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  1. It's not an opinion, its a fact. Its on the websites of all the vaccines and the world health organization LOL. There is not enough data to support vaccines stop you from spreading or catching the cold known as Covid19. As much you scream and shout, thats the truth, and its not going to change If you feel like you were taken for a fool but the politics and health ministries dont take it out on me. Which all I am doing is trying to inform you. Instead ask me for the links and the websites with all the official information and politely say Thank you. Now if you want to explain to me why you got vaccinated but still have to wear a mask and social distance Im all ears. Sounds like valid science!!!! And I am entitled to call people sad and uneducated and many other things. What I will never do is send death wishes to other members and their families which is what other members did here, and Jordan and the moderators allow them. A lot of hate on here for a community that supposedly is fighting against it hate and bulling. The gay community is so fake, that's why I stray away. Oh and I can say that too, as a ***ually fluid human being I can have an opinion on the fakeness of the gay community. And how full of hate they are. Preaching freedom only when it suits them. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  2. Please do explain Im sure you know the vaccines have NOT been approved? Right? Im assuming you do since you want to educate me. They have only been given an Emergency Use Authorization because they are going through clinical trials until December 2023. But of course you know all this. Im assuming you know the FDA, Phizer, Moderna, and the World Health Organization in their official briefing (which is public as it has to be) have confirmed there is no data that shows the vaccine can stop you from getting or spreading Covid-19. It's in fine print but its there. As an educated citizen Im sure you know So before you educate me on how vaccines "work" go do your own work, and not on google darling. Google isn't university. Go get vaccinated to protect yourself and others, but still have to wear a mask and social distance. The only pandemic is stupidity. We can talk about vaccine efficacy when the trials are over in 2023. As for now, in Kim Kardashians words, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. Well here is a rude awakening then: The FDA, Phizer, Moderna, and the World Health Organization in the official briefing (which is public as it has to be) have confirmed there is no data that shows the vaccine can stop you from getting or spreading Covid19 LOL! But that's none of my business That's why no vaccine has been approved, rather was given an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) because they are going through clinical trials until December 2023. You, and everyone else, is an experiment with there own consent. So you got vaccinated but still have to wear a mask and social distance? But you said the vaccine will stop you from spreading it? Please do tell me more Side Note: you feel fine NOW. In 2 years who knows.
  4. If anything happens to my Brit after getting this experimental vaccine, I'm coming for all the doctors, taking ya'll to court! Stop taking this experimental jab. You are all like lab projects. Who in their right mind would inject a drug that has NOT been approved yet! And not proven to stop you from getting the flu (covid-19) Absurdity. These vaccines only have an emergency use authorization. NOT approval. Vaccine clinical trials are continuing until December 2023. In Madonna's words "Look it up" Uneducated citizens don't know! 2020 nd 2021. The years stupidity was at the forefront of the world. People getting vaccinated for a flu with 99/7% recovery rate is the unexplained mystery of 2021. Fools.
  5. Side Note: I love the hypocrisy of BreatheHeavy and Jordan censoring words like ***, and censoring facts like 'Covid-19' is a hoax, but he'll post a video of someone lap dancing on a the devil LOL. So basically I can post a video of me having ***, but I can't write the word! FOOLS! LOL
  6. I like the song, but the video was a bit much for me. Not a big fan of all this CGI bulls**it. It's so fake. I still think videos in the 2000's were better than all this crap. Britney was killing the game with her raw talent and charisma. And I'm not a fan of this lap dancing on the devil OR Lil Nas X portraying all the female characters, all the drag, it all seems forced and too much, but if he is feeling himself, then I am down for it. It's all about clicks, vies and gimmicks today.
  7. Girl, you better hope for the best. I was called in to get my vaccine and politely said **** no thank you LOL. Let's hope we don't lose a living legend over these experimental vaccines. People are damn crazy, getting vaccinated for a flu, with 99.9% recovery rate. Yeap, that's coming from who tested positive for "Covid-19" and recovered like the 99.9% of the worlds population. What a sad uneducated misinformed generation and society ya'll live in. Never seen so much marketing for a vaccine LOL.
  8. We can clearly see that Britney's breaking point came after this era. Something broke down. Something happened that no one knows about. That changed her mentally. There is no connection between this Britney and the Britney there on after. It's like it is not the same person. Something happened, and only they know.
  9. Exactly. This is one reason why I love Britney. And I would always mention this to my friends, she is so humble, real and authentic. Through all that sassy and s-e-xiness, is this sweet little girl. Thats what made her so relatable. This is a quality rarely found in artists. You know what moment sticks with me? Her MTV performance Satisfaction and Oops, at the end, she just stands up, smiles with such shyness and just curtsies. Beautiful.
  10. It is Jordan's fault, because if you are an activist, you don't care about "chart positions" but you actually care about the cause, the values, and the right for freedom of speach especially for something as simple as the word ***! Its the most normal, natural, thing God, life has given us! Jordan is a hypocrite and so is everyone else, shouting for LGBTQ rights and #FreeBritney. He chooses to be a sheep and follow Google. Since when does Google make world rules????????? LOL! Hilarious how someone could be out getting dirty and nasty like a ***, but censors the word ***. Please. Society today is full on prude, hypocritical cancel culture garbage, and BreatheHeavy is part of that. Lady Gaga doesn't approve. You calm down!
  11. Can we talk about how Jordan didn't write the word ***? LOL. Is this society today? We can't write the word ***? Since when is *** a bad word? Oh that's right. We can only use it when we're on the streets shouting for equal rights for all *** and genders for the LGBTQ community. Seriously. I can't with ya'll. Funny how we censor the word ***, meanwhile, they just got home from an orgy party
  12. Actually, what is a joke is that you are telling @iamsmashed to reply with decency, when they said nothing indecent. What is a joke is you being full of hate, just because someone doesn't agree with you. What is a joke, is you being a "FreeBritney" activist, while you want to silence whoever doesn't "fit in with your narrative." Look at you saying "I would like you to respond with some decency..." Who the f are you to "request" anything from anyone? They didn't even attack her. He questioned if they got paid or not. If we believed everything people in authority said, we wouldn't be here fighting for Britney's freedom and trust that she "is fine." And just for the sake of conversation, I stand by Meghan's statements 97%. Pathetic empowered forum police bullies cancel culture fools. This is turning from Breatheheavy to Breathefire. Shut it down already.
  13. Preach! Amen! Let's connect please elsewhere. I am putting together a piece to expose Breatheheavy in all it's glory! @Jordan Miller and his army of bullies. I have loads of messages rolling in on how they were motivated to speak up after I came forward with my claims. So I am super happy to see you say something too. The funny thing is, all these "bullies" are hiding behind fake pics and profiles. Not me, I say it like I mean it. This is a toxic forum and an embarrassment to the LGBTQ community. They want equal rights and to "FreeBritney" but silence us. I've been on here 15 years!!!! It's a ******* **** show.
  14. I love it. She is speaking her mind and has every right to. I see no hate in her message, just views. And many valid points.
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