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  1. I don't think pure "folk" is a good fit for B's voice - maybe something with some folk-infused type elements could work (if done right). Not all genres work with singers voices. Glory hands down was legit good - really sad it didn't get the credit it deserved. I personally would love to hear from her less songs about ***/guys and hear an album that is true to her genre, but with more introspective elements. I think she is a great songwriter so would be cool to have an album that was more of her story from her perspective. my two cents 🤓
  2. I used to work out for superficial reasons - I was kinda skinny and wanted to be more of a "jock" type look. Over time, however, after some good humbling moments about what matters in life, I realized some of the substantive things I was gaining that were not superficial: a) pushing my mind/body at the same time; b) taking 60 minutes of my day and disconnecting from the stresses of life; c) putting effort in something that brings me joy. These are all elements that I deploy outside the gym or running that have served me well in other areas of life (i.e., better able to push myself when things get tough, the importance of disconnecting to recharge, having passions- YOLO). So now I work out because of the enjoyment I get out of it and less about the superficial elements. If anyone is trying to find a way to enjoy working out I say this: find a physical activity that you like (might take trial and error) - it doesn't have to be the traditional stuff; it's going to suck at first but once you get going legit there is no stopping you; remember that we were all beginners at first, don't let fear/judgement stop you. =D Cheers!
  3. I was really worried this was going to be a complete snoozefest of an album, but this is good! Easy on the ears, refreshing, and enjoyable listen end to end. Really digging "August", "Mad Woman", "this is me trying", but really most of the songs are pretty good. The overall album kind of reminds me a bit of Mandy Moore's "Wild Hope."
  4. I am totally here for this. Love Kygo, and I LOVE when artists of our generation refresh a throwback like "What's Love Got To Do WIth It"! This won't compare to the original (duh), but I absolutely love it for what it is!
  5. I think you can make connections where ever - regardless of what the app is for. Much like more organic connections (offline), you have to use your intuition and filters to make solid, meaningful connections. All about the mindset, staying true to your values, and listening to yourself. =D
  6. Hopefully this shapes up to be a good album. I've liked all her albums for what they were (#justiceforwitness). I do wish though her album image was less clown like/ ridiculous - I get that's her personality, but yikes. Prism was tastefully done, let's go back to that!
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