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  1. I actually think this is his most boring album, just my opinion though!
  2. So many great childhood memories while listening to Fey. She is an incredible artist!
  3. I actually believe she has more great songs than bad ones. Her good songs definitely outweigh the bad ones, but that’s just me.🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. I am so happy she is not caring about charting, she is one hell of a pop star!
  5. This is quiet a stretch, The Pink Print was a phenomenal album, with bars to match any male counterparts in the rap game. Queen is also a great album she just decided to put every single song that she recorded during that era in the album. Nicki Minaj is a beast and always will be.
  6. There’s plenty of peoples who deserve monuments who were also on the right side of history. Yes, even if you found the cure for cancer, but also tormented black lives during slavery, that last bit, outweighs the discovery point, blank, periodttttt.
  7. She needs to make a whole dance record, her voice sounds incredible against dance beats, but I’ll take Prism and TD, they were both excellent albums!
  8. Do you share your Insta Jayjukebox?

    1. Jayjukebox

      Yes it is jayjukebox 🌈

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