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  1. Lights Up and Hooonneyy IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'd walk through fire for you just let me Adore You should've been number 1! falling should've got like nice 35. #SHEfornextsingle #GiveUsADeluxeAlreadyOKYouSaidYouHaveBetterVocalsNowIWait
  2. Lazy?! Just look at everything she did pre cship. when you say "she's lazy on ff and bj" you forget that their original concept (that BRITNEY wanted) were scrapped. just look at her between the announcement of glory till the all scrapped concept thing; she dont want to be the cash cow. its like taking a dog out for a walk but he dont want to (just remember that "Britney" has 5 mv. ITZ was suppose to have 5 or even 6 mv but...
  3. Congratulation @Jordan Miller Your upload of LOVE 2 LOVE U reached 1 million views today. One of the most viewed Britney Unreleased Song on YouTube
  4. well... this song was the THEME Song of "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic" so I think she will want to do it.
  5. Imagine her reaction to all of britneys albums... like she already did glory so she has 7 more to go
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