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Everything posted by Louis_j

  1. No because it never happened. I mean, K-Fat, Shrek, Scum, the Afghanistan paparazzi...
  2. Honestly her best music is from the past so I wouldn't mind especially from 2005-2007 which was her artistic peak to me.
  3. It will be my first destination the day I'll come to LA
  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION REMAINS... When will I have u ? At least some *****
  5. She would have won in 2004 and 2009 if she was present at the ceremony or if she had performed.
  6. Filming Passenger's music video I see
  7. The song is good, the production could be better honestly and the vocal production is a mess, just like on the rest of the album. I do like Britney's vocals on the verses as they are in the acoustic remix and they would be even better if produced correctly. I will just never understand what happened to the rest of the vocals of Britney...
  8. A "no" becomes "though", "my" becomes "you"re". That's the only different words. So two words are enough ? They really pulled a Thiefoncé with those writing credits. (And some words are deleted like the word "that" and "I", "It's beautiful, beautiful, being with you, being with you".)
  9. I'm not judging but this is not dancing, stop calling that dancing. But go girl, express yourself, it's not like she has other things to do.
  10. Of course she feel lost, since everything is monitored for her. And add over-medication on top of that. She must feel so empty. No wonder why she lost all self-esteem. Poor Britney.
  11. Jesus they were ******* hot together and Scam looked better.
  12. I can give him head if he wants
  13. @YannFrance I swear to God this user needs to be banned asap !!!!!!!!!!! @Jordan Miller
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