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Everything posted by CrazyButItFeelsAllright

  1. But in all seriousness I’m shook this wasn’t first
  2. I feel like we have this topic every week but with the release of the Pride remix I’ll allow it since others use this as a Remix then I guess I will too
  3. No it’s the fact you’ve only bought one of her physical albums
  4. Wouldn’t be your first or last controversial opinion imagine saying this in a world where The Fame (Monster) exist? Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, LoveGame, Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone, Monster>musical fader song
  5. Your own people banned it there goes your Tik Tok unless you don’t live in India, but I’m sure I saw on a comment somewhere you said you do, but if you don’t then your Tik Tok survives (for now)
  6. I agree and I love it. What You Need is a BOP. Case closed. Close the thread
  7. I don’t know you all that well but THIS is not what I was expecting
  8. I love my Apple products, but this is getting ridiculous. AND after a pandemic that will collapse the economy no doubt
  9. Cause on the 31st day we rest and we listen to our 30 song playlist
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