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  1. Stop fighting hoes Ot. Probably because it goes trough 20 ppl before it gets approved. Plus Cassie is awful at what she doea. She can at least run her lq photos trough Remini if anything.
  2. Literally a week lol. My car is in the shop,he lives an hour away from me in another city. So I need my car to get there. We were planning to see each other on Sunday. Also he doesn't live alone so we were planning to do it in the car. But its starting to be word because he is becoming clingy after,and is starting to act like we are about to date. Even though I told him I want *** combination force time being.
  3. Yup those are the ones I had in mind. She in general was giving strong Britney era vibes
  4. Billy is that you ? Are you getting cut soon ? Maybe Loucifer will do one good deed before she goes to jail (allegedly)
  5. K And then ppl ask me why I hate the way I look,and why am I insecure af
  6. What are you talking about. He is stunning and has a gorgeous smile
  7. Thanks for advice bb. Yeah my biggest fear they will become hella crazy due to their feelings. And will start to stalk me and expose me to my family. I have accepted myself as a bi guy. And I just got out if relationship with a girl. It was bad and toxic for almost a year. And she still doesn't want to end it completely. But no one knows I have feelings for guys to. And I live in such a religious,small town that my life could actually be ruined due to gay rumors alone. Hence why I haven't been with a guy since 2017 when I actually lived outside if my country for a little bit. So my biggest fear is,I will go and hookup with him. And then I will end it in near future. And he will go all psycho on me because he got his feelings hurt. And on top of everything I don't wanna hurt his feelings.
  8. He is so hot till this day (looked better without Ray hair few years back). But holy **** he was smoking in his youth.
  9. It doesn't work for me. But dhe looked absolutely gorgeous back then. And her hair/wigs were perfection (especially considering how lill hair Britney actuality had). Its sad to hear they cut her off just because she became friends with Britney
  10. So I have been chatting with some person for a week now,and at first we agreed to hookup and have fun. And I have told them that I just got out of relationship,and am not looking for anything serious. And they have agreed on it at first. But now they have become kinda clingy,starting to call me,giving me relationship nicknames(baby,honey,love etc.),talking about our love in future etc. I am supposed to meet them in few days,but idk if I should do it or not. Because it seems that I can't explain it to them that I just wanna hookup,aka have a *** combination for time being (smth they agreed on at first). So idk if I should continue with this or just end it. Any advice my fellow Exhalers. Also I kinda don't want to end it,because Satan knows when I will find a another semi attractive hookup again.
  11. I mean great i guess. But its honestly kinda disgusting that everyone can speak up except Britney herself.
  12. Same. And its kinda tricky for me to order clothes online. But I have all these ideas in my head. But nowhere to buy them. Zara/New Yorker have cool things from time to time. But almost everything looks the same.
  13. Easy there always comes trough with thirst traps and ***** leaks
  14. Trash. Lmao I read this on daily mail. And please went in with drags. He got dragged to filth. He is disgusting Pig
  15. Was she wearing a mask in the 2nd photo. Or was that an actual demon
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