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Everything posted by EasyThere

  1. So you are mad a t BLM protesters as well for protesting during pandemic ?
  2. One question ? Do we enjoy it ? Or are we supposed to be concerned
  3. Howling I am literally screaming at ur meltdown. Tooo easy
  4. I don't cARe about YOu aNd UR bigoted POstS Proceeds to meltdown for the past 3 pages
  5. Why am I screaming at you and ur psycho contradicting posts. I am howling ngl. Thanks dude. Thanks for the laughs psycho
  6. TA tA hAvE a BaD DAy I Am NOt BoTHered bY yOUr CoMMenTS Proceeds to have full blown meltdown. We have to laugh
  7. That thread was on first page dude And again you were bullying one of exhale member so I downvoted 2 comments of yours . And then you snapped this morning just like you snapped on that member. Like we have to laugh "nOT oN MY WaTCh"
  8. Well I can't be psycho if u are a psycho ? EasyThere is confused
  9. Says a bully who has been bullying me and few other members for god knows what reasons. Not my fault ur miserable. What you just said would be an insult if it was coming from anyone else. But coming from you we just have to laugh
  10. Fyi @Jordan Miller only reason why I disliked this member in past few minutes is because he had a meltdown and went on yet another downvote spread on me I literally just quoted him before it.
  11. Nahhh u were literally bullying that member without a reason.
  12. Yes. I am turning 5 in a month or so. Well just because ur a sociopath doesn't mean rest of this forum is. Hence why 90% of this forum loves me aka me having this much points and best comments. Xoxoxoox Cheer
  13. I called u a psychopath because u bullyied that member without a reason. I could care less about ur downvote spread on me. But if it helps my case I will use it against you
  14. I literally downvoted 3 post of urs because they were trash and u were bullying that member. Let's not
  15. @Jordan Miller do something about user CalfornicationCreep He has been bullying members for a long time now its truly pathetic
  16. Ur a psychopath who needs to be banned asap @Plus
  17. Yaaaaaasssss. Let's drag those counts down. I wonder if certain someone will remove this thread due to his friendship with Loucifer M Taylor
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