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  1. Because it seems that Jamie, according to his declaration on a legal document, has determined that Britney is not able to resist fraud or undue influence. He's basically saying that if the c-ship were to end, Britney would don a pink wig and run to Sam Lutfi or whoever else may be a bad influence, and Britney would not only get defrauded but would also end up doing hard drugs, running the streets aimlessly and killing herself. Jamie, according to his words, clearly believes Britney apt, mentally competent enough to perform, interact w/ all those people when recording, touring, doing ad campaigns, etc. within a strict structure but too mentally impaired to run her personal and financial life by herself. But now, yeah, he wants her to speak to the judge and has forgotten it's par for the course for lawyers to speak on their clients' behalf.
  2. People are calling him out for another reason. 1. It is very common for lawyers (and spokespersons) to speak on their clients' behalf—it is not hearsay when they do so. But Jamie is now saying whatever Sam Ingham says is "hearsay," and Britney herself must testify, which is pure nonsense! 2. One moment, Britney does not have the legal ability to sign documents, testify, make her wishes known. One moment, she does! Britney only has the ability when it suits Team Con, it seems. They refused to let her testify against Fernando Flores, in the Brand Sense lawsuit, but she was called to testify against Lutfi. Just weeks ago, Wallet (and Ingham) said Britney did not have the legal ability to sign documents, and now, all of a sudden, Jamie says she does and is even allowed to vote! As @PokemonSpears noted, if so competent, why wasn't she allowed to express her wishes years ago? Britney had to hide just to make a phone call... She reportedly left attorney Jon Eardley a voice message in 2008, and Jamie himself admitted Britney was caught trying to contact Lutfi in 2009 w/ the help of Lutfi's sister. 3. Remember the "scandal" that was caused by Britney removing her shoes after a court audience once outside of the courthouse last year? Jamie knows Brit's behaviour and demeanour are going to be scrutinized if called to speak to the judge. In some of her Instagram videos, she keeps swinging from left to right. Britney did admit to having had panic attacks onstage. As Cher noted, someone should look into her meds and doctors since people making so much money off her may not want her well (just well enough to perform, and that's it). What if her team on some occasions tried to make her look unhinged on purpose? (Britney looked somewhat dishevelled when leaving that hotel w/ Sam a year ago after her hospitalization.) What if Jamie has somebody mess w/ her meds before a appearance? How much is Britney affected by all those meds? It is much better for Ingham to handle all of that and speak on Britney's behalf. Once Jamie is completely out of the picture, Britney could testify in court if necessary (for complete dissolution of the conservatorship). If Britney were called to testify anytime soon, Ingham, as others noted, would need to rehearse everything w/ her, prepare her, and make sure she's in the right mind frame. Britney would need to be together and strong, not intimidated one bit by Jamie & co.
  3. @Spicechinodiva Honestly, she looked great before, but her current figure advantages a lot her IMO, and I hope she keeps it up.
  4. I agree. No disrespect to those paying, but I'd never pay all that money for so little... Like Aaron Carter, Tyler Posey is charging fans extra via direct message, on top of the monthly price, for content. A fan is now complaining Tyler charged him $5 extra (via direct message) for this... (It's Tyler fully dressed in black & white w/ a clown face and a topless woman filmed from the back, wearing a black thong.) That photo should have been made available for all subscribers at no additional cost. Those stars are (sometimes) conning their fans for money.
  5. Britney Spears never confirmed to have had a termination. I remember reading a rumour regarding the time she was with Justin Timberlake, and another rumour regarding the time she was w/ Jason Trawick, but those are just rumours. And there was that abortion claim made by that fake "Britney" was supposedly on the phone w/ Jason Alexander (that fake "Britney" made all sorts of dubious/nonsensical claims). Britney then denied it all on Twitter by saying: “All you liars, y'all can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ***!” Billie Piper once explained how there were fake rumours she was "doing coke or having abortions every other week," and how hard it must have been on her parents. In another interview, she explained how she once went to the hospital to treat an ailment, and tabloids were like: "Oh! She's having an abortion." Unless confirmed, all that is just speculation. That said, if Jamie Spears in particular is opposed to her having any more children, then yeah, they most likely got her the coil fitted (the IUD), which may last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, or got her the Depo-Provera shot, which lasts three months. The arm patch must be replaced weekly, the birth control pill must be taken daily, and the c****m, if no other method is used, must be worn during intimacy. It is not possible to know for sure what she's on, but they probably got her the coil fitted if they absolutely want to prevent her pregnancy.
