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  1. I honestly think it's a great idea. You live, spend time, have fun with the one you love and more or less occasionally also get to have fun with others. Such relationships can last longer since both partners won't get bored only mating with the same face, body, soul all the time for the rest of their lives. Many adult actors, for instance, are in open relationships. Monogamous relationships can work too, but oftentimes, one partner (if not both) get bored, and cheating/adultery occurs. How many monogamous marriages ended up in a divorce? Open relationships can of course end, but if both mates truly agree to it, it may definitely add spice to that living arrangement. What matters is the mates actually love each other; the others are just fun on the side.
  2. Thanks. J.Lo sang live, and I don't think her ear monitors were just a prop. It's really not fair... If a performance is somewhat shaky, she's dragged through Hell. If a performance is amazing, "she must have lipped." Fact is, she sounded better than most of the people criticizing her ever would.
  3. According to a YouTube channel, parts of SMS (Bangerz), Miley Cyrus' duet w/ Britney Spears, were dubbed by Myah Marie. Here are the alleged dubbed parts: I, I, I... I, I, I... I, I, I... [...] Catwalk, slick talk, flirting with the big dog (dog, dog, dog, dog) [...] ...call it too much (Note: Miley sings "calling time out" at the same time.) [...] I, I, I... I, I, I... I, I, I... Full lyrics: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/mileycyrus/smsbangerz.html Starting from 7:29: The "I, I, I..." parts are not actually dubbing (it's stuff background singers do). The rest is indeed dubbing if this analysis is accurate. For the record, Myah Marie does have a background vocals credit on it. What do you think?
  4. Let's go over the analyses (many here agree with) again... Perfume, It Should Be Easy and Don't Cry have Britney as the lead singer. Sia sings backups on Perfume and Myah sings backups on It Should Be Easy (the bridge) and Don't Cry. Alien and Brightest Morning Star have Britney as the lead singer (except for the "take me home" part of Alien, the "Not alone" hook of Alien and the chorus of Brightest Morning Star). Tik Tik Boom has Britney as the lead singer (except for a few words here or there and the ad-libs at the end). Note: I do not consider Myah's ad-libs dubbing at all. Some pre-BJ Britney songs have background vocalists taking over or being louder in certain parts. (Change Your Mind) No Seas Cortés and Swimming In the Stars reportedly have a bit of that too. Myah's louder in the pre-chorus of Circus, but Britney and Claude Kelly are definitely in there too. Now That I Found You has Britney as the lead singer maybe except a few parts (the "Yeah" parts of the chorus maybe). (Britneys***** on YouTube thinks Myah sings "I Am Blown Away" in the chorus and "All my life I’ve..." and "For this day I’ve..." in the bridge.) Myah's credited for backups on it. Hold On Tight has Britney as the lead singer for a good part of the track. Some parts are dubbed by Myah, and some parts are Britney and Myah duetting. Passenger has Britney as the lead singer except for "...over the keys" in the first verse, "My co-pilot, yeah, that’s right/Now I can just enjoy the ride" in the second verse and the bridge: "And now we're finally falling/'Cause I was giving you half now I'm all in/My hands in the air while you're driving/This is living/This is living/This is living/Yeah". According to some, Body Ache has Myah as the lead singer and sole vocalist for the whole track, but according to others, Myah dubbed the second verse (with a deeper tone) only. As for Chillin' With You, Myah dubbed all of Britney's parts except for the second "...'bout a thing" in the first verse, the very last "'bout a thing" and a several other parts. As for 'Til It's Gone, Myah dubbed it all except for, in the first verse, "...from the tears that fall like rain/So lost ever since you went away", "My heart's never gonna be the sa-a-ame" and, in the second verse: "...night to turn the page/But daylight can't confine me to a cage/In my mind, the life we had replays" According to some, Work ***** was fully dubbed except for repetitions of "Work. Work. Work...", "Work it out. Work it out. Work it out..." (except the whispers) and the last two "You better work *****". According to others, it is mixed—a mixture of Britney's lead, Myah's lead + their background vocals). Note: The booklet credits Britney Spears, Myah Marie and Anthony Preston for background vocals. That pretty much sums up all of the allegations. Not everyone agrees on all those points (for instance, some hear some more of Brit in Chillin' With You and 'Til It's Gone), but yeah... According to the analyses above, Britney roughly sings 50% of the record (the whole record incl. the instrumental parts). The deluxe edition of Britney Jean (excluding The Dreaming Mix of Perfume) has a running time of about 47 minutes. 