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  1. Rebelde which the Mexican pop band came from a huge soap opera. Christian Chavez (he was publicly outed by the press), Anahi, Christopher, Alfonso Herrera, Dulce, and I forgot the other female member Basically a Mexican version of S Club 7 but still celebrated than the Spice girls Woolworths knock off by the manager of the Spice girls himself.
  2. It's about the money and if Netflix has any interest.. The only thing you can stream about Britney is on Tubi and it's those unauthorized tabloid docs and the lifetime movie. Paramount (CBS owns crossroads, to get that to Stream is to pay fees for the music rights to get a license, @PokemonSpears brought that to our attention on how RBD got into streaming platforms, they had to renew a license and other legal Jumbo they let expire, cos they thought nobody would be a fan after they broke up and everybody grew up and became an adult and let that be a childhood past phase to regret) It's all legal fees and Such. I guess HBO, Sony Music thinks Britney fans don't matter at all cos they're somewhat older who needs to let childhood stuff go. Like billboard said OG Britney fans range from turning 40 to going into middle age like Britney herself.
  3. Youtube is definitely a Right avenue for her. That's the #1 streaming service Everybody is a member there.. Established in 2005.
  4. @slayer @Roxxy Is there anyway to un mainpage this and actually remove it from breatheheavy social media. I don't think Jordan knows how pissed people outside the US is. For this article. I get it's a holiday In the US. But not everybody is celebrating this holiday. @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Isla
  5. I'm a US Citizen.. I didn't know he existed..our football is different from your football. How was I to know about him .we don't check for soccer. The only football player I knew was Christiano Ronaldo and David beckham.. I live in the states. The sport he played ain't really popular here..
  6. Honestly a simple mistake did happen. Dona. When I saw MADONNA trending I clicked. It was a simple mistake. But it did prove that some people wished it was her, luckily that comic got blocked. But also revealed manchester has never moved on from the world cup loss of 86, when he played the hand of God. Several football fans got several pages for Makin fun if him all from Manchester United holding a grudge against him, but celebrating his death in vein.
  7. It actually did reveal they we're sad. But the football fans we're pissed and basically said we can add another reason of how narcissist the US is. Why we don't know them
  8. Windows phone rest in peace. Zune rest in peace microsoft really did lose.. imagine if apple did a video game console. Rest in peace Xbox then. Anything apple did microsoft copied and lost. They are lucky xbox was the saving grace.
  9. Jordan, retitle this. We're getting dragged. The Football player from Argentina is being called out by sports fans. @PokemonSpears will tell you. It's actually disrespectful. Yes we in America don't know him and The sport. But yeah. He's a legend of the biggest sport outside the US..
  10. The real question is music reviews irrelevant. One day an album is trashed, then ten years or 20 years it's like loved after years of being misunderstood or really had nothing to do with the music but hatin'the artists itself at the time. Perfect examples of these reviews Madonna Erotica, American Life, Rebel Heart and Madame X. Christina aguilera Stripped and Bionic. Kylie Minogue both albums released in the mid 90s when she was dubbed Indie Kylie and distanced herself through the manufactured pop of the SAW days. Kylie Minogue (1994) and Impossible Princess (1997). Britney spears Blackout (2007) Britney herself never gets the praise, even though everybody said she was involved despite her life being a mess. But press just praise the producers not Britney at All. Mariah carey Glitter the soundtrack isn't as bad as everybody thinks. It's just the association with the movie turned everybody off. Now the critics love the Album. Janet jackson Damita Jo the Album after the halftime show was trashed for being a very explicit Album about celebrating what she likes to do with her lover I'm the bedroom. Like, she said why do we shame what happens in the bed between two people in love, it's such a beautiful thing, and it shouldn't be shamed or dirty. It's the most beautiful thing and the best expressive thing. It's called making love for a reason. Lady gaga Artpop. Most critics Focused in gaga herself and not the music. Like one critic said "It's a miracle gaga and this album can breathe or exist especially with the knifes being sharpened and aimed at her throat, like how dare she does such a deliberate lack of maturity after writing a great mature album at 25 like she did with Born this way. She's 27 if she doesn't want to be intelligent and let loose. She is welcomed to. She's not a mother or even 40 before she needs to mature. Let her enjoy life and being young.."
  11. It's as if not going in the Guinness book of world records wasn't enough for Disco Queen Kylie Minogue. But the Biggest british Gay Press Gay times has announced Kylie Minogue is getting awarded for Allyship and her dedication to the LGBT community. William Baker and Rufus Wainwright and several others have noted between her And Madonna, the two biggest icons in the British LGBT community area from their day. Kylie always came second place to Madonna's icy queen status of the GAYS. But they knew one day the prozac to the gays would finally get her Moment to shine. William baker on instagram shared this to instagram. "Thank you instagram for doing what was so needed. Showing the real hero and the wicked stepmother all Along" Congrats, Kylie Kylie herself has been aware of her LGBT audience, by seeing a drag show in 1987 in Melbourne during the official pride there Mardi gras. "While I didn't come from anything tragic or tragic upbringings, Only thing that was tragic in a sense was my hair and the outfits I wore in the 80s. But, yeah I didn't have the lost the mother, can't find someone to love me type tragic beginning at all. I've had more triumphs, maybe the rules of being a gay icon should be changed to a celebration of triumph over tragedy, than triumph into tragedy"
  12. Still to this day.y favorite birthday card on my 18th birthday. My Aunt (the one I wished I was mother). Wrote This In the balloons "I'm not a boy, not yet a grown up'' My Aunt knew me better than my own Mom.
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