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  1. Being family members doesn't mean they're good people, they are all ******* leeches it's not Britney's fault she has a ****ty family
  2. Girl, you are brave xD How the hell did it happen that you sang almost all the lead vocals in Britney Jean? And on the Circus bridge?
  3. Guys, I believe this tabloid is actually true. How zombified was she in the Femme Fatale Era? She said in court in 2019, that her father drugged her and made her go into a mental facility against her will. This has been happening for years.
  4. Hi! I'm new to exhale, my name is Ivo, nice to meet you :) Do you guys remember the BS alert on her website? https://web.archive.org/web/20100209055716/https://www.britneyspears.com/rumors This was a way of her team controlling her even more, a lot of reports of her father being controlling, and Britney being out of it and tired of the conservatorship. Check it out.
  5. Hi guys, I never posted in here, but I've been a silent observer of the posts lol We don't actually know for sure if she has mental illness or not, but speaking from a personal experience with a bipolar boyfriend, who has had 3 manic episodes since I've been with him, I can totally see the same kind of behaviour in some of Britney's action. It is a ****ed up disease really, it's scary and people can really lose their senses and do some really stupid stuff. Medication wears off through the years and you have to keep changing and trying new things, and trying new medications is always trial and error, and can go very right or very wrong. It messes with your brain hormones, your brain controls everything. Her behaviour especially during 2007/2008 the british accent, it really really reminds me of people in manic phases. And people with manic episodes have to go into a facility for a couple of weeks, they cannot be treated at home because they don't sleep, and they are really dangerous for themselves or even others. But I'm still saying #FreeBritney she's not disabled or has severe Parkinson for all we know lol Bipolar patients can live a very good life and be very successfull if treated right. Britney clearly has been abused, and her team have been taking advantage of her disease to make money and keep the conservatorship (hybrid business) going. It's disgusting.
  6. Hi, first of all it's my first post on this forum, so be gentle with me please :P I Found this Youtube video, and it has some disturbing information that us britney fans and supporters need to know about. Most of us already probably heard about this, but i'm making this post so that we don't let #freebritney die.
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