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  1. I felt for Paris many times watching the documentary but the amount of time she spent talking about working and needing a holiday irritated me a bit. It’s her choice to work as much as she does. She doesn’t need to, she could easily take a break. She wants to be a billionaire... why? She even said in the documentary that she doesn’t wear and use most of her materialistic stuff.
  2. Is this still available in any country’s iTunes Store??
  3. He wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Britney. End of story.
  4. I’m excited. She always makes her best albums right after leaving the Spice Girls. After the Spice Girls initial run, she released Norther Star, then after the Return Of The Spice Girls she released The Sea (that whole album is underrated), now this and That’s Who I Am are bops.... Bring on the album!
  5. Roxxy... you living legend. Thank you
  6. It really has coz I had no idea where some of them came from and they’re the most iconic gifs. I was trying to include a Wendy gif with my post but couldn’t add one. Us newbies... SMH
  7. Ooh... I actually thought this was a mock of Wendy Williams.
  8. Breathe On Me vs I Will Be There
  9. I feel like this isn’t 100% on topic, but it really irritates me how she says “hyp-MA-tised” on (Drop Dead) Beautiful at 1.15
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