50% amounts to close to 24 minutes. 15% would mean less than 10 minutes of vocal time... On Twitter, Myah Marie denied dubbing the chorus of Passenger, and she claimed to have been overjoyed to hear Britney's vocals on Body Ache. She also told a fan: "I have no vocals featured on Britney Jean besides a few backgrounds that u cNt hear... Again, get your facts straight." A few vocals that one cannot hear? I agree that Myah was not being so truthful. Myah Marie ended up (on her Spotify playlist and her SoundBetter profile in the credits section) admitting to singing background vocals on Body Ache, It Should Be Easy, Alien, Don't Cry, Hold On Tight and Brightest Morning Star for which she was not credited in the booklet. And she reportedly stated an engineer, Serban Ghenea (who's worked on Britney's records for a long time), had put some of her vocals louder by mistake. Myah Marie Langston's playlist: To conclude, I totally understand how you feel about that record. I personally love it ('cause I really like the songs, the music). I just tell myself it's Brit singing w/ Myah enhancing her voice. Of course, some of the dubbed parts are so obvious it's hard to suspend disbelief, but yeah... I just tell myself that. If we focus too much on Myah, we won't be able to enjoy the record at all, and Britney, the main artist herself, doesn't seem to care at all, and I don't think she ever did or she would have made a stink about it and demanded the album be corrected or she would not do Piece of Me. Did she stand her ground, the album would have been fixed, but she didn't care much at all!
  5. According to the allegations and all of the analyses (incl. stems and "Myah Jean" videos), it's rather 50% of her vocals (though not all fans agree on everything). Let's not exaggerate things. That era was tainted enough, we don't need to make it even worse.
  6. Once again, Myah Marie stated the second verse of Body Ache (she wrote) was left open for Britney and Anthony Preston to write. She was very specific there, and there is no indication she was lying about that in particular. Body Ache was also written by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Luciana Caporaso, Nick Clow, Richard Gonzalez and Jose Luna. Songwriting can be about the lyrics and/or the melodies, the music. If a writer creates a melody that becomes part of the instrumental (they may, for instance, sing a riff melody to a musician who will play it or play it themselves), they will receive a credit for it. You'll notice how songs nowadays may have multiple writers (Body Ache's got nine). That's in part because of the way songs are oftentimes written nowadays, the way technology and song production have evolved, etc. Sebastian Ingrosso revealed in an interview how he did not write any lyrics or melodies for Work ***** but still surprisingly received a songwriting credit just for assisting with production. Source: https://www.mtv.com/news/1714757/sebastian-ingrosso-britney-spears-work-*****/ I feel saying Britney may/must have stolen those credits is an insult to her intelligence, like she's not smart enough to write, but all those other writers are. Britney's written Someday I Will Understand alone and co-wrote many more songs over the years incl. some songs for other artists and some unreleased tracks. There is no absolute proof she stole anything.
  7. @Circuit Once again, Britney's version has two more verses. Sia sings part of one of them in that clip, but in her demo, the verses are absent. And the final instrumental is not the same. I have a point songwriting is not just about lyrics, obviously. Listen to the demo of Tik Tik Boom. Britney Spears - Tik Tik Boom (Demo) Compare w/ the final version: Britney Spears - Tik Tik Boom (Audio) ft. T.I.. Are the lyrics exactly the same? No, there are obvious changes (+ T.I.'s verse). Is the music the same? No. As for Body Ache, Myah Marie confirmed the second verse was left open for Britney and Anthony Preston to write it. Passenger has minor changes. Don't Cry sounds quite personal, so does Chillin' With You, obviously. As for the other tracks, there is no indication of theft. Britney was never one to take undue credit.
