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  1. That’s a very brave assumption coming from you. I’m always ready to start a fight and argue? Maybe with all the people you mentioned that you sympathize with oh so much. It’s not by accident that the people that constantly have **** to say about me and other mods are the ones that constantly gang up against mods and constantly bring up the same ****. Yes, it’s starting to become Exhell again because of users like you and your posse you’re sympathizing with here. Funny that no one seems to remember I wasn’t always a mod and I used to constantly defend the mods from being attacked relentlessly by the same users you keep mentioning and sympathizing with. Back when I was the same I would also get **** thrown at me for standing up for them. I’m sorry for not letting anyone talk **** about me or my peers. Jordan has said himself in PUBLIC threads that we don’t need to bite our tongues and that we shouldn’t have to put up with **** because we are mods. There is a very clear consensus WE ALL AGREE ON that if you can’t learn to follow the rules and stop clearly trying to start **** with us then this isn’t the place for you. Yes it’s Exhell because of users like you. Sorry, not sorry
  2. Yeah I’m just not going to address them any longer. Clearly only wants to gaslight
  3. Yeah I think it just depends on where you’re from. I used to say African American because I thought that was the politically correct term until one of my black friends said that they hate how people use the word black like if it’s a bad word and that not every black person is American. Idk if that makes sense, but yeah I’m definitely learning every day
  4. You’re as much part of this forum but what do you contribute exactly? Besides being constantly bitter and playing the scorned victim I haven’t seen any productive contributions to this forum from you Rally up your fellow stone throwers because that’s what makes you feel empowered. At the end of the day I sleep soundly at night even if poor karmickiss hates us mods
  5. As a Latino, I’ve honestly never seen it as derogatory when people of color use it to identify with other minorities. Just like we use white or black, but yeah it wasn’t coming from a place of hatred. I respect you for your mature response. Thank you and I also understand your perspective
  6. Not a power trip at all but keep reaching. We’ve all had discussions about how to make this place run smoothly and it’s always the bad apples that keep trying to instigate problems. Jordan has clearly stated many times that he doesn’t want this place to be toxic, yet the same people keep disrespecting those rules and then form vendettas against the mods for enforcing the rules Jordan wants us to enforce. There are people who WILL NEVER CHANGE and they can’t be let to continue being disrespectful. You have no clue about the history behind what happened today so please don’t act like you do. If you feel so scorned it must be because you don’t agree with the rules and/or feel like you and others are being censored for constantly breaking the rules. I get nasty with these same people because they’ve constantly ignored the rules and have demonstrated countless times that they have no plans to ever change or follow the rules. Please spare me the public stoning and channel that energy into being more productive
  7. No cause you were purposefully trying to get under my skin @Blackout2006 used to do that too and it would get on my nerves, but Xtina2006 has stopped getting on my last nerve
  8. Just like black and white isn’t the same. Y’all are trying to make this a bigger issue than it really is. Just because you all see brown as not fitting for middle eastern people yet see it appropriate for labeling Desi and Latinos is the real issue here. maybe read this paper by an Iranian individual titled “Checking White: Feeling Brown: Iranian-American Racial Amguity In Relation to Whiteness and Blackness” and tell me why it really makes you uncomfortable? Is it because being labeled brown is inferior to being labeled white? I doubt some of the people here getting offended would’ve been offended if I had labeled Sam white. I’m not trying to argue here but it’s very evident it’s let’s gang up on the mod to prove a point day. I just brought up the fact that it’s curious that her only minority boyfriend and the one she seems the happiest with is the target when she’s dated much worse men in the past
  9. A little tweaking here and there but I’m shocked at your somewhat decent taste Solange
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