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  1. Hey, my only theory is that, there was so much talk of black music isnt celebrated, and beyonce was snubbed at some moments, so they thought lets give them to her this year. I think its pure political, as is everything this year with Covid-19 and everything else...
  2. Yes totally agree with both your comments. And I dont like how twitter and all social media, gave people this sense of "I can say what I want to who I want and be rude" and thats exactly why we have ACTORS to play roles and represent a story, a group, a person. If the movie is sending a positive message we should be happy. Its not Sia's purpose to give work to the autistic.
  3. Favorite unreleased songs are: 1. Dancefloor Lover and 2. Love Is My Religion
  4. I am not angry at the photoshoot, but in general, I like to find purpose and reason behind whatever we do. Even in art. This DOES seem like a forced attempt, "oh lets throw a dress on" for what? Is a man actually gonna go buy the dress and wear it? And beyond that, why now, why are we pushing so hard with all these men wearing clothes 'generally' directed to woman. I would ear a skirt, a nice black, more masculine cut skirt. Yes, I am using the word masculine and feminine. I personally don't wanna see Harry in address, that's not ****, at all. Rockstars of the 80's were very out there and flamboyant, and ***ualy fluid and open, but there was still a masculine element to it. I dont like its seems forced. Its not even shocking, like something Britney would do for shock value. Its vogue so I guess, its more "fashion editorial" but when I open a magazine for men, like a GQ I want to see male models wearing mens clothes. Sorry people. I guess I am little traditional. I am ll for same gender toilets, and same gender anything, but I guess personally, I want to keep some things old school
  5. Yes Jordan, taste!!!! Walk Away is one of my all time favorites too. And her live rendition with Leo doing the dance. One of my favorite pop albums too. Such a great listen from beginning to end. Not a big fan of Christina but with Stripped she served us a classic. Kinda lost me after... xoxo
  6. We need an album with this vibe! Looks like an album sleeve. Madonna take this attitude in the studio and serve us that mood in a song!
  7. Not bothered by it. As someone who had Covid-19, and since masks don't have proven effect anyways. Whatever you wear one makes no difference. BUT knowing the general public would come for her, she should have put something underneath the mesh mask, just for the sake of keeping the people from attacking her
  8. Wow, so embarrassing, can't he realize himself how cringe this is? Shoot, I wouldn't hire him after this. So fake. You would expect more from a actor... When he goes back to cry, and he comes back and he isn't even crying LOL. I love the ending, he's like "I'm gonna try and get some sleep" yeah bro do that, and wake up when you're talented
  9. I think you misunderstood the "Give me a fu**ing break" comment. It was in relation to the media and people ganging up on her. She said she was trying to reunite the kid with it's mom, doing Christmas decorations, but number cares to give attention to all that, and the media wont do her story. You took this out of context. And this is coming from a non-trump supporter
  10. Exactly! Madonnas Confessions came to mind, Im glad you brought it up. Since then there has been no Disco revival that actually had an impact. And if Madonna didnt revive it there would be no Dua Lipa either...
  11. Britney, Madonna, Celine, Janet. Jordan, why you have to refer to everyone as ladies? You do have straight men here, cis gay men, and men who are gay and identify as 'HE.' I get it, its fun sometimes, but calling each other ladies all the time, and I mean it's all over the internet, it puts a stigma on us Always with love.
  12. It should be called "The Emancipation of Queen B" 😂 😂 😂 (jokes) The lambs and the B hive comes after us.
  13. Ok yeah I get it you're right but for me, even if its just ***, the way someone is gonna approach me, the moves, the talk, the way they flirt comes into play with looks. I have never gone out looking for a face or a body to take home. That's just me. Personality is part of the attraction even if its just ***. I'm not taking a mannequin home
  14. Where is personality and character? Looks are part of the attraction but with a decent character I don't care about the looks at all.
  15. I totally agree. I've been following Breatheheavy for 15 years now. Yeap, that long. Everyday longing on to get updated on everything Britney. After 15 years I decided to create an account and join in on the forum. I thought it would be fun to share opinions and ideas and our general love for pop culture and music. All I have noticed since then, is negativity, people being nasty to me and others, rude, judgmental, as if we are competing against each other for something. I feel there is no unity on here, nor does it feel like a safe space. I got attitude from members but also moderators. I don't even feel a lot of these people are genuine fans. Saying that, unfortunately most forums are like that. I don't think Breatheheavy is in a good place right now. It's kinda messy. Experiencing every change it went through, I'm allowed to be honest and say that with love That's all. Enjoy the rest of your week
  16. Arent the two little girls her daughters? Correct me if I am wrong someone. If they are, then obviously they are having fun with their momma. People need to chill, seriously, Id like to see all those people judging, if they were in Madonnas place if they would stay home and zoom party. Plus the pandemic is over/ Let a human being do what they wanna do.
  17. Yes. Plain and simple. I feel blessed I grew up in the 90's and early 2000's. We got to see diversity, and real work ethic from artists to put on good live shows. Album releases were like huge events. So boring now. I don't even remember names, faces or lyrics from today's current pop scene. We need a revival of sorts.
  18. Even though I enjoy the album - not crazy about it - I dont see any classics on here. Wont be remembered for anything. The Fame had Just Dance, Paparazzi, The Fame Monster had Bad Romance, then we hd Born This Way. This album has no tracks that will stand as strong as those tracks. I personally havnet even memorized any of the songs lyrics, with her ealry albums you couldnt halep but sing along. Not even Rain On Me will be a classic track. As with almost 90% of todays music. I think Gaga's career came full circle, meaning she will continue to release music and be moderately succesfull but she reached her peak. She had her crazy"Fame" moment. Not comparing, but I believe Britney had the strongest peak from all these girls. Britneys peak was madness all around the world
  19. Hahaha! Sorry I didnt know how to post my picture at first! It wasnt working Its actually the code to the full length Rebellion track
  20. Quarantine Vibes 😁Sending love to the Brit Army ❤
  21. LOL at people attacking me in the past for supporting Sam. And in reality I am standing up for Britney. I don't understand how some people hate on Sam but claim to be fans. You all want her single and alone Sam has done nothing wrong yet. Till he does and Britney is happy I'm good. They obvioysly love each other. Who do you guys want Britney to date? The hunchback of notre damn?Whoever she dates some of uou will still be like "he is using her" LOL
  22. Not mad at Nick for saying this. He didn't express hate for anyone anywhere. And a lot of those theories are true. It's so funny how as soon as someone says something you don't understand or agree with they are canceled. It's called freedom of opinion. Seriously some of you need to buy some robots to sit around and agree with you all day. People dont want to hear another side to things.
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