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  1. She probably is legally blinded to contracts and NDAs to speak against the conservatorship. I'm pretty sure team Con, knows how to silent people, if Jordan is threatened lawsuits. Imagine if Fe gets one for breaking an NDA.
  2. I see her also being like Zayn, making and putting out music, not touring and very little promotion via social media. I feel she hates everything about the industry to how she was treated by them..
  3. Lavender and Birch water body wash. Pantene pro V shampoo daily moisture renewal. The regular pantene pro V daily moisture conditioner. Followed by the deep conditioner for extra and extra soft hair. Anybody using 3 in 1. I have serious questions like are u that lazy
  4. Yes and No Mind you she's approaching 40 in December, it's going to be difficult to get her huge radio airplay at this point. She's going to have to be aggressive in her art, not only the music, the visuals, maybe write a book explaining her side of the story to end all the media lies that the general public believes, a very personal stripped album, not dance music, but something from the heart. There's a lot at play to work both for and against her. Plus, we all know at 40 she will deal with internet trolls saying you're too old to show your belly or dressing provocatively.
  5. Given, how Jordan Miller was used by her father in 2009, He lost that one.. But, Jamie did win the court case against Anthony Ello, but I did notice they do after fans who create fan websites and blogs in order to silence them. While Jordan never got silenced, Anthony did however, to the point. He isn't a fan of Britney anymore saying that court case has PTSD for him, he doesn't hate her. But, he can't listen to her music without anger being in the forefront. FYI, Anthony was forced to sell his Britney website as conditions of the court victory for Jamie.
  6. The only song released by the girl group is on the kazaam soundtrack with shaq. However, LA Reid showcased the girl group to a LaFace records Christmas party.. Just like how Beyonce knew Rihanna was going to be the most successful over Tierra Mari (who was technically the better singer, even a technical vocalist like Beyonce knew, Rihanna had more star power than a girl who actually could sing).. It was T Boz who told him, Alicia Moore was the one the public would love by herself, holding her in a group was gonna keep her talent hidden, cos she would have to play at the strength of the other members. But. FOR pink that was actually hard, leave the group and get a contract or go home empty handed. Fit her that was one of the hardest things ever as they were her best friends and sisters, but in the end it worked out. I wonder what happened to the other two girls. Outside Britney spears, the only other girl group original member that we know about is Michelle Stephenson who was in the original line up of The Spice girls, who was replaced by Emms Bunton after she left the group. Cos her boyfriend was uncomfortable with the idea of Michelle being in a girl group.
  7. If anybody is owned an apology, Sinead o'connor is indeed the top 3 . In 1992, an appearance on SNL led to her cancellation, when she declared the catholic church was an enemy by ripping off the Pope in a picture.. Ironically, it's almost as if she was silently revealing what was actually going on. IT WOULD be revealed the catholic church and the Vatican was going to be involved in a messy child molestation scandal. Even Sunny Hostin of the view said, I rather trust my kid at a gay pride event than actually going to the Vatican. Unfortunately the scandal damaged the church's reputation. And by actually being ahead of everybody else in gaslighting the truth. Sinead was called crazy and other things, few defended her, one who did was Madonna, who called out the hypocrisy by ripping up a photo of a guy named Joe who made international headlines due to an infamous murder plot to kill his wife by his teenage mistress Amy Fisher, by saying fight the real enemy, which was men In general.
  8. Kevin (Casey Cott) gets caught looking for a hook up by Betty and Cheryl.. Why they admit he lied and when he is asked to tell the truth. He's brutally honest. While his straight friends have options and lots of choices to do what they want when it comes to getting down. For Kevin being openly gay in a small town, he really is unlike them as his options are much limited and smaller and for him a moment of being intimate with a man, is worth risking his life. Can any of you actually relate to what Kevin said, that his needs are sometimes worth risking his life.
  9. Ahead of her upcoming apple TV documentary, Billie eilish opens up to vanity fair in a more personal interview. And in one part she revealed she was the most vulnerable after Her Grammy victory last year, While the industry and the peers congratulated her, it was the internet that felt she didn't deserve any of the awards. They compared her to Alanis Morissette, and Ariana to Mariah Carey, saying we all remember how this ended, Alanis was never able to recapture the success of jagged little pill, thus being dubbed a one album wonder by most of the general public, where Mariah Carey was able to continue her success minus the glitter years.
  10. There have been several attempts to launch the US Success of Kylie minogue, while she's not in the league of Madonna, Britney and others. She can still say to other international acts and Australian pop acts3, she has a platinum album and a few top tens, which is extremely difficult for Australian pop artists to actually have success in the US, most are one hit wonders getting a hit thanks to a current trend in pop music 1996's Gina G's just a little bit is a great example. But, then there's Melbourne's gift from Australia. in a hilarious meme (by a gay, who else could actually say that Kylie is Australia's national treasure and monument over the legendary Sydney opera house). Welp, one song and an incredible video and hook was enough to create one of the most infectious songs. Can't get you out of my head is probably up there with Wannabe by The Spice girls, Like a prayer by Madonna and of course Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, one time is all it takes to literally get stuck in your head all day, that even hearing your favorite artist can't get it out if your head. CAN'T GET you out of my head would peak at #7 on the hot 100, her second US top ten hit after the locomotion which peaked at #3 back in 1988, overall fourth top 40 hit, certified Gold in the US for digital downloads succeeding to 500,000 copies sold. And is considered her signature song. The video is iconic for one reason, the slip, as kylie said, it's not really a dress, it just covered what needed to be censored, but one wrong move and you would see everything, apparently when that scene was filmed it was a closed set, in case Kylie had a mishap and something was seen, that could have been taken advantage and sold to mags that wouldn't make a mom proud like Carol Minogue. If you're wondering why Carol wouldn't be proud, Dannii posing for playboy Australia actually led to a heated argument with the girls mother.
  11. But The only way Madonna would be nice, if the parents that died was reversed. I'm thinking she would be happier if her father died than her mother. Like, she said outside her mother, her name isn't a common name. She's right outside her, who else had the name Madonna. it's not a common name.
  12. Mountain dew any flavor, even the watermelon is addicting. I only do one soda a day. But, when my friend comes over here in a couple of weeks. It's going to be one or two a day. He's very lucky, to still stay at 132 pounds. The same weight he was when I met him in 97, when I was 13 and he was 14.. he's now 38. What's his little secret. He doesn't work out, but his metabolism is extremely high.
  13. In a rare 80s concert Selena Y Los Dinos performed a cover of Michael Jackson's 1982 iconic hit "Billie Jean". On a side note, we can see why Janet really dropped the Jackson surname, to begin being just known simply as janet. ..which begin in 1993 with the janet,. Album. I would too if I was just known as the sister of Michael Jackson, as Selena put it as.
  14. Madonna was a victim of aexual assualt, that's when her weakness aka Her vulnerability and trusting went away. She knew if she was going to survive nest york city which was different in the 70s and the 80s. She would have to be a bish, and not get taken advantage of. She won't do oral cos of the assualt. Calling it her most humiliating moment as a female just because some guy forced her to choke
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