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  1. Janet Damita Jo Jackson. I mean she has had albums banned cos of how streamy she got, even without cussing. Virgin and Janet had to cave and offer sanitatized versions of all for you after several record chain's slapped 18 and over to purchase on the album due to what they dubbed poonagraphic content. She defended herself by saying,, I find it fascinating, what I do with my lover in the bedroom, is a beautiful thing, and people act like it's the most dirtiest thing in the world, to make love to your lover.
  2. Trust me go to discogs. Blackout even had an official cassette release in a few markets. I bought one from Amazon for 85.00, it was my whole pay check. But it's worth it.
  3. I was 23 when it came out. It was really the last album I stanned. It was like her inner bad girl came out. But her team did ruin her by forcing her back to the girl next door than going into The M...I....l....f...k status Club
  4. Did jlo just replaced Pitbull with Maluma, She stoled Shakira's to go to boy..
  5. Nobody got time for spoiled milk bologna looking sandwich. If it ain't Britney, no gay got time for an only fans. Though replace Sam asgarus, with Zayn or someone better looking. I Still think he's small to. Size queens don't like that either. We ain't got no time for false bed wetters applications. This is why we give out the ruler. If he ain't over 10 to 13". He ain't hitting walls honey, but just speed bumps. How Jamie Lynn would look on Only fans down Under
  6. Also F. Suck jive, they failed to mention a Target exclusive, as that was the only way to get "outta this world" on CD in the US. how ironic, her best Album had an early Target exclusive, bonus track, free ringtones, and a hyper Cd that took you to an exclusive secret website devoted to Blackout, but nope, went under the radar as usual. But everybody from Tom cat to Tom dog knew about the Femme fatale tour Deluxe cd/ DVD with Remixes and scary. Her best Album and somewhat decent Epix special. Both peaked at #2 on their respective. Eagles get a big f u, but considering in 2011 it was Gaga season, and perhaps the end of her short lived prime, it's a pass. Cos the monster ball was everything the Femme fatale sadly wished it could be, that bish everybody wanted to attend regardless if being a fan or not. I even went to a show or two in Phoenix, and I can still say. Gaga can never top This tour, like Britney can't top her onyx hotel tour.
  7. Still to this day, they allowed a Wal Mart CD to chart, but to exclude Victoria's secret who was the exclusive retailer for the Greatest Hits of the spice girls in the uS. Had to buy mints for 3 Dollars to pay a CD for 15 Dollars, because in order to buy the CD, I had to buy something. What's worse, is running into your Butch Lesbian Mom asking why did you come out of Victoria's secret. The humiliation.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/189031801111600/posts/3918464958168247/ Queen of the ratchet is well known for taking Disney villians and turning them ratchet as Fuc.... In the latest episode they discuss tipping. How Cruella is so broke abd ghetto she can't tip. She uses the analogy. "You heard of my body, my choice, well it's my money, my choice to tip. There's no law saying I have to"
  9. I have two favorite dogs. Growing up Bud, beautiful think Lassie beauty. Just like Any sheep herding dog. I was his 🐑 to protect, just because your domestcate a dog, who has a Destiny to herd, it will find ways to make it Destiny happen. My mom in order to spank me, it only happened once. I just wanted to hear Michael Jackson on the vinyl record player (this was the 80s), unfortunately a huge crash happened. Vinyls everywhere. For a four year old. Nobody told me they we're heavy and fragile. She tried to spank me, only to be bit by Bud in the hand, that was his way if saying. Bish, I don't think so. So mom had to lock him in the bathroom when it came to future spanking and such. Worked for a while, til he broke the door through jumping and landed on her trick for the night, saying my family and Woman, Time to leave. Then, Oprah came. An Australian Shepherd aka Queensland heeler. God I loved her. Said goodbye to me every day by chasing her tail three times when the bus left to take me to school, greeted me with a dead bird Every morning. Fell in love with just hour long hugs, knew bad people from the minute she closed the door on them. Literally Everytime she closed the door on a boyfriend, my mom's current men, the cops usually arrested them for drugs and such. But then Living in a town called chino valley with a population of 2,000 it wasn't common for Teens to do more than weed, out of boredom. I really don't think I could do another dog they are such protectors of their masters, that it's hard to date. Th
  10. I wanted mannequin as a single. It really felt like this paranoia sound, plus at the Time it reminded me of Dannii's love fight.
  11. She really was at her best, cos she basically called the shots. It was her only album with no management, just herself, and this is what the fans wanted. Their own club Album. But what happened then, Vanilla Britney reemerged and so went the **** back to the girl Next door who happens to be a Mom. I kinda wonder if she stayed at the **** status, would the fans who left after Larry came back would still be around. This can be seen as her own Bangerz but not as explicit. Since it was released aka edited Only.
  12. She was the 8th best selling female in the US, but then a culture phenomenon Happened in the second decade of this century. Taylor Alison Swift.
  13. We need outta this world on Spotify, it's the most romantic love song on there.
  14. Are we a Virgin!!!!!! It's 2020, let's be real, there's really nothing left to break the glass ceiling anymore.
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