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  1. If court justify Britney , is she really going to gain her freedom? What if that doesn't matter? I really want to hear her liberated from her own mouth, not from the documents.
  2. When i trying to critize about Queen songs; .
  3. I guess that's influence of K-Pop in Spain. I really don't think this is related to Queen.
  4. It's Mia *****. It's such a shame and ridiculous, ****stars even supporting for her freedom but singers who met Britney before don't care about it. Queen needs our support and love. But her team don't allow her to see us. I guess there's no point for making trends. This just giving her team materials to use her. IG Britney not our Queen. I'm so sorry about that but truth is heartbreaking.
  5. Why there is nobody mention about the love me down . Has a great potential. I really think it's more underrated than mood ring. It's deserves more. Just kidding, i love both of them.
  6. I lost my feelings cuz listening too much, but there is always songs i can't even believe their exists. The all Queen songs masterpiece! + I Will Still Love You: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and also it was the first song she sang with someone else. Never gets old. + [You Drive Me] Crazy (Original One) : You can hear the purity and clarity of old britney's voice. That one really hits hard. + Sometimes : There is no clever words. It's enough to be a song that even Britney most liked.(As i heard). Here you can come across the most beautiful tones of child Britney. + Lucky : If you witnessed Britney's breakdown in 2007, the lyrics mean more. It is strange that the lyrics of the song sang without knowing about a future situation that britney would not know. I can add so many songs in this comments , but everyone in exhale expressed my words. Thank you for it! Now i'm going for take a britney break.
  7. # I'm A Slave 4 U (I'm so sorry.) # Make Me... # Pretty Girls (That one was easy.) Guys please do not judge other people for their opinions.Everyone in exhale loves Queen. If someone hate your favourite Britney song, that doesn't make any sense. Nothing more normal than that. Please try to be polite in your comments. Don't forget that, nobody hates you if you don't say you hate other people in exhale.
  8. Am i the only one who think Toxic is overrated in exhale. I mean yeah song is pretty cool but that song is came from her peak era. The song was good at it's time, but Britney could do better than these artists at her bestney era and you know that she did better even in her breakdown.I can't imagine if there was clip to every song of Britney like this. I also don't even want to look at a ranking in which Overprotected is not in the top 10. What a underrated song.
  9. We are communicating just like family. Also we have something in common about Queen. E-N-D C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-O-R-S-H-I-P.
  10. That's more realistic than britney's sending you a follow-up request. I'm sorry but truths are
  11. I would never want to say that, but Britney's team knows how to play the game. I just sharing my opinion but they making this mistakes on purpose.They want to give Britney an interesting image in every way, except her songs. It shouldn't be hard to understand that she doesn't use his real voice even in own songs. There must be a reason why they act so intentionally. Cuz In a community that cares about so much money, these are mistakes that will never be ignored.
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