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  1. So you mean to tell me this fan base says Blackout is Britney’s best album but y’all voting for Rated R hence Rated R is better than Britney’s discography?
  2. No they’re tasteful but even tasteful people make mistakes like Miss Hannah Montana. Still love them though so no cancellations for them
  3. Cause they are. Of course there are some that are ethnically more Asian, but for the most part it just happens to be a country in Asia. Same as Tunisia being in Africa, but ethnically their genetic makeup is more European. My point is while I wouldn’t scold a Japanese person for saying the word discussed here, I would scold an Indian for saying it.
  4. He is Indian and while geographically India is in Asia, Indians and say Japanese people are not ethnically the same
  5. I think none Asians made it a slur and please give a disclaimer you’re Asian before you’re attacked
  6. But she’s educated on a lot of other matters. I think she knew of the racial connotation, but I believe she just didn’t think people would call her out on it for not using it “offensively.” For a public figure like that to not know is not that believable. However, if she apologizes and doesn’t repeat the behavior again then I think we should forgive and be thankful she’s educating herself on why it’s wrong
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