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  1. I got the target exclusive. They sold the meet you at the mall edition in cd. Same 17 tracks, but it was one of the eight different covers. I knew she would do a target edition
  2. Brooklyn iced tea, bar drink name is Adios Mother F$#ker. One is all you need. 12 different types of alcohol in one drink. Brings back memories of getting 24'd on my 22nd birthday party
  3. Consensual or not. Under 18 in US Laws is still r***. Both your lover and Parents of your family can be arrested as it's neglect and child abuse. Trust me. Several friends had to report they got pregnant to their family, and when they found out by who. Girl, the cops were called and into the slammer they went. The fact that underage girls have to get parental consent for abortion should tell you the rules are a big trap and set up to catch predators
  4. Fake what. She's the only artist to sell a million pure copies as usual. Not everybody can do that in a streaming climate. Take the L. Chromatica went and left.
  5. We live in a streaming culture. Daniel EK even said that music stars can be replaced fast, in the current culture overexposed doesn't exist. You have to keep Music fans hungry. So no ariana can't disappear. Eve. Social media basically erased the usual disappear than reappear narrative. It's all different. You can't disappear and make your fans miss you. Imagine music stans living in the 90s without that instant connection to their favorite pop star. Had no idea if new music was being made, etc. That industry is gone.
  6. It got worse he admits it's him, but he hasn't used Twitter in a long time. But they dug the investigation deeper. And his tweets get worse, much worse.. From advocating r*** by a roofie and slamming dark skin people, who suffer enough in a world that prefers light skin colored people. Old tweet's yes, but everybody has consequences and case in point. Kevin hart lost his Oscar gig for old homophobic tweets from 2012. Consequences still need to happen regardless.
  7. It's a play for charity. This is an adult version for the original audience and better did state get ready for Winifred to wanna curse the white house and go after the children.
  8. Taylor Swift's folklore will be Billboard's top album by the end of the year. It's already the third biggest seller, unless Ariana comes out with the same strategy as signing autographs, and such. But Taylor is expected to go back to #1 in the US, thx to an additional 80,000 copied sold via her website and all autographed and it's not a bundle. So she won't be denied congrats to the queen of pop of this year. Related:
  9. The original Remixes to her multiple number one Dance hits are being dropped this Friday. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller Before ray of light William Orbit did a remix of erotica it's Available this Friday. Though the lyrics are the Erotica version from the book. You'll be repeating with that hook up. "I'm not a witch, but a love technician"
  10. In an interview with Philippines radio station for promotion of Her 8th studio album "Melanie C" She was asked what song would she give away to another artist, What song by another artist is actually a Spice Girls song in disguise, and out of her iconic girl groups catalog which one is the most Melanie C track the most Lizzo would get a deluxe track From her new album. The deluxe edition is only available in physical form. It took 4 years for the deluxe of version of me to go streaming and digital global. Justin Timberlake's Can't stop the feeling is basically A spice girls track in terms of the production and the overall message that's positive Melanie C would take Let love lead the way from the Spice girls catalog and basically call it a Melanie C track.
  11. I still haven't forgiven her for her response on the pulse nightclub shooting. Blocking lgbt fans asking her to say something. That's when I'm like, yeah you hate us gays. It's obvious
  12. It's only available on Disney plus. Since it's a disney movie
  13. At the 48tb annual Grammy Awards, Madonna was announced to be the opening Act, in what was dubbed a historical groundbreaking performance. Madonna and The Gorillaz on stage together. Only 35 seconds together. But MADONNA virtually appeared with them to sing Hung Up, then once the familiar beat and Abba sample came in. Virtual MADONNA, left and the real show began. Probably due to copyrights and a heavy license fee, MADONNA and her team removed the Gorillaz performance of Feel Good, inc. But in her 2008 Special celebrity edition of Q's Q&A where MADONNA was Q's Artist of the Month. 2D asked M if Guy saw their tape (alluding they filmed a love making tape), she said, yeah. It also is historical cos after This performance MADONNA made her first appearance on the Ellen show and announced the confessions tour was happening in the summer of 06.
  14. If one thing is known about Taylor Swift, she has an undying love for cats, even giving them mentions In her music of her at&t sponsored ads.. But she was really clumsy, she signed over 2,000,000 Folklore album's in her bed. The results are both funny and if your allergic to pet dander actually deadly at the same time. So have that epi pen ready in case. Cos at least a good percentage of Those 2,000,000 autographed CDs actually might come with cat hair or hair balls or both. So that makes this autographed Edition of Folklore probably more collectable and rare as she probably won't make this mistake again. But, hey at least she was polite and did the right thing by giving everybody the heads up.
  15. Mirwais Well associated with His work for Madonna, Particularly 2000's Music, 2003's American Life and beginning stages of Confessions on a dance floor before Madonna changed the direction as he was making the music political and Madonna felt her documentary 2005's I'm going to Tell you a secret was her political statements, the Music needed to be something. So he virtually disappeared after the initial stages of the project until they reunited for 2019's Madame X. Basically why it happened. Simply. "All these American Celebs from Miley Cyrus, Rosie, Whoopi threatened to leave the US if Trump was elected but never did. However, Madonna stayed true to her word once he won the election she moved her entire family to Portugal.. the other celebs was empty words, But Madonna stayed true to her word and that should be admired" He also said Madonna is a bull in the studio, she has a direct vision you find yourself literally bullfighting with her to have an artistic input, but overall she says it best, it's not a collaboration, it's a Madonna album and you're the producer, but I'm the executive producer and A&R, meaning I have final say it what gets out.
  16. RCA UK is doing more Promo for these young women than Simon ever did. Simon did promote them when they stayed young girls, but once they became women and started to realize they were more worth than what they were being promoted as, he turned his back on them like how diddy did with Danity Kane.
  17. Yet there's Still so much work to be done, while in Europe and probably Australia. They still have liberal views on all types of sexuality. However in the US. Two or several guys doing each other is still disgusting, and vilified. However several guys and one girl is celebrated. But still in the US, Shame and sexuality are Still common, unless it's being used to be fruitful and multiply. But using your body and your sexuality in the US is not only a sin, but in the Eyes of several priests and pastors and conservative politicians is bringing shame to your family and your ancestors.
  18. Did she really threw Ari under the bus. She probably used her as a sample for role models. Plus this is Cardi. She hates everybody. She'll be back on Twitter. Plus this is the woman that said if a woman has beef with me, we have beef forever. Ariana did say B's when she won best rap album. Igniting a beef with Cardi forever.
  19. In April of 1992, Madonna and Warner Brothers announced a record breaking renewal for a female artist at the time. A $60 million dollar deal, not only renewing her contract , But establishing an entertainment brand titled Maverick. Record label (unlike some artistic vanity aka joint ventures, Maverick was a huge success, it's been discussed that Unlike Paisley park records (which was Prince's own joint venture with Warner but served only to make artists out of his camp, which pissed Warner off), Maverick was a label that housed acts from Candlebox, Alanis Morissette (Maverick's most successful act outside of Madonna of course), Prodigy (Madonna fought hard to distribute the techno band in the US, A song titled Smack my bish up was really controversial in the US in 97. But Madonna won. Even Michelle Branch which came at the heels of Avril's Success was a Maverick artist as well. The First two Maverick releases was Erotica under these catalog numbers 9-45031-2 (Explicit 14 track CD contains Did you do it? A track that many feel for a feminist that Madonna was to feature a guy boasting about doing stuff to her like sitting in his face, and dropping a couple of loads, critics and fans felt what the hell was she thinking. Originally did you do it? Was supposed to Be goodbye to innocence but was replaced last minute. Thus Making it Madonna's first album to have a parental advisory warning, also the first female pop Album to feature that as well... However she offered an edited version with that track removed, But on the Explicit long box package, it state's Dirty CD version, contains a bonus track you can't get on the cassette/ Wal Mart version. Album would have been a massive success had it stand on it's own. But the book that supported the album caused this huge backlash, then controversial, now most critics are saying. Madonna was right when she did that book. Tackled biracial, Lesbian and Gay, plus old and young. Several gay adult film stars from the golden era of gay movies Joey Stefano, Francois Saget appeared in the book, fully naked and fully getting it on while Madonna is dressed I. Campy marilyn monroe glamour watching the greatest intercourse happen. The rock and Roll Hall of fame on the induction of the Erotica album and why it's revolutionary to the Rock and roll Society. Vh1 shocking rock and roll moment's on the infamous book. Lorianne a music journalist said this was the last pinnacle for a female to do when it comes to sexuality. Madonna in 98 said the same sentiment. "Women aren't supposed to be seen as intelligent, sexual and provactive, but just a bimbo with breasts, cos that's how men dictates society views on women. Stupid and just blond."
  20. https://youtu.be/RIgI-JH_2JQ If the link works. You will see a pattern Mariah carey, Madonna, Celine Dion and Whitney houston always ended up in the top five Everytime they released Music. Madonna had the top album of 1990 but was also #5 with her I'm Breathless soundtrack. Shocker's Janet jackson appears once in 1993. As Janet is her only album to be a bestseller of all time. Congrats to all four ladies For representing the 90s. I know Britney is 1999 best seller. But to be honest she was more seen as a 00s artist cos she really wasn't in the 90s except for one year. Side note. Madonna and Mariah Carey and Celine Dion are the only ones to have multiple best sellers. All 3 have 2 1990 The immaculate collection and 1998's Ray of light Madonna 1993 Music Box and 1994's Merry Christmas Mariah Carey 1996's Falling into you and 1997 Let's talk about love Celine Dion. Few shockers. While not Huge in the US. Classical vocalist Enya also ended up among yearly best sellers twice
  21. Once they have *** and get addicted to a bad boy with good game in the bed. They'll understand. Honestly they don't know what it's liked to truly be ****ed good. Bad boys with the reputation of cheating or being unfaithful always are the best in bed. That's the Truth.
  22. It's her best album since her solo debut album "Northern Star" which like most people say definitely doesn't get the credit it deserves, it's electronic, Rock and Basically an album that definitely helped me through a dark time. But everybody agrees cos Melanie C is from a Manufactured girl group in the public eyes Northern Star in general will always be overlooked and not appreciated as an artistic achievement.
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