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  1. Even though I enjoy the album - not crazy about it - I dont see any classics on here. Wont be remembered for anything. The Fame had Just Dance, Paparazzi, The Fame Monster had Bad Romance, then we hd Born This Way. This album has no tracks that will stand as strong as those tracks. I personally havnet even memorized any of the songs lyrics, with her ealry albums you couldnt halep but sing along. Not even Rain On Me will be a classic track. As with almost 90% of todays music. I think Gaga's career came full circle, meaning she will continue to release music and be moderately succesfull but she reached her peak. She had her crazy"Fame" moment. Not comparing, but I believe Britney had the strongest peak from all these girls. Britneys peak was madness all around the world
  2. Hahaha! Sorry I didnt know how to post my picture at first! It wasnt working Its actually the code to the full length Rebellion track
  3. Quarantine Vibes 😁Sending love to the Brit Army ❤
  4. LOL at people attacking me in the past for supporting Sam. And in reality I am standing up for Britney. I don't understand how some people hate on Sam but claim to be fans. You all want her single and alone Sam has done nothing wrong yet. Till he does and Britney is happy I'm good. They obvioysly love each other. Who do you guys want Britney to date? The hunchback of notre damn?Whoever she dates some of uou will still be like "he is using her" LOL
  5. Not mad at Nick for saying this. He didn't express hate for anyone anywhere. And a lot of those theories are true. It's so funny how as soon as someone says something you don't understand or agree with they are canceled. It's called freedom of opinion. Seriously some of you need to buy some robots to sit around and agree with you all day. People dont want to hear another side to things.
  6. Britney Jean is her WORST album, but Till It's Gone is a bop and Work ***** and Alien. I am only grateful for Britney Jean because of Alien and it never got released as a single. Other than that the album should disappear :)
  7. I literally noticed the same thing. You are part of my tribe haha. I thought that was weird too, at best it's bad grammar haha. She "must" and then it says "she wants to" LOL so contradictory or just bad spelling .
  8. It's good to finally see some fans opening up and speaking truthfully about Britney's social media posts. Should we be dissecting it this much? Yes, we should to be honest. Why is it that her family isn't stepping in, when it is obvious something is wrong. Watching her Instagram posts is like watching my 10 year old niece on Instagram. This is NOT what I expect from my Queen Brit. To anyone saying we are too dramatic, or looking too much into it, you are delusional, or just don't want to state the obvious. I don't like using the word but her behaviour is not "normal" and what I mean is, someone of her legendary status, doesn't need to walk up and down in the same outfit twirling around like a 3 year old ballerina. I can't sit back and be like "aw that's cute, she's cute" it's not cute, it's strange and disturbing. She doesn't need the attention anyways, because she is Britney freaking Spears. When I talk about Britney to people now, I literally have to travel back 10 years to show them what a worthy Queen she is. It's like her team/family knows this but their like "ah she's fine just let her have her fun." I'm not saying she isn't happy, I hope she is happier than ever. I'm just saying, this bizzare behavior doesn't reflect well on her and also I'm worried. Sending love fans.
  9. I didnt say the specific video is cringe, and didnt say any video is cringe. Because I am a die hard fan of Britney for 20 years now, my friends are like "Whats up with your girl?" and they are right, thats not the Britney that walked on stage and stripped out of a suit and danced with a python and sold 150 million records PURE sales before music went digital. If I didnt know who Britney was, and someone introduced me to her today on social media, I would literally be like wtf. These posts do not stand up to her legendary status. Walking up and down in the same outfit? 10 times? If I started doing that on my gram tomorrow, my mom would be like "Are you OK Niko?" They are so out of place. Anyways, sending love to the whole Britney universe of Fans...
  10. You completely missed my point. I never said or mentioned what she should be posting. Nor did I say I am looking for perfection. I pointed out, her posts are disturbing, because it's not the Britney we know of the past years. She doesn't look happy. Someone who sold 150 million records, doesn't walk up and down aimlessly for Instagram. If that's Britney, then those 150 million records must of gotten sold purely by accident. She is obviously not in a good space. Watching an interview between 1999 and 2007 and then fast forwarding to this, it makes no sense. Its like a different person.
  11. If you can't see a difference between 2003 Britney and 2020 Britney then we are definitely talking about another Britney. She has always been goofy and weird in a fun naive way. These videos are worrying and disturbing. If that was my sister, I would be on the phone to my mom like "Mom, have you been watching Britney's Instagram, she's walking around doing nothing and looks dead in the eyes" are you kidding me? We are talking about an artist that set fire to the stage like only Michael Jackson and a few did. I am not dramatic, I truly feel for her, and as a true fan I am not going to pretend this is cute. She is 38 years old and acting like she is 12. That's not weird, its disturbing. Madonna is weird, but you can tell she's in a right state of mind. I'm shocked more fans aren't worried.
  12. I hope its not just you and me. You have got be blind not to see how strange all these videos are. If that was my daughter I would be like Britney get off the gram and lets have a tea. She Britney freaking Spears. A living legend, these posts are not fit for a queen. So weird. And disturbing.
  13. It's disturbing to me how strange all these videos are. I don't find it entertaining or amusing in any way. I don't know who is up to what, and who is behind all these posts. But I am worried about Britney's health and hope she is OK. These videos are destroying her image completely. She is getting so much praise from other artists, and then they post videos like this, its like WTF. Imagine you havent been a fan for 20 years, and this is how you are introduced to Britney. Would you be a fan? Probably not, and without any new music to listen to. A friend of mine said Britney's posts are cringe worthy, and it's hard to defend them, when the truth is most of them are. She looks like a teenage girl who just discovered social media and the record button her phone. Which could be the case since she has always been so guarded. Imagine Billie Elish watching this video. Britney reminds me of Ann Nicole Smiths few last days, when she was not in touch with reality. Anyways, sending so much love to her.
  14. She doesnt have star quality or charisma. Good songs yes OK. Not even great. She is passable. No shade, but like maybe 3 more years max...she will never peak. This is her peak. She wont have a Gimme More moment, or a Toxic moment, or a Bad Romance moment, or a Ray Of Light moment...
  15. It can definitely go #1. I have no doubt BUT it needs a strong first single. The song is gonna have to connect with an audience, and lets see where the music landscape is going to be in 2021/2022. A good song will always be a hit. And I dont think she needs to try that hard. Just get in the studio and create some magic with Max Martin. I think they should bring it back to 1999 but updated for 2021. Britney can still be the Princess she always was. Strong album, interviews, promotion, live performances and boom, #1! Seriously, who is her competition, all these girls are so lazy today.
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