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  1. Mi ReFjlo (Spanish album) My kind of Christmas (Christmas english album Both were released in the year 2000. Her spanish Album won her lots of Latin Grammys especially best pop Latin album
  2. A nightmare in elm street (Robert England Version), I like 80s Horror the best, cheap Effects yes, but like Elvira said. The CGI Murder scenes are more fake than the pre CGI ones, you saw and Felt the pain they went through while watching them get murdered, butchered or in Freddy's case in some dreams, he killed a girl by turning her into a bug, using a girl's drug addiction against her, and iconically killed a young actress by frying her in the tv. With the iconic line "welcome to prime time Bish"
  3. Some people like it cos it's R&B, most wanted another round of Thank U, Next bops. I really don't know. This is where the divide happens. The sixth album. That's where it usually gives you the real picture.. The ride or die Arianators vs. The General public and their reaction. @Blackout2006 you should do a thread. Usually if an artist reaches their highest commercial peak and accolades on their Fifth album, the sixth studio album is where the True fans that are Ride or die actually pulls through. Examples Janet jackson's Janet to 1997's The Velvet rope 1995's Mariah Carey Daydream vs. 1997's Butterfly And the best example is Taylor's 1989 to Reputation and how in three short years it all changed for her.
  4. Her cancer came back to stage 4 and at her age, she won't have the strength to go through the chemotherapy, radiation, while people are age can handle it. The older we get our bodies become weaker. So it's that and it's now terminal.
  5. I also liked how they all agreed, That the size of his member isn't important, what is important though, is if he knows how to use it properly in bed. Many time's I hear horror stories, he's a big person, but he doesn't know how to make the bed wet at all, and thus sucks in bed. I've heard this from both males and females. The size matters is a myth that ends up being disappointing and not accurate.
  6. @Slayer can tell you. This is it. Enjoy the five tracks. They can't release any more Music, Per UK charts rules only 5 tracks are allowed to release. The first two tracks were counted as two tracks. Despite being released before the Album announcement, then three back to back tracks. If they release anymore music, per the OCC rules. Confetti is disqualified from charting.. UK rules on streaming are super strict. This is all due to a public backlash on how all the tracks from Divide by Ed Sheeran charted in The singles chart despite not being released as official singles or Promo tracks. The ones who cried foul are the ones that came from the pure sales era.
  7. I think this album has no collaborations. It's just the girls. I'm Still shocked they haven't shared the tracklisting yet.
  8. You obviously don't know America, All the holiday's financially blend together so everybody makes money, plus Hallmark Channel STARTED their Three months of Christmas today.
  9. 22 years after it's release, The 1997 Track "Stop" has gone Platinum in the UK. Thus making The British Fab Five, The only girl group to have 9 Platinum Singles in the UK. The track is also very legendary as it debuted and peaked at #2, Jason Nevins vs. run DMC was the #1 single in the UK. Though it's only claim to fame now in the public and British Music critics eyes is that it did what was shocking and unthinkable, stopped the Spice girls from getting a #1 single. Cos it seemed to everybody in the UK. It was normal for the Spice girls to just go at #1. When this happened it wasn't controversial, but it was shocking none the less to the UK public and critics that it actually happened. A track was more popular than the SPICE girls, ironically it's not as popular as is actually much loathed by everybody in the UK now. Also all the Singles from Spice and Spiceworld are all UK Platinum. For a girl group that's a huge thing, as it hasn't happened since this group.. However Holler/Let love lead the way which was a #1 hit in the UK and headlines have yet to see platinum status, But congrats to UK's Most popular girl group and only Group to demand Iconic status, since without the girls of SPICE, Girl group's wouldn't have happened in the UK at All.
  10. Because I didn't attack anybody in this forum at all. I attacked all his LGBT supporters in and outside this forum. I grouped them all, I played fair. Plus it's Jordans forum. It's his rules in what can and can't be allowed.
  11. Madonna as announced dropped the remixes to Her club Hit "Erotica". Most of the remixes are of a hip hop/ New Jack Swing. Only The William Orbit remix is the closest to an electronic remix , even before Ray of light, he did some remixes. His remix uses the Book's Version of Erotica titled Erotic, that touches more on BDSM than the released version and is seem by critics and fans as much more explicit in the sexual Nature as she's detailing acts she's going to submit her man to from Candle Wax, a cage, tying him up to the point he has rope burn. It's way more explicit, hint why it was only sold in the book, and because of the time of it's release, the CD was packaged like an oversized ***** to promote the only way to have fun In bed at the time, as it was seen as a kiss of death to be unprotected at that time in the 90s. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller The Book version of Erotica which is the lyrics used in the William Orbit Remix.
  12. And yet that's considered locker room talk and is allowed. Let's not forget he made fun of mentally disabled and handicapped people, also said he can shoot an entire block of people and get away with Murder. Hello.
  13. I already voted earlier this month Go Joe, the fact that already 5 Million already early voted, is a big indicator that nobody is messing around. For all those LGBT Trump supporters. Hand over your membership card, you are not only denied to be gay or lesbian, or bi, but also undatable and unfunkable. Besides when the gays find out their grinder hookup was a maga supporter, they are usually disgusted and disappointed in themselves. Seriously, he said he's the least racist person, he's being dragged by black twitter for that lie.. Plus, The Democrats promises lower taxes for us poor people, but charge the hell out of the rich. What's not to like about millionaire's and billionaires being charged 88 to 98% of their annual income, we would only get 10% charged.
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