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  1. Where do you see the Domination outfit? I don’t see it anywhere in the video.
  2. I’m sick of people saying that there were no pre-recorded vocals. Over half the show had prerecorded vocals from 2013-2016! Watch the videos, listen to the soundboard.
  3. The thing that blows my mind about the medical/legal legitimacy of the conservatorship is - dementia isn’t a disease. It’s a SYMPTOM of a disease. So it would be their responsibility to find what that may (or may not) be, and I would argue that they would need to disclose that in order the gain the conservatorship in the first place. But they just said she “has dementia“ and went on their way to the bank.
  4. I don’t have a problem with her nose, especially since it’s built on top of her nose, not a traditional nose job. Hers is more injectables and filler than it is an actual surgical procedure.
  5. Both David and Charlie were ex-communicated from what I understand. Which makes sense - David is relatively normal and Charlie is a well-balanced guy, so they’re not as normalized to things like Britney’s conservatorship. I’m sure David ruffled some feathers over at Team B, and industry friends of mine in LA alluded to Charlie wanting to produce a documentary with/about Britney and expose some of what has recently hit the headlines. And just like that - he’s out of the picture.
  6. LOL at those who think this will fund her team - streaming music is not like buying from an Etsy shop. Streaming doesn’t go straight from your Apple Wallet to Lou Taylor. There are producers, writers, the record label itself - a lot goes into sales and if you have read anything on why artists aren’t particularly fond of the way streaming platforms work, it’s because of the way payment is split.
  7. I like this idea, and honestly, they only completed enough content for an EP. The rest may as well be demos/unfinished (like Telephone). My track list would go as follows, with most songs being reworked/remixed. 01. Work ***** 02. Passenger 03. Hold On Tight 04. It Should Be Easy 05. Alien 06. Til It’s Gone 07. Don’t Cry Singles (in order of release): Til It’s Gone, Hold On Tight, Passenger, Work ***** Til It’s Gone could have been played up due to her split from Trawick (especially if the rollout started earlier). I would make the first half of the year focus on the EP, second half hyping the Vegas residency. Give HOT and Passenger standard single treatment (cool visuals and either live or recorded performances with acoustic mixes) - and announce ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ at the end of the Work ***** video (or following a live performance on “live” television). Oh, and 86 the “most personal album” ****. Just make the work speak for itself.
  8. Lighting (both strives and overhead spotlight) point to her being exactly where she needed to be. The dancers would have had to reposition and would be visibly surprised if she just showed up doing the break unprompted.
  9. Thank you! Yes, it’s real - slated for a summer release. My theory* (not confirmed) is that the different series of videos that the Prerogative director mentioned were related to each flanker of MP, and was scrapped. Could be totally wrong on this hunch, though.
  10. Perez Hilton said around 2015/2016 that she was off all meds, then we saw her behavior change around 2017, 2018 allegedly was when her meds stopped working, and here we are. She just needs to find the right dosage and work on it with her doctor. Oh, wait. She can’t do that.
  11. Not a fan of KP, but the Never Worn White single is great - that is what Perfume should have been like.
  12. The remixes are fine, and it’s nice to have all the bonus tracks together. Yes, all of these have been released previously in one form or another (mostly limited edition singles/box sets/releases) - but that’s exactly what Record Store Day releases are. Collector’s items. This isn’t Britney’s label/team being lazy, I’m happy that they’re actually participating in it. To regular fans (not die hards like most of us here), most of these tracks may be new material to them. I’m not mad at this release.
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