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  1. Idk much about Fe's personal life. And she seems like a nice lady who genuinely adores Britney. I was just saying that she won't be much of a pro FreeBritney for obvious legal reasons. No matter if she is pro or against cship in her personal life. I am not a medium so idk what she really thinks. But the fact is she is Spears employee after all. And she is under NDA.
  2. I have literally said Fe is a sweetheart. But sadly if she wants to stay in Britneys life or if she wants to stay working for her. She won't say anything against conservatorship. No matter what her true feelings regarding it are. If anything she might have been approached by team Spears to calm the fans down. I am not saying she is pro conservatorship. But if she is still Spears employee she will be pro conservatorship to some extent. So idgi why are you attacking me.
  3. This is gonna hurt the movement sadly,especially because GP believes everything they read.
  4. I mean she is being paid or has been paid by con team for years. And if she wants to stay in Britneys life or work for her. She will have to be pro conservatorship no matter what her personal opinion is regarding conservatorship.
  5. Non of those ppl seem to support her freedom. But yeah that's just a feeling I have had for quite some time now.
  6. I honestly don't understand why can't she say anything. Why can't she speak up. Is she being advised to stay silent ? Or is she genuinely isn't allowed to say anything. If anyone should tell this story it should be Britney. Its sick that everyone around her is allowed to speak up. Except her,who can only say anything trough her court appointed lawyer.
  7. Yeah. Although she is a sweetheart. She is on team conservatorship side of the story. She is their employee after all.
  8. Yeah no matter which side lawyer is present he/she will be pro conservatorship. I have a feeling Fe will be pro conservatorship as well because she is on team Spears payroll after all. They probably asked her to participate to calm fans down. And that 2009 lawyer is also pro conservatorship but against James. So he will not be helpful either.
  9. I have a strong feeling this documentary is gonna be pro conservatorship.
  10. I remember you saying it was so much better than Circus tour back in the day. And how she sings live
  11. This was actually good lol. It obviously needs some improvements especially acting/script wise. And I hope it gets second season treatment. Also too many to name. Series that left the biggest impression on me was The Good Place.
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