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  1. While "Daisies" peaked at #40 on the Hot 100, it is #4 at The Adult Pop Songs chart (radio format). It's her sixteenth top ten and she is the fifth among all leader. P!nk is the top act with 25 top tens. Katy needs to embrace that she is a radio format act now. P!nk did. Kelly clarkson did. She's just something you listen on a soccer mom van trip. Related:
  2. I guess at an awards show, Madonna and Jonathan Ross were presenting something together. He congratulated M on the success of her tour, The massively 25 Cities, 60 sold out Shows that Is The confessions tour, and the adoption of David Banda, But it took an ugly turn where he said if I came back from Africa, I'd have a baby wallet instead of a black baby, Audience laughed, Madonna didn't, But her reply is what makes us love her, "You would be lucky to return with a Black eye". Mama was pissed and ready to throw her hands.
  3. The best selling female album of that decade 27 million copies, #1 in 25 countries a record she would break in 2005 with Confessions on a dance floor when that album reached #1 in 47 countries. A record still held today, probably won't be broken due to the fact the entire world can't agree on a global album event, I noticed the streaming era really divided the world. Papa don't preach A women telling her father, she's marrying the man and keeping her baby despite being 16. Live to tell a song about child abuse. Open your heart (a song originally meant for The 60s soul Group The temptations (MY GIRL, TALKING ABOUT MY GIRL and Cyndi Lauper but Madonna delivered) La isla BONITA a song meant for Michael Jackson but he rejected it, Madonna delivered. True Blue one of the greatest love songs she rarely performs it so the stripped Acoustic Ukelele performance was a nice treat on her rebel heart. Despite being written for Her ex husband. Which Unlike Guy, Madonna forgave Sean, and Sean knows Madonna the real woman can't be tamed by anybody..guy failed that miserably.
  4. That's what the pedo sympathizer gets. Related to one, Married to one and associates with one.
  5. Basically talk a good game came out in 2013, yeah that should tell you. His sound is no longer relevant, where Timbaland was able to evolve with the hip hop, Just listen to 8th Grade By Mariah Carey from her unappreciated album Caution to understand what I mean.. Danja gonna have to incoprate Trap beats to stay modern..
  6. Stuart Price did his thing, plus lets talk about how this was Kylie's really first true world tour. Two versions exist depending on the market. Australia and Europe got The arena based Aphrodite Les Follies version which paid tribute to Greek mythology and The MGM Musicals plus the whole splash zone. The fact both tours happened during winter for both regions kinda makes me feel a little bad Plus for US, Asia, Mexico and Africa we got Aphrodite live, A smaller scale version with some songs taken out because of the stage.
  7. My favorite track is the itunes/ Apple music bonus track Mighty Rivers and of course the All the lovers B Side Go hard or go home.
  8. They were on the suite life of zack and cody. Untouched, 4Ever, This Love (written by Kesha) and Goodbye to you are bops.
  9. Oh I understand, But I guess since I'm an older millenial (Born in 84), I grew up with that music, And the videos and actually have my first memories established in 87 and 88. The older millennials turn 40 Next year and The youngest ones just turned 25 years old this year.
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