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  1. I love this lady so much. But some big *** Britney Britney channel needs to make a good compilation. This one is certainly better than the previous one though.
  2. Wardrobe wise. It's the best she had looked since Circus era. Now the thing I do not understand,she has all this clothes. And has worked with amazing stylists over the years. How the eff she manages to look so bad irl 90% of the time. Same goes 4 her makeup choices. Also that first photo proves,that the set lighting wasn't the greatest. Plus she went tiny bit overboard with fillers/botox around that time.
  3. Makeup wasn't the greatest for those short/radio interviews. Plus the overal angles and light were bad. But in general whoever styled her for that London trip needs a gold medal. She never in her career looked that stylish.
  4. David LaChapelle liked this comment about it being Britney's decision to use the chains in their photoshoot together for Glory.
  5. A pitty. It's not like Spears family is in need of money
  6. I can't see anything. But it's a pity if true. It's not like Spears Family needs extra money. They could have kept the house as part of a sentiment.
  7. Her team reported last year that she is worth 50 smth million bucks. If we count her earning since 2009 she earned approx 350 million bucks (according to numbers they reported to Forbes till recently). Which would mean she/her conservators blew approx 300 million bucks in past 10 years. If that's true. Than I guess its alright
  8. Welp yeah that's a different story. But in all honesty it's not healthy to have any expectations from ppl let alone high ones. Believe me it will only make you feel bad about yourself no matter what. I have the same issue. Sometimes I would prefer to stay alone than to hang out with ppl. But I have came to realisation that sometimes a lot of those things are in my head due to anxiety
  9. Np. As a bigg *** overthinker,I have been in million situations like this. Some I handled right but most turned out a mess,mostly due to my questionable thinking and actions. But hey you live and learn
  10. Thank you for you advice on my personal thread, I appreciate it man. You're so kind. Hope we can be good friends from now on. :mcry:

    1. EasyThere

      When matter is serious. I will always be serious. And not my usual exhale self lol

      And yeah why not. Forums are toxic enough,even without petty personal "fights" :)

  11. Sure. Cool beans. Anyways thanks for proving my point
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