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  1. If it's not too much of an ask for the artist, I'd go with one of her album inserts or back covers. I think she plays it safe with cover art but the interior usually has the best artwork. Might I suggest And I've always loved the photos from Blackout Such a fun idea. Please let us know what you end up choosing and show us how it turns out! And then provide me with the artists info so I can cover my whole house in Britney
  2. I'm going to be on time for this one, I swear. My damn stylists are always making me so late.
  3. Totally agree. Britney and LaChapelle did so many amazing things together. I could watch Everytime over and over again because it's like a short movie with no many nuances. I really wish their work during the Glory era came together because I think it would have taken that part of her career to a whole new level. She did some fantastic work with Joseph Kahn too. She really teamed up with some great creative minds over the years.
  4. The Everytime video is a Britney/David LaChapelle masterpiece. These two always push the envelope when they work together (e.g., first Rolling Stone cover). No mysteries here. Just two great artists making great art.
  5. Same. I need more information on the framed swimsuit. Is it for the tiny people who use the miniature couch in her gym and little chair in her living room?
  6. I'm well into my Piece of Me era. I have perfect mermaid hair. I am owning the red carpet everywhere I go. Glory is in my future. But I'm also releasing Pretty Girls. Oops.
  7. I'm fascinated by this Reddit account. Whoever it is has worn a giant dress much like the one in HIAM. And loves flowers.
  8. As a Britney impersonator, she's fun and has some cool videos on IG. As a drag queen, she's not versatile enough at all. I was shocked she made it to All Stars.
  9. So much yes. I feel like this gets overshadowed by Everytime because that was such a huge single from ITZ. Shadow is one of her best ballads. I'd cry to it any day.
  10. YAAASS. This was my choice, but honestly they are all perfect. Bombastic is just so fun to sing along to.
  11. I was waiting for someone to call me out I considered Anticipating as one of the six singles but flopped and added TWYTM as a non-single
  12. Lonely is in the lead with 23% of the votes. I had to go back and rewatch the DWAD live version after @dbagswag mentioned it. This song stands the test of time.
  13. Chokers are fun and have made a comeback in recent years. Stop reaching.
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