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  1. i totally agree. And I love that someone brought this up. I ask myself the same thing. Is it because I am getting older? But no, I watch performances from all these artists, Selena Gomez, these new girls I don't even know their names, and they have no star quality, including Dua Lipa. They have no charisma. Artists like Britney Spears, captivated the stage, just by walking on it. They captivated audiences. Even Christina Aguilera who I am not a fan of, J.Lo, Lady Gaga, Pink. These artists have charisma. Not just spins on spotify. Todays music and music business is boring AF.
  2. Really like the track, but it does give me strong "Weekend" vibes. And that whole trend. Not saying its a bad or negative thing, just expressing that thought. The song gets an A-
  3. Girl, get on stage since you wanna be dancing for the world to see! Record some music, work the choreo, and give us what we want! These home twirl videos are for the Selena Gomez's of the industry. The B grade talent group. Give us that A+++ we know you got!
  4. Thank god, someone actually awake on this Forum, to what is really going on. Exactly, The Reset. And they needed this fake pandemic to kick it into motion. And, yes, you won't find s**t on google
  5. Yes. My question is why did you decide to take a vaccine that has 95% efficiency for a flu that has 99.7% recovery rate? A vaccine that you just admitted might not protect you! How do you trust a vaccine that was created in 6 months? Side note: Our bodies have been created to fight off any virus, and our bodies already carry many viruses. People still believe there is a pandemic? Funny people are only dying of Covid-19 this year. All of a sudden no other reasons exist! LOL! I had Covid-19 in April and I am staying far away from the vaccine! I don't understand why people are advertising getting a vaccine as if it's an achievement, like you just got a #1 single! But as Lady Gaga says "Do what you want, what you want with your body"
  6. They can keep it. I'm good. Had Covid-19 and recovered, as has 99.7% of the world. I'll give mine to anyone else happily. Dont Hold It Against Me
  7. Yes. You just read my mind LOL. Was watching the video thinking "there is so much Michael Jackson influence here. but he doesn't have the stage presence or dancing skills." Exactly the same with Bruno Mars. I enjoy both of them, but I cant look away from the fact that its all VERY Michael, and never actually as good
  8. I never took a vaccine as a teenager or grown adult when the choice was mine, no. And never for a flu like Covid-19. Which I am mentioning again, I had Covid-19 in April and recovered from like 99.7% of the population. I see no point in taking it as a healthy human being Especially a vaccine that was invented in 8 months??????? That's some scary stuff. Especially since this whole thing is a scam. But that's another story
  9. I'm sorry what do you mean there are some other things around? I didn't understand your question. You are not talking about Covid-19? Then what are we talking about?
  10. I love you. Exactly. I am not anit-vax either, and I am NOT pro Trump either LOL which people call me as soon as I tell them this whole pandemic is a scam, as are the masks and vaccines. They are brainwashed beyond limits. AND I also tested positive for Covid-19 in April. Imagine a vaccine in 8 months! How freaking ignorant must you be to take it. It them decades to create any kind of vaccine. This is a money game and further pushing control over people. Prime minister Trudeau said it "Its a chance for a global reset" hmmmmmm. This Covid-19 hasnt even been isolated in a lab or purified, but I dont expect the sheeple to even know what thats about! Keep your voice loud and proud! And to answer your question, you know why their mad we dont wanna get it? Because we have the guts too stand up for something ;)
  11. Read my comment a few more times, and if you still have questions I am happy to answer But no, I never had a vaccine for a flu that I already contracted and recovered from, and 99.7% of the world population has as well. And again. Why do I have to get the vaccine if you are? It's OK, let me die, save yourself
  12. YES! We need more people in the industry to speak on this! Dua we lovez your man. He is a keeper. A 95% success rate vaccine for a flu that has a 99.7% recovery rate? And I am saying that after me and my friends all tested positive for Covid-19. Nah. God gave me a brain to research, and a body to recover. Saying that, whoever wants to inject themselves with chemicals go ahead with all due respect, but let me make my choice too.
  13. Your question was clear. You said better vocalist. Do even call Selena a vocalist is a joke and disrespect to true vocalists. Selena does not have one song that shows her vocal prowess because she has none, besides breathing. She can never sing a song like Dangerously In Love, Love On Top, Halo, If I Were A Boy. And I am not even a Beyonce fan, I have more of Selenas songs on my playlist, but I can recognize a true vocalist. And Selena aint it. This seems like a joke. I can believe this is a serious post
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