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  1. Talking about scrapped videos, we need a remade video for Britney’s Outrageous & Gaga’s DWUW with xtina.
  2. I really wanna see The real slim shady and stupid girl in the same video. It’s gonna be funny and savage at the same time. They collaborated multiple times but never released a single or music video together. I wonder why??????
  3. My kind reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s baby don’t lie for some reasons, maybe it’s the island vibe, but my kind is more catchy imo
  4. It’s very sweet of UK but why US not even helping them? US has larger land tho
  5. I’m still using iPhone 6S plus. So far so good and I can’t complain
  6. No comment, no judgement and this is the beauty of the world, so.... yeah
  7. Wish there are more Mid/up-tempos on the album I don’t care what people say about when love hurts, u can’t deny it’s a bop❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. Call me old school, but I will DIE for “Into the Groove“. Especially the jumping rope tour edition
  9. I love Nicki’s verse on this one. She sounds like she is being demon possessed at the end.
  10. It still bugs me that the label canceled the single treatment for Sober!!! Imo, sober is outshined all her singles from rare era. The song didn’t get enough credits. # JUSTICE FOR SOBER!
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