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  1. Its a mess on mobile. Can't see **** lol
  2. Only ? That's above average lmao. That's normal height for most men
  3. Ppl have no respect for Britney spears the artist is partially her (her team fault). Especially since FF era.
  4. Whenever something is popular overexposed is hated by parts of GP and ppl trying to be cool. Britney was huge but she had lots of haters too. In recent years it happened to 1D although they had huge fan base,non fans hated them. Or simple disliked them for being so popular. Same thing happened to Bieber etc. Whenever there is a pop phenomenon it is hated by ppl who are outside of their age group or ppl who hate pop music in general. Just look back trough history from Spice Girls,Britney,JB,One D,Christina,Lindsay etc. It happens the most in teen pop circles.
  5. Most of POM Tour was abomination. Few Asian dates were decent. But rest of it was sad to watch. Her anxiety was over the roof,I get anxious af watching her.
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