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  1. Because I said you think you’re Ariana? snap out of it! you know how I am already
  2. I also didn’t like it and it took everything in me not to say anything because you believe you’re Ariana Grande and didn’t want to offend you
  3. Depends on what types of conservatives you’re talking about. My dad is conservative, but labels himself as a Christian. He isn’t a fan of the Catholic religion nor the pope so he would use this as another excuse to say why the Catholic religion is flawed. I don’t get into it with him about it because although I was baptized Catholic, I don’t identify as a Catholic. I have told him before that I don’t like how fixated both him and his church are on homosexuality. I’m like out of all the other sins out there, gay people really live in your head rent free 24/7
  4. Great...more nails on chalkboard singin’, mullet wearin’ videos in our future
  5. This day in pop I spent $30 on this album opening day when accounting for inflation oh the good Ol days running to FYE with your saved cash to buy an album on opening day and then forcing your parents to play it as soon as you get in the car
  6. Say it out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound like a big man laughing HUHUHUHU or like someone out of breath
  7. Everytime I read hu hu hu I imagine a big burly man like Santa Claus pulling a spleen laughing at a joke
  8. And I know it took everything in you not to type “face down *** up” I see you @Jordan Miller
  9. It depends on the situation like where I’m at, who I’m with, the occasion At a bar I’ll drink tequila shots, beer, vodka redbulls, vodka soda, jamo shots, Jameson & ginger ale, but at the end of the day I don’t discriminate if I’m feeling it At home I’ll drink almost exclusively beer, but will also drink white claws/trulys/micheladas, whiskey on the rocks At parties/weddings I’ll drink mostly anything and always drink more than I tell myself I will Beer- summer (Negra modelo, blue moon, Leinenkugel summer shandy, mango cart, Sculpins, etc and for winter or other seasons I like stouts, porters, in addition to other drinks mentioned Wine - mostly reds and don’t like anything too dry, but won’t discriminate at a winery and for brunch mimosas, Moscow mules, sangria, Bloody Mary @blackoutbixxh we will be alcoholics together
  10. Toxic, My Prerogative, Womanizer, Do Somethin’, Dirrty, Love Don’t Cost a Thing
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