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  1. Growing up during the BAD era, he was bigger than anybody. For a black man to actually achieve what Elvis and the Beatles had. There's this image of him standing on a car and it's blocked all around him. He has a patented dance move.
  2. She did better than 500K. She's platinum next week and a second week at #1. She's still #1 on iTunes.
  3. With over 322 Million views, Madonna's classic hit La Isla Bonita, managed to dethrone Bish I'm Madonna as her most viewed on YouTube. Reason why. She still has a massive fan base in Latin America, and according to a Madonna fan site. YouTube is bigger than Spotify or audio streaming services in Latin America. And that's where her cover of Faz Gostoso was hugely successful especially in Brazil where it's Gold. Hung up every day is approaching to 300 million views as well. We love a queen who has an immortal career. She did say in 2009. "That even when she dies, her music will live on forever, and in some aspects she's immortal cos even when she's not on the living planet, she's still alive through her music, and Art never dies."
  4. With Folklore, Becoming Taylor's consecutive 7th #1 album. Taylor Swift is in third place among female artists with the most #1 albums on the Billboard 200. The top four are Barbara Streisand 11 Madonna 9 Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift 7 Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga 6 each. Mariah's last #1 album was in 2008 Britney's last number one in the US was 2011. I'm sure Taylor Swift will be #1 before anybody else gets to the top.
  5. Kylie Minogue has been part of the music industry in the UK since 1987, she was always going to be preferred over Britney Spears in the British music industry that's a fact. This is one market Britney had a hard time to win. It shows that.
  6. It just proves what I've known all along. The UK had Kylie, no need for Britney in that market.
  7. The UK official charts unveiled the female solo acts with the most #1 albums.. #1 Madonna with 13 #1 albums #2 Kylie Minogue with 7 #3 Barbara Streisand with 6 Those are the top three.. Kylie can get an 8th if Disco debuts at #1. Notable female acts with No #1 albums in the UK. Britney Spears. Couple of album's peaked at #2. But no #1 album in the UK market. Female acts that only achieved one number one album in that market. Mariah Carey with 1993's Music Box, still her most successful album in the British music market. Janet Jackson with 1993's Janet,. The Only era where she was as big as her brother in that market, though the UK stillprefers Michael over Janet any day.
  8. How was I supposed to know it was Made to shade her. They have several accounts that look familiar. There's 18 vmas account that look like the official one. Do you know that Twitter let's these accounts get away with this.
  9. Major labels pay for studio time, all the music videos costs. As in the contracts. The labels take whatever is owed to then, before you see a penny. Hence, why artists tour, that's there money to keep. But that revenue is dead. Not everybody can own their master's like Melanie C, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and a few others. That get every penny back.. Not everybody writes, etc. His comments are gone deaf especially since miss Rona killed literally all of Hollywood
  10. I think she's a dark person in general, I've never truly seen her happy. Plus this current generation isn't really happy at all. Ur the only one that is. The rest is just like her.
  11. In 2003, Kylie Minogue released Body Language, An American R&B and hip hop album, This podcast duscuss outside the singles it failed to connect to Her European audience, to follow up the electro disco ball of Fever, It wasn't the follow up they wanted. They blame the American record label for shoving this idea down her throat..
  12. It's the Billie, Taylor Swift and Gaga show.
  13. Ariana and Lady Gaga lead with 9. Taylor got zero
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