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  1. Her in chains at a time like this.. omggg
  2. Stuck, Walka Not A Talka, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, and Too Young To Die are my personal favs. TYTD has a really weird Britney impersonator featured on it though.
  3. Taste. Stuck is so good. I can’t find it anywhere anymore, and don’t think I got the chance to hear it remastered. and no, we’re just mutuals and fellow LL stans. Love him though. It’s so funny to me that he’s so heavily associated with stanning her.
  4. I’m not. We’re mutuals though. I had to screenshot this interaction and send it to him, just so he knew that he is that heavily associated with stanning Lindsay Lohan.
  5. If included in the standard edition, Mood Ring could of had SUCH potential. The production is 2016 personified. I know it’s been discussed so many times, but it still hurts. I could’ve seen it as a third single. Easily.
  6. I have all of the leaks from her third project ripped onto my phone. Walka Not A Talka still slaps to this DAY. I would highly recommend giving them a listen to whoever hasn’t. While I’m aware it probably wouldn’t have done well commercially, It would of been a perfect addition to music at the time and later achieved cult classic status
  7. Lindsay and Hilary were both servers in their prime. Dignity is pop perfection. However, I’m much more intrigued by Lindsay personally (and musically). Also, It still amuses me that they had problems after Lindsay snatched Aaron Carter from Hilary.
  8. Thank you. I was very excited to see this discussion. 🖤 As you should. I’m also still waiting for her to officially drop Xanax, but she’s been stalling for 7 months at this point. I guess it just didn’t work..
  9. Hi. I’ve been a lurker on Exhale for four years now, and I really wanted to join so I could engage in this conversation. I’m a huge Lindsay stan (probably one of the last remaining four) and I LOVE Speak. I don’t personally believe it’s ahead of it’s time. I think it’s a perfect time capsule of the early 2000s, and that’s what makes it special to listeners who’ve given it a chance. The album wasn’t promoted as heavily as it should’ve been, because Lindsay was filming ‘Herbie’ during what would’ve been the album’s press tour. If you ask most people today, they wouldn’t know she ever had a signing career. Pair that with a lack of performances of the singles, no tour, and the GP viewing her as another teen actress getting a record deal; It’s actually surprising how well it did. Stream Speak.
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