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  1. @Itachi We cannot prove those are stolen credits. Any variation/addition in lyrics, any change in music may warrant a songwriting credit. The final Britney Jean versions often differ from their original demos in terms of lyrics or music. We weren't there during those sessions. Sebastian Ingrosso explained how he got a songwriting credit on Work **** for simply assisting w/ production (he did not write any lyrics nor melodies).
  2. They were beyond terrible! That Marta discussion... cheri heavily bullied @THE BAJAN VIBE for using a term both cheri and her sidekick Lilith also used (Lilith approved of the bullying). I reported the bullying posts, cheri was somehow notified, and she proceeded to tag me 16 times and insult me (calling me a foul & gross name) 10 times; her friend also did the same. They also bullied @Kelian7 and @HairFlipQueen. A number of users eventually got blocked or even banned because of them.
  3. Oh! We have two signs in common, then: Pisces and Leo. My stats: Sun sign: Leo Moon sign: Leo Ascendant: Pisces
  4. But isn't it Britney herself appearing and performing/dancing/talking in those videos? Obviously, she's involved. Are you assuming that Lou, Jamie and maybe others are putting her up to it, possibly drugging/MK-ULTRAing her? (We know she's usually kept on certain meds.) The Blast is now blasting her for those vids: https://theblast.com/c/britney-spears-sparks-mental-health-fears-over-bizarre-instagram-video-conservatorship-freebritney https://theblast.com/135387/britney-spears-gets-smoked-by-instagram-for-dance-video-like-wat https://theblast.com/c/Britney-spears-skimpy-instagram-fashion-show-deemed-not-normal-fans-worry From the third linked article: This isn't the first time that fans have expressed their concern over Britney's mental health and wellbeing. Last year, after spending time in a mental health facility, Britney posted a strange video in her closet where she spoke rather quickly and erratically. Fans filled the comments section with their concern. "Her videos are scaring me" "She’s very strange. I feel like something is not right" "She’s robotic almost. Not a hater ... but I worry." "WTF is happening!? Doesn’t anyone see how bizarre this is?!" "I need to know. What are your new meds?" Mmm... In that video, Britney was just enumerating items in her closet as arranged by the housekeeper. I think in many of those videos, Britney is just doing what models do on catwalks, but the repetitive poses and the same clothes are what some find odd. It's hard to tell what's truly going on... Sam definitely knows. Might sound improper, but I kinda wish Jayden would post that tell-all video so we, the GP and the courts know what's going on. Brit's team slammed Sam Lutfi for medicating her (he certainly is no angel), but what are they feeding her with? Unless a new, independent party intervenes, I fear she may remain locked in that c-ship (financial/personal) forever. @C0CKy @reecejwilson
  5. Please explain why it was such a hit on YouTube and VEVO. That can't be ignored. If an MV by a new artist had 182 million views, nobody would call it a flop. On Billboard, it reached #29 on the Hot 100, #23 on the Mainstream Top 40 and #1 on the US Dance Club Songs. It was number 1 on one of the Belgium charts, and it did not do too bad in Canada, France, Spain, Australia and some other countries. It may not have been a huge hit (like Scream & Shout), but to call it a flop is a real stretch.
  6. Virgin Records mishandled the Solo Spice Girls. They literally had four megastars on their hands (Geri's deal was w/ EMI), and they let them slip away. They should have promoted the Solo Spice Girls to the same extent they did the Spice Girls (on a worldwide basis w/ all the TV adverts, radio airplay, merchandising, etc.).
  7. I absolute love Sweet Pleasure. It could have been a great single (w/ an equally good music video).
  8. That's because the album was already edited w/ all the selected parts (Brit's and Myah's). Britney's original takes are all stored somewhere (unless deleted). Country Club Martini Crew reportedly did confirm Britney had recorded all vocals for all tracks.
  9. Well, Britney did record it (she recorded all vocals for all tracks). It's her production team that apparently decided to make Myah Marie lead/co-lead singer on various tracks.
  10. My Baby sounds just fine to me. Just like Dear Diary, it feels like a conclusion. Radar then makes a nice bonus track (and single).
  11. His answer: EDIT: But then again, why was that CD labelled Rebellion ? He probably has the track... @Winter _90
  12. @studlygeorge I recently did address the dubbing allegations, but the thread was a disaster even though I had made it very clear it was about holding RCA accountable (and not Britney herself). I was told it'd be terrible for her legacy since it would make the GP aware of it (and it would make people question the authenticity of vocals on all her albums), yet fans keep bringing up that subject. It is true that similar allegations have plagued the posthumous Michael album (there is an ongoing lawsuit) + some records by JLo, so I guess SONY doesn't care as long as the album has good vocals, sells and makes money. Back to the subject at hand: The creator of this reworked version of Alien explained that Myah's still in the hook, but as background singer only (Ana Díaz is also in the background); Britney's on lead. The "take me home" part is sung by Britney in this one. This is how the album should be remade/remastered (if that ever happened).
  13. What was the legal justification for keeping it going for so long, then? Yes, it was made "permanent", so the court deemed her alleged dementia permanent?
  14. You've all made great points. There is one source that claims she is schizophrenic, but they have yet to show the receipts. Dementia? She may, like many, forget certain things, but she also remembers a lot, and I fail to understand why would she still be considered w/ dementia by the court.
  15. Though some media outlets ( such as People or the Daily Mail ) reported Britney to have a bipolar condition, I'm not sure her medical records and diagnoses were ever made public. Britney once jokingly referred to "bipolar disorder" in a special. Now, whether or not she truly does have bipolar, could her team use bipolar or whatever or condition as an excuse to keep her locked in that c-ship for even longer? I suppose that's what is going since she is still under c-ship after 12 years and 4 months, and a legal justification is required (though it may be pure chicanery at point). I am not a medical doctor, and each case is different. All I know is that a lot of people (incl. some rich celebrities) w/ bipolar (or other conditions) manage to retain their legal freedom; they simply need to monitor their health, consult doctors, therapists, etc. And they are aided by assistants, advisers, etc. Team c-ship wants the public (and esp. the court) to believe Brit is apt enough to work but still gravely disabled in the mental sense and cannot function without the parameters of a permanent c-ship (personal & financial). IF Britney does have bipolar, could it prevent her from obtaining her freedom?
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