  8. Perfume (Sia Full) Sia Perfume Lyric Video Sia - Perfume (Solo) Note by the uploader: The song "Perfume" is written by Sia and sold to Britney Spears. The record is combined of: Britney Spears' "Perfume" instrumental, Sia's "Perfume" acapella, Sia's acoustic version of "Perfume". This exclusive combined version is found nowhere else but here. Enjoy. Britney Spears - Perfume (Official Lyric Video) Am I missing something? Britney's version has two more verses: Do I imagine it, or do I see your stare Is there still longing there? Oh I hate myself, and I feel crazy Such a classic tale Current girl friend, ex girlfriend, I'm trying to be cool Am I being paranoid, am I seeing things? Am I just insecure? [...] I wanna fill the room, when she's in it with you Please don't forget me Do I imagine it, or catch these moments I know you got history But I'm your girlfriend, now I'm your girlfriend Trying to be cool I hope I'm paranoid, that I'm just seeing things That I'm just insecure Perfume was written by Britney Spears, Sia Furler and Christopher Braide, produced by will.i.am and co-produced by Keith Harris and Christopher Braide. Sia originally wrote it, but it appears Britney added in two verses. Did Sia actually write those two verses? And what about the music, the instrumental of the final Britney Jean version? Is the final instrumental composition the exact same as the one composed by Sia? Any change in the music composition may warrant a credit—Britney can also craft instrumentals; she's the sole writer of Someday I Will Understand. Why is Britney still accused of stealing that songwriting credit? I'm referring to Part 4 of Deep Dive's series. They may have meant well, but they're not helping her by spreading false allegations.
  9. This was also posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugzvmu7mm03nK-k7oeJ4AaABCQ
  10. No. Like most here, I think he's filled with greed, insatiable greed and will fight tooth and nail to his literal death to cleave to this money he's getting from Britney and the higher lifestyle it brought him. A lot of the corruption was now unveiled—it was all out of love? No. As @jonloch1 put it, if he truly believes his daughter to be that mentally, psychiatrically ill and disturbed, why did he very recently complained she is still on a hiatus and wish for her to resume her tenure as a pop star? Oh! To keep her finances afloat, finances he and other leeches majorly benefit from (while Britney only gets a very controlled allowance). Jamie's mostly in it for the money, and there's now plenty of proof of that. He even compared her to a race horse! It's a scandal! Maybe, deep down, he has some love for Britney, but it is very twisted like Ariel Castro's love for the girls he kept captive and did unspeakable things to. It's not the same situation, but I'm just drawing a parallel here.
  11. Perry never ever said "F *** you. F *** you." to Britney the way Perez did over a pop performance! That's a level of meanness Perry never sank to. Perry never even directly attacked Britney. Yes, I'm aware of the jokes, the comments, and Perry explained herself (at some point, she cut her hair real short and went through a breakdown). I get many here think Katy was being mean, but I'm not sure. As for Perez, that was pure meanness. He did apologize, though, but what about the time Kylie Jenner was pregnant and he went: "Oh! She should get an abortion." What if Stormi stumbles upon a video of his saying that, eh? And doesn't Perez have a $20 million net worth anyway?
  12. I agree w/ @Britney'sBish and @CantGetNoSatisfaction. @Easy There, I'm not a hair colourist, but I never thought Britney was a brunette in the OIDIA music video. It always looked dark/ash blonde to me w/ highlights. In the ...Baby One More Time MV, Britney's hair is noticeably lightened and coloured. Not platinum, but not brunette neither. In Sometimes, it's even lighter, pretty much blonde. Britney was, for the most part, blonde (even platinum on different occasions) during those eras, but there were exceptions w/ darker reddish hair.
  13. I realize how many acts and record labels are missing the boat on this one. Some single releases (by Ladies' Code, for instance) come w/ the instrumental as the second track, which is a great idea. It enhances the single release and may be an incentive for fans to purchase the single. Why not? And it's all copyrighted music, so those who would use the instrumentals without permission to say, create other songs, would be sued. It seems that most acts only release vocal versions as a one-track single. Adding in instrumentals would only generate more streams...
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