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  1. Simon tried creating an American version of Little mix and failed. None of them have the talent of Perrie, Leigh Anne, Jesy or Jade. Hell even little mix themselves said. Simon created 5H just to prevent little mix achieving success in the US. Kinda backfired. Imagine that. 5H fans be gone..
  2. Virgin delayed the Release of Spice up your life (Single release) pushing it one week later than originally scheduled due to Elton John's Candle in the wind 97. So it could have a more charitable impact for Diana's Charity. Eventually after the official release. It did go #1 for just one week.
  3. The 2007-2008 reunion tour version of who do you think you are. The girls wear replicas of their infamous outfits highlighting the girls at their peak of global domination. Besides this tour involving posh. The return of the Spice girls actually had a story line that the other reunion tour which was somewhat of an exact copy of the 98 Spiceworld tour. It told a story of the girks and their fame and even during viva forever. You saw Geri go underneath the stage signifying that she left the group during their height of their career. Even see the girls perform their best dance song since say you'll be there. HOLLEE AS the way it's intended the Darkchild production. It is the best of the two reunion tours.
  4. https://goat.com.au/pop-culture/never-forget-when-the-spice-girls-called-out-a-tv-host-for-******/ One of the most infamous dutch traditions is Actors who paint their face black during the holidays. Well in 1997 during one of the spice girks none stop promotion for their first album "Spice" . The girls stopped by A dutch Tv show. To where he had his actors in ******. The Girls were not impressed particularly Mel B. Who is considered by the British media as one of the most important Black British women since the 90s. To say it nicely. Mel B looked at the camera and did a cut across her throat stating her desire to end this now. She also stated. Maybe it's time to hire some black people for this spot. The host said. It's a Dutch tradition. Mel C was not having it when she replied. Well, it's the 90s. To where Geri even said she was disgusted by it. The interview is infamous as the other four were shocked but stood by Mel B as sisters do. After The Spice girls incident. Rumors are the show was indefinitely cancelled.
  5. The big thing about the infamous Kentucky fried chicken recipe is the secret 11 Herbs and Spices. So to play the pun on the secret formula. He followed six guys all with the name Herb. And Five Spices. Those Five Spices are of Course. VICTORIA BECKHAM MELANIE C Mel B Emma Bunton Geri Horner (Halliwell) That's right The five spices he followed are each of the Spice Girls individual profiles. I think it's genius. And this just proves why KFC is better at the chicken game than the homophobic one which the gays seem to love a lot.
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/victoria-beckham-spice-girls-reunion-tour-earnings-a9544021.html Victoria Beckham made £1.3 Million from last years Spice Girls tour. Which is good. You're probably asking why and How? Simple. Victoria beckham is one of five owners of The Spice Girls Limited Brand. So any merchandise using her image as A spice Girl legally went to her bank account. Plus songwriting royalties. Since The Spice girls were known for writing their entire catalog and the publishing deal splits everything 50/50 between each girl. Now on to the harshest reality. Victoria made more money from her Spice girls days than her own fashion brand. Which it's no secret is basically about to be bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. Which would explain why The fashion week in Paris and new york usually don't have a slot for her brand. Plus a lot of her stores in Asia and other continents had shut down cos A profit wasn't returning. Now wouldn't be a bad time to become posh Spice. Full time, huh.
  7. I always wanted her to be On friends. To play Rachel's cousin from the south. Who in the end got the best of her. By having her fun with her beloved Ross. Then when scolded. Her character would say. But he said you two were on a break.
  8. Carole Baskin was legally granted full ownership of Joe Exotics zoo, according to People. By law now, the current owner, Jeff Lowe, has 120 days to vacate the premises with all the animals that are under his ownership (I really hate that one). With the animal ruling, they also have to leave which is very difficult to find placement. It's almost as If Carole wabyed this as a form of Spiteful revenge and just keep it close. I hope I'm wrong. But this is all shady and petty. Thoughts?
  9. It does speak about me. Rather take the road less traveled close to death. To tell my tale of beating the odds. Plus fitting in and wanting to be popular with cliques is very cliche..
  10. Trump basically now enacted the military to be involved. If you ever studied American history in high school or college. The last time The military got involved. A little thing called the Civil war happened cos of that results. It's now really scary. The thought of our own country at war with ourselves. Please be safe out there. I'm legit scared now with knowing that a war is right around the corner. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/national-guard-troops-deployed-white-house-trump-calls/story?id=71004151
  11. It's not really a ban of music. Most labels are pushing it just a week. I checked the album cycles. June is really dead. So It's really no harm. July is fully packed with Ellie goulding and brandy. June is always a dead month anyway in the industry. Which usually happens after high priorities such as Chromatica are released. So June is Like January and December the most dead months of all music releases. As these are the releases that usually attain a cult status such as Paula Abdul's 1995 Cult fav flop Head over heels. Plus June is usually the start of summer tours. So everything is literally planned. Until covid hit and ruined the usual flow of business structure. Everything is literally scheduled for a dead month in the music industry.
  12. The lambs are having a piss fit in the Mariah forums. They are like. Officially we give her to Madonna. My god they are mad. But then they were also like. Santa tell me will never rule Christmas so we're fime. We run an entire holiday season. Nobody who stans other acts can claim Christmas like we can..
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