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  1. Countries around the world can and should learn some critical lessons from Israel regarding productive distribution of the vaccine. Case in point: https://www.dailywire.com/news/new-york-states-guidelines-forced-vaccines-to-be-thrown-in-trash?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro&fbclid=IwAR0n1TZaXy3qnocxV6MwBUxUCkMrfJ5TdntzyJ868ka7C_sK2ucyOelVRjw Due to countless regulations and rules dictated by the CDC and various local authorities in America, vaccine distributors are forced into being illogicly cautious regarding who they vaccinate, because they risk fines and severe penalties if they dont follow guidelines on who may or may not be vaccinated on the basis of age/group/employement. The result is a ridiculously slow and cautious process wherein countless perfectly good doses are thrown out at the end of the day instead of being used on participants who may not fit the current guidelines. Israel has taken an entirely different approach. We have not lost sight of the main goal- which is simply to get everyone vaccinated. First, health personnel were vaccinated in just a number of days. Since then, anyone 60 and older was given the opportunity to schedule vaccination and about 80% of those 60 and older at this point have already gotten the first dose! HOWEVER, if there are extra doses at the end of the day that have not been used, and there almost always are, vaccine distributors give them away freely to anyone interested instead of throwing them out, which has resulted in plenty of people under 60 getting them as well. Israel has no penalties and such for the "grave sin" of vaccinating people who dont fit into the guidelines, because thats simply counterproductive, as proven by whats going on in the US and many other countries. Every day, there are messages sent out on groups and whatsapps saying for example "today at the ____ vaccination center in ____(city), anyone interested in being vaccinated is free to come until ____(a certain hour)". So we use up every last dose at our disposal and dont waste a single dose, and that is why we will God willing be the first country in the world to emerge from the corona tunnel (assuming we keep up the same pace- hopefully by March/April). I sincerely hope other countries take note on the strategy Israel has been employing, because doing so can potentially save countless lives and allow people to return to living already!
  2. Those rumors have no basis in fact. I wont get into it but the information regarding this is readily available.
  3. SARS vaccine was already in development when it was relevant, it simply became irrelevant when SARS disappeared on its own so they didnt bother continuing produce and test it. I wrote in a previous response about mild pain/soreness around injection site, that was all. As far as Ive heard, nobody in Israel has experienced what can be considered "serious" side effects.
  4. This is an interