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Everything posted by Towelney

  1. My first was celeb crush was Taylor Lautner. The others were Justin Bieber, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and Theo James.
  2. My favorites are the pastel one and the black and white one with the B.
  3. Wait why am I tagged? And does exhale need a detective show, too?
  4. EDIT: I’m back! 01 My Prerogative 02 Toxic 03 Slave 4 U 04 Oops 05 Til The World Ends
  5. I voted for you only because of our brief history
  6. 1. I would never do such a thing 2. How’d you get that pic? Are you stalking me?
  7. Many things 1. Reignited the #FreeBritney Movement 2. Fight for Justice + are the most accepting gen 3. Take home 5 Grammy Awards 4. Create awareness for climate change And we’re doing it flawlessly 💅💅
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