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  1. Well I have a 9” ***** but I have to say I don’t really get why guys are so mesmerized by it because I personally prefer average ones 🤷‍♂️
  2. This is so similar to a previous post. This dislike is not personal i.e. its not about Beyonce the person, woman, mother, black woman etc. We simply think as an artist, she is totally overrated. She is treated like some kind of God like figure in the music industry but her streams and sales show that her music is not that popular. We also don't believe she is an exceptional songwriter or lyricist, we pretty much know she gets a lot of help from songwriters and producers unlike say Taylor Swift or GaGa or Adele. Beyonce is an exceptional performer, an incredibly attractive woman, appears to be a very nice person and a very savvy businessperson but she isn't the next coming of God or the best pop star current or that ever lived. I think the reason why you get the impression that people don't like her, is more that we don't like how the media portrays her as the biggest pop-star that ever lived because it simply is not true. The days of Michael Jackson-level fame in the music industry are over. Streaming has changed this forever. I don't believe we will ever have huge stars like this again because streams democratises the music industry and thats good for getting quality music but I will agree its not as fun as the old days. On a person note, I personally find it super annoying how Beyonce tried to create this kind of exclusive access to her music by using only Tidal (which no one uses) and she made it impossible to access recordings of her live performances (which are amazing) and kind of tried to lock everything down so that you have to use Tidal. I think this hurt her in a big way. Look at Gaga, she posts every performance she can on youtube. In fact her entire albums are posted on youtube, free for all to listen too. This is because she wants ALL people regardless of how wealthy they are to access her artistry.
  3. Tom Hardy has a tiny ***** and I can never get over this. There I said it and I am not ashamed.
  4. I personally found it cringy that she made the jokes part of the apology speech. I don’t think it worked. I would have been more convinced if she went full Oprah finale speech vibes and was just really sincere. Sat down and spoke directly to the camera and said look, these things really did happen but I am going to try and make them never happen again. Instead she kind skimmed over the issue and make fun of the whole situation.
  5. What’s with these super short men that they cast as bond? It’s about time they cast a real man at least 6ft2 or above! I am not feeling at all protected by a 175cm man sorry. Henry Cavil or Robert Patterson or Edris Elba please. Goodness. Hardy is tiny!
  6. Congrats to Harry. I love a big cut D, but not too big. For me nothing floats my boat more than around 8 inches medium thickness. Longer than 8 inches is a lot of work.
  7. I 99% guarantee they will come back with a new deal on Netflix. Netflix has already licensed the older episodes and is moving more aggressively into the reality genre. i can almost guarantee they will announce a new show “The Kardashians” on Netflix after the details of a huge deal leaks.
  8. I couldn’t agree more. She is made out to be this TITAN of the music industry. A global super star comparable to Michael Jackson. The reality is, she doesn’t come close to him. She is a talented performer and singer no debate. She certainly is not a one of a kind though. One could even argue her sister is of higher calibre. Her music is very niche and alt.
  9. I am growing tired of so called media organisations promoting click bait. Why do certain individuals constantly seek validation in any shape or form even if it’s based on thin air or rooted in a need to knock an artist to their knees? Chromatica has been praised by critics almost universally. Who are you? What qualifies you to become a critic? Why does Jordan decide to make BH a platform for haters. Don’t we have twitter for this? Why can any Tom **** or Harry review big album releases. Simples: clicks, engagement and money - the dollars are rolling in for this post as you read this. Really a sad time for pop journalism
  10. Nicki hasn’t had a hit in years. She will basically do anything for a hit at this point. Gurls gotta eat.
  11. Couldn’t agree more. If you have millions of views on YouTube you have to sober up and realise lots of black people from OUTSIDE of north Bronx are not going to be cool with a guy who is NOT African American using the n word. Period. Finished. Season finale. Thanks bishes.
  12. What did he expect would happen if he promoted his new album unshaven, his hair unbrushed wearing board shorts on Ellen? He might not care about his appearance but we do. This is pop music!! And he thinks appearance doesn’t matter? Also if he wants to do R&B that is his choice. As long as he understands R&B doesn’t sell out stadiums.
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