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  1. Oh I fully agree that celebrities aren't owned by the public/fandom and that no one is ever entitled to touch anyone. And if she doesn't want to be touched, then she probably should not do the M&Gs, as they obviously make her uncomfortable. And if she still insists on having them, maybe have the team announce the no touching/hugs before the fans are meeting with her in person. She could have handled the situation a lot better and it's not outrageous for a fan to ask for a hug. But yeah, the whole Marta thing... Though I don't see why she would lie, the kind of assertiveness that Britney displayed during that particular M&G doesn't match with how she reacted with Clay. Who knows.
  2. I'm still waiting for my cancellation to happen. Though I need more clout first. And I never would have used the term clout, but I watched Tekashi 956's videos and now I use clout in sentences. And I never would have viewed his videos if it wasn't for visiting exhale. I don't know why I'm being so dramatic right now. Hello, I am human.
  3. I believe her. I was friends with an old exhaler Clay back during the FF era. He was from a different city and flew to Vancouver for M&G, and when he asked her for a hug... he says she got this look on her face that he had just told her he wanted to murder her kids, said nothing and just stared at Larry. And then Larry said 'no touching' or something. The photo result was crazy. Though whoever her make up artist at the time needed to be fired, so that didn't help things. But yuh, he was pretty crushed.
  4. Fun Britney Jean fact: It was recorded underwater, which is why the producers couldn't tell how awful it was until release.
  5. The only time it's a good album is when it's in a dumpster that is also on fire. DOWNVOTE ME, I SAID WHAT I SAID.
  6. I came here to be like, omg guys the cancelling is getting out of control... but then the **** sympathizing is extremely wrong and just ****ed up. Bye gorl, ya cancelled.
  7. It was a valid question. No need to apologize in my humble opinion.
  8. Good luck. I won't blame you if you eat the iced cream off of his abs. On a serious note, I seriously hope things go well. <3
  9. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all night.
  10. Preach. I have very little sadism in my set of my behaviors... so the whole thing is baffling me. I don't understand cruelty.
  11. This is a difficult topic for me, as I've been a victim of discrimination and understand the need for people to get taken to task on the unacceptable things they say, believe and/or do. Though I'm always extremely wary when actions appear to be motivated solely by sadism and the need to destroy an individual. It appears certain groups have weaponized cancelling people and I have a hard time believing in the altruistic motivations that certain groups claim to have. Power is intoxicating for any human being; regardless of the individual. As a lot of the groups who have organized campaigns to 'cancel' someone have often been underrepresented, voiceless, and powerless in the past, I worry that the sudden societal influence and clout that these once systemically oppressed individuals have gained has changed their motivations from an egalitarian agenda to vengeance. Which brings me to my main point. If this is the case, is vengeance justified? Should people who currently hold or once held archaic views be destroyed? Is it justified? Is there a way to balance holding people accountable without the destruction of their personal and professional lives? And do you participate in the culture of cancelling individuals? What do YOU think?
  12. It was a song that happened. That is my most positive description of it. With the 'woke' culture that we have, having a song about being pretty is... so cringe-worthy.
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