  6. @Bundy @1inamillion @generation glory @LLuvia @Steel Magnolia @Jordan Miller Regarding the terrific possibility of a forced, involuntary termination of pregnancy... I remember reading a story about a mentally ill woman, "Mary Moe", 32 years old at the time, that was ordered by a judge named Christina Harms, former Norfolk Probate in Massachusetts, to interrupt her pregnancy. Harms insisted Moe have the abortion and then be sterilized against her will, against her religious objections. Moe was said to suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar depression. According to court documents, Moe had a psychotic breakdown after a previous abortion and “believed people were staring at her and stating that she killed her baby.” In court, she described herself as “very Catholic,” and told the court she “wouldn’t do that (abortion)” again; a court-appointed expert said she would not choose another abortion if she were competent to make the decision. Judge Christina Harms had ruled that “Mary Moe, could be “coaxed, bribed, or even enticed…by ruse” until she was sedated for an abortion, which Moe’s parents sought against her will. In the end, the State dropped the request to force Moe to abort. That was in Feb. 2012. In the UK, in June 2019, "a British appeals court on Monday reversed a previous ruling that would have forced a mentally disabled woman to abort her child against both her wishes and those of her mother." Full story from the National Review: U.K. Court Reverses Ruling That Would Have Forced Mentally Disabled Woman to Have an Abortion Here's a paper by Rima Kundnani entitled Protecting the Right to Procreate for Mentally Ill Women. And here's a 75-page court ruling denouncing the forced abortions three women were constrained to suffer. The ruling was issued by U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras in Sep. 2016. The ruling: https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2001cv2398-345 The judge noted the abortion haunted them in some cases until their dying day and that a forced termination is a deprivation of one's liberty. Note: "terrific" as in "terrible", its original meaning
  7. Oh no! He did show a lot in one show. Some shows were dull, but one was hot! One may PM me for details...
  8. Fans of his music, mostly, and some new fans who find him hot. Note: You know, the rugged/junkie/gangsta look is attractive to quite some too! Just think of Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, 6ix9ine, Tyga or even (a more polished form) G-Easy.
  9. Here's a bombshell... Aaron Carter has just stated he's made $825,000 this year on OnlyFans! I've rewound the livestream a couple of times to make sure I heard correctly... $825,000!!! He says it at 2:07:43 in the video below: "I've... I've made... Uh, what was it? 825,000 on OnlyFans this year." If that's true and he's not exaggerating, it tells you how much dough/dinero can one make online for doing almost nothing—esp. if a celeb! I can tell you he hasn't posted all that much for the outrageous prices he's asking. Paid subscribers need to pay more in private messages to actually see some content, and it's still not much, but he's posted some good stuff: a lot of n***s, inside and outside the house, different poses, clothing, lighting, some jerk-off vids, some bj vids (w/ Melanie Martin), a s** tape during a livestream w/ Melanie Martin (p*********n + c******t). Overall, it's mostly n***s w/ the occasional treat, but it's quite expensive. (He once charged $125 for a d*** pic that had already leaked he once claimed was not his... ) Aaron Carter is also on CamSoda. (One stream in particular was hot [that c*****t], the others were rather dull...) Tyler Posey is also now making some money on OnlyFans, and he's showing/doing even less... I guess if you're broke or just feel like exhibiting yourself, OnlyFans or JustFor.Fans can help you make some dough!
  10. @Charlotte_the_Harlot, you've made great points, but I'm mostly referring to those who truly do (or did) enjoy it, people like Chris Crocker, Alejandro Castillo, Devin Franco, River Wilson, Farrah Abraham and so on, not those that were forced or coerced in any way. I am aware of all the abuse that happen in that industry, but abuse happens in other industries as well. I'm reading that if p**n were totally banned, things would get much worse, there'd be more human trafficking, etc. And there'd be a lot more arrests (for simple p**n consumption & possession) when jailhouses are already filled w/ inmates, it'd be a waste of taxpayers' money, etc. What can be done is ensuring there is always consent and taking more action against abusive and coercive scenarios, provide more mental health resources, financial help to those who need it, etc. Adult entertainment is entertainment, just like music, TV shows, regular movies, art galleries, etc. There just needs to be balance and moderation.
  11. Seriously... You've got the bod, the looks, the charm... Just think of all the dough/dinero you'd make if you had your own OnlyFans or JustFor.Fans portal... You should maybe consider it.
  12. Regarding the Follow Me (Zoey 101) remix, Britney does have a songwriting credit.
  13. From Spotify: Credits Follow Me (Zoey 101) Performed by Chantel Jeffries, Jamie Lynn Spears Written by Britney Spears, Chantel Jeffries, Christian Karlsson, Henrik Jonback, Jamie Lynn Spears, Josh Cumbee, Pontus Winnberg, Shari Short Produced by Chantel Jeffries, Josh Cumbee, Shari Short Source: Republic Records
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