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  1. From Alcohol, Murder and Pedophile and everything In between. Watch mojo counts the top ten Disney channel stars who ruined their career. #7 shocked me. Bella thorne. They basically put her as this bad girl with an over hyper sexualized image in contrast to her shake it up co star Zendaya who Still has great relationship with them thx to Marvel. They also ripped her for doing adult films and wanting to embrace her sexuality that isn't considered normal for anybody and unrelatable to anybody in the world. @ColdAsFire88 @Jordan Miller @Blackout2006
  2. Plus Britney never was a dance music artists. Most of her influences outside Madonna are either R&B and hip hop. She never really claimed pop music as an influence.
  3. He needs to Promote, promote, get over his fear of performing. If he just keeps releasing music without proper promotion. He'll end up disappearing. Even Ariana hates touring and performing, heightened more since Manchester, but she even knows that's part of her job is to see her fans. Zayn can't do what he did during Icarus falls. He released to little to no fan fare and basically blamed RCA for forcing him to release a studio album when he wasn't sure of what sound he wanted.
  4. Nope it's not an interview. More like an entertainment journalists opinions piece. Some of the previews I see talk about How by 2005 The Paris hate train started that her death scene in house of wax was cheered by critics and audiences alike and was sarcastically described the best performance of Paris giving head. @Jordan Miller
  5. Plus Everytime she experiments whether it's her short deconstruction albums Kylie Minogue and Impossible Princess, then Body Language, Kiss Me once and Golden. Her British fans Always complain that it's not Kylie at all.. Disco has won back her British fans. The British fans says when it comes to Kylie. Who cares about the other nations or Countries. It's not like she's needed anywhere else. They basically want her to do the music they want and it shows. And it proves that it alienates the rest of the world just to cater to her biggest fan base and support system.
  6. The only way to prove commercial success is for Britney to follow other veterans and release music and tour non stop. Not vegas. But full on 7 to 9 months tours and write her own material. Obviously she can negotiate a deal with RCA to release 3 albums of previously released bootlegged material and make that count towards the remaining of her contract and go to a new label (obviously not Sony music) maybe BMG where she'll own the masters and have more control as an independent Act.
  7. AbC covers $ellebrity. Britney spears is the only musical artist mentioned, But she's with Paris hilton and Kim Kardashian West as the girls that changed celebrity culture Forever.
  8. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158146382099934&id=163497464933&sfnsn=mo&extid=RBsB3ipDxkGG8ga0 Abc and Perez Hilton have a new show called $ellbrity (Playing on the sell your soul), they touch 3 stars in this 22 episode season they feel changed celebrity culture and the paparazzi obsession. Britney Spears, Paris hilton and Kim Kardashian West. Obviously Britney Spears will be mostly discussed in 2007 and early 2008. I still remember Perez told TV Guide channel back in January of 08. If Britney doesn't clean herself up and ditch her so called friends and circle. She will be dead before she's 27. I guarantee that.
  9. Draped in nothing but the US Flag and flanked by two of her blond ambition dancers. Madonna did an mtv promo to remind people to get up and vote. And that Voting gives you freedom of speech and is just as good as Safe ***** love making.
  10. Before Jive ruined her voice by forcing into a register that isn't suited for her. Britney had A much fuller range. Which many people still claim. The first two albums have her best vocals. When they changed it to a sexy breathy Janet Jackson type voice. It did more damage than good.
  11. https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/22/cardi-b-sued-hennessy-defamation-racist-maga-supporters-beach-fight/ I have no words, I didn't think Maga supporters knew what racism was, they can give it, But I guess they can't get it in return.
  12. The magic single artwork reminds of the reverse negative of Madonna during the confessions era mostly used for her official wine bottle.
  13. Given how Rocco was one and Lola was 5 when they filmed. Plus Madonna did tour in 2001, her first in 8 years, and did swept away with Guy Ritchie. .. She would have been unavailable. Rehearsals between February to May. For that Mid June launch in Barcelona tour ended in September after a slight delay called 9/11. Vacation in October, Promote GHV2 and the home video release of drowned world tour in November. .. .then in greece til April shooting Swept Away. Plus Her debut on west end In up for grabs, Die another day filming and working on American Life (under a different title referring to a Kabbalah reference).... She had no time. She was working non stop for four years. Bless my workaholic fav. A classic ♌ Leo trait.
  14. Released on November 6,2000. The UK Platinum certified album Forever, The Third and final studio album by the SPICE girls (only one without Geri Halliwell). The Album mainly features production by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Robert Smith and Freddie Jerkins, Plus Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey) saw the girls ditch the European pop sound for An American R&B sound. The 20th anniversary Vinyl comes out Friday November 20,2020. Any amazon pre order or order comes with a free Mp3 album.
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