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  1. The whole Chromatica album is a 45 minute pride anthem
  2. I'd be here for it. Clearly the best song on Lover, and one of the best in her catalog. It really should've been the lead instead of ME!diocre.
  3. I want a dark dance album like Turn Off The Light by Kim Petras. She NEEDS a song like Death By *** in her discography! It would be ICONIC!
  4. Femme Fatale had the better album and more successful singles but Circus wins on everything else so sense we are talking about the era overall I'd go with Circus. Though Femme Fatale was the first time I really remember liking Britney and was a precursor to me stanning her now.
  5. My favorite performance has to be ...Baby One More Time and (You Drive Me) Crazy at the 1999 EMA's. It has a creative concept. It shows her range in dancing as she glides through multiple styles seamlessly. Very tightly choreographed. It has "live" vocals and that iconic back flip. That was one of the of the performances that solidified my stanning of her.
  6. Why do you have to attempt to come for Taylor to make a point about Gaga. And I'm saying this as a person who stans Lady Gaga more than Taylor Swift. They're both talented artists; it's just that Taylor marketed herself early on in a way so that she was able to dominate two genres and when she went full pop it broadened her support without losing to many of her old fans. Gaga's brand was based on doing weird stuff which can automatically turn people off.
  7. I'm glad that we're at a point where celebrities can be very direct in their commentary instead of banal statements like "We should all be treated equally"; it allows for dialogues to expand more.
  8. Packing like he's going on a trip to Europe. In the front AND back.
  9. What does the solo version sound like? I've never actually heard it. But I like Tinashe's contribution to the song.
  10. I'm proud as a Swiftie to see how she's developed her voice. But I'm surprised that anyone in this thread is trying to defend 45 considering that most of the people belong to marginalized groups. I might have to hop on the politics forum and start dragging these racist h oes.
  11. Tell me in that tweet where she told you to do anything.
  12. I'd prefer that they do but I don't think they're obligated too. Their job is entertainer and artist. Anything else they do is extra. Though I'd like to know what to think because I'd be devastated to learn one of the people I stanned is problematic.
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