Ray version is actually better than the Master but idk why but it has noises on the Blu-Ray version
  6. Actually, VEVO didn't uploaded in true 1080p on YouTube due to bitrates limitations. But even the Director's Mastered 1080p video (uncompressed, the size is 5GB lol it's so huge) is awful: 1080P Mastered Version (+5GB) My 4K Remaster:
  7. I agree, she wasn't at her best, maybe the Circus era energy would fit more this music video, even if some people find the concept of the music video just awful where I don't understand (but respect) why.
  8. I wonder why this music video is underrated and hated by people. I mean, the fight scene is ICONIC, as well for the giant tower of screens where all iconic music videos are displayed, this tower is beautiful...
  9. Yeah, I adjusted a little the colors to be more accurate and essentially because the colors on the official weren't good (Britney were too white or idk), I didn't only adjusted the saturation, but tried to play around the gamma, chroma, RGB colors, contrasts, etc. to have a polished result than a regular saturation. I was afraid that people wouldn't like but hopefully, it seems that people liked so yeah, thank you so much!
  10. HI THERE!! I'm super excited to share with you the OFFICIAL music video (the Director's Cut one to be precise) of Hold It Against Me in 4K 60FPS!! And you know what? There's NO more ads placements scenes, and have more uncut/dance scenes!! HD 1080p VEVO Version: 4K 2160p 60FPS (my version): I hope you enjoy!! Watch here (if you're on mobile, open the video with the YouTube App for better quality in 4K):
  11. Thank you so much for your help!! I will try to improve a little more the quality, I wanted to do it in 4K but the results can't be considered as 4K so just Full HD this time (omg I have better results with BOMT in 4K than IUSA)
  12. Here is the difference (1080p Upscale, zoomed at 75%): Noisy: Less of noise:
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