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  1. WARNING: theory ahead... We know the “paralegal” voicemail said that Britney stopped taking her medication, or the medication stopped working. However, we don’t know exactly WHAT medication they were referring to - needless to say, Britney getting pregnant prior to a multi-million dollar residency would certainly be a problem (and possibly even grounds for a lawsuit, if they had to break contract and cancel shows due to a pregnancy). What if Britney’s absence for those few months were because of such an issue? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Read this quote from https://www.scscourt.org/self_help/probate/conservatorship/conservatorship_limited.shtml#social : “Can I have the conservatee sterilized if the court gives me medical powers? No. You must have a special hearing and a doctor must show evidence that sterilization is the least restrictive medical procedure available that will protect the DD person from becoming pregnant or causing a pregnancy.” There’s a reason Jamie wanted documents, specifically medical ones, permanently sealed. A simple bipolar diagnosis is nothing worth that much secrecy.
  2. I believe that once they’re 18, it’s gonna be really hard for them to keep up the charade. In fact, I think the reason all of this is happening now is so the conservatorship (specifically Jamie’s involvement) can be dissolved once they’ve turned 18.
  3. It was cancelled the day of, as there’s footage out there of a stand-in doing a run through and learning what the new run-of-show (or lack there of) was going to be. There were several dancers there (off to the sides as you can see in that photo above), lighting, lots more than what we were given. The Ellen Degeneres appearance was also supposed to be more than that awkward “announcement of an announcement” - not a performance or anything like that - but from what I understand, B didn’t do the full moment as planned (which you can tell from Ellen’s reaction). Whether she just got excited/anxious and forgot or went rogue, who knows. I would love to believe the latter but it was most likely the former.
  4. You are more than entitled to your wrong opinion.
  5. Everybody in this thread is making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, and making statements about a woman’s body and questioning her choices. This is gross, insensitive, and proves that we are part of the problem.
  6. Coincidence? I think not...lol. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1286469/Britney-Spears-dolls-Toy-Story-3-premiere-looking-pretty-pink.html
  7. Look. What she said was not cool. With that being said...we all watched Framing Britney Spears. We have to look at the big picture and see that, for the world, it was the “cool thing” to do, **** on Britney and ridicule her. That where the culture was at the time. While we can/should hold individuals accountable, we need to be realistic and keep in mind that they are cogs in a wheel. This is a much bigger issue than one person making terrible jokes. It’s just like #MeToo with Weinstein. Yeah, he needs to serve serious time for what he did - but we also need to hold the entire industry accountable, because THEY ALL allowed it to go on for years. Think of how many people came forward and confessed after the fact, “Oh yeah, everyone knew the stories about him, we just never did anything about it”. So many are complicit. Including, sometimes, some of us on this board. Both in 2007 and as recent as 2018. It doesn’t just fall on Weinstein and it doesn’t just fall on one female comedian at an awards show. It’s much bigger than that. Understanding this and approaching it from this angle is what is going to change the narrative and not allow this to happen to another young girl in the public eye. Harassing a comedian who doesn’t even do that kind of comedy anymore isn’t going to make a lasting impact.
  8. ...along the lines of Prince’s Emancipation album. It dawned on me from seeing an ad for this album’s vinyl release. Title - Referencing Prince’s release from his contract with Warner Bros (who he hated working for). Would be bad *** if she would reference freedom in some capacity. Content - Very personal, but intentionally because he had more creative control. (We heard this re: how Brit WORKED ON Glory, but she ultimately didn’t have any say in singles, track list, visuals, etc.) Also, Prince could finally record covers of other artists, as WB wouldn’t let him, so he put FOUR covers on the album. We love when Britney covers other artists, and I think she would love to do it again too. Oh, and it’s also three discs running three hours total. Obviously, I doubt that could ever happen with RCA/Britney’s case, but clearly we can get a double album or at least more than 10/12 songs on a standard edition. Make the deluxe version with a whole extra disc (live mixes, bonus tracks, remixes, etc). I just hate how her releases have been handled (which has to be more of a team issue than a label issue) when we could get not only better content, but more, like this. What do you think?
  9. Obviously Inside Out should have been the 5th single. In terms of a sixth, it’s kind of hard...you have to look at that album as a whole and consider that all of those songs would be permanently fixed to her greatest hits/single mixes, and it has to cohesively go with the album and other released singles. While all of the songs are bops, if they released something that was too similar to the previous singles, it would risk being ignored by radio and the GP. I think the best options to close up the album cycle would be Scary (which ideally would require earlier singles to be put out sooner, so a Scary visual could be released around Halloween instead of Criminal) and Big Fat Bass (which, while we’re all tired of it, would be a good closer to the era). I wish DDB didn’t have the Sabi feature, as they would be fun too.
  10. There were photos of her and Bryan backstage at POM when he became a manager of some sort, not a conservator though. My conspiracy theory is, Jamie in fact DID have a major health crisis (possible colon rupture), but it was during this time (2015/2016) and not in the months leading up to Domination. The team just used the story later as an out.
  11. Imagine bashing someone who asked the fan base of a pop star to stop bullying and being mean to said pop star. Sometimes I ******* hate it here.
  12. Long story short: everyone around Britney ****ed up her finances and stole from her, but at the end of the day, she’s the one paying for it via personal and professional conservatorship to save everyone’s *****. You think she (ALLEGEDLY, from what was put out there shortly after the fact) went broke going to gas stations and Starbucks? Hell no. It was just the first time she had direct access to her money. The claims that she was “going broke” during 2007-08 are from everyone around her not taking care of things, which is why she was pushed out in the spotlight so quickly and why she was “technically forced” to keep working from 2009-18 (wether that be touring, TV, music, photo shoots, etc). She had to go out and save everyone’s ***** from ruining everything she worked for - which they ended up doing anyways.
  13. Agreed. And, according to Perez Hilton at the time, she was off all her medication in 2015/2016....
  14. You mean...like how she references BOMT lyrics in Stronger?
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