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  1. Ugh! Why are people so sensitive when people get “compared.” 🥴 It’s not that deep. There will always be comparisons between people whether they are actors/ actresses or artists.
  2. Glorious taste 😍 I would love another album with Orbit x Mirwais.
  3. Yup! All the women haters coming for that much needed clout. And funny he is saying this to that fellow misogynistic ***** Andy Cokehen.
  4. Was he crying after the vile things he said about Jessica Simpson? 🙄 these Crocodile 🐊 Tears ain’t flying and using Britney’s name for some relevancy is just a smack in the face.
  5. I would suggest to those who have not heard the “Has To Be” demo to please do. It is superb. Very cabaret jazzy vibes. The final version is sublime as well. https://youtu.be/gE07WSvD8K8
  6. Falling Free and Masterpiece were definitely long lost children of the Ray Of Light album.
  7. This album is the BLUE PRINT for every pop girl that wanted to change up their sound and be taken to another direction. M bended the rules of pop yet again my taking control of her sound and visuals and taking them to a more personal avenue.
  8. So he wouldn’t have apologized if he didn’t get called out. Got it. Can’t believe DULLa Lipa collaborated with this problematic person.
  9. Absolutely Sis. We were fed actual ARTISTS who performed and left charisma on the stage with precision. Dua Lipa is cute as background music but as a performer or an actual artist? Give her a few more years to live some life and fall into her own. She is a studio puppet being told what to speak and being directed by stylists and directors. Where as M and even Gaga take creative control of their work.
  10. This. Her songs are nice but she is more a studio record label puppet. She lacks personality and stands in some pink drapery on a magazine made for fake hype. Am I supposed to be “Wowed?” She also has some hypocritical tendencies like another poster mentioned when she’s traveling the world mingling but shaming others for going outside to mingle in a pandemic. She can’t dance and is literally a snooze fest in live shows. Funny that her music is Pop you’d think she’d be able to dance.
  11. M did take part in the documentary “For The Record” she was the first to come to her defense during this time.
  12. Miss Banks always states the facts about these fake and toxic Hollywood “celebrities” and stalkers of celebrities i.e. Purexx Hilton. He looked like the mucinex monster in the documentary tho 😂😂😂 that’s when he was bitter and miserable tearing women apart.
  13. That was even more horrible to watch. People laughing at these disgusting comments about a mother and her children. Madam Latrine smh...he’s a **** boy so it makes sense trash like him would laugh.
  14. These demos sound so good. I have a feeling Britney is still recording secretly during these times of the conservatorship and what not. It’s always been her outlet. Maybe in time when she’s ready she’ll get back with Danja. But hopefully soon.
  15. This. And here comes GAGa and her fake pandering once again. She is the most inauthentic person on the planet. Always playing the victim on someone else’s benefit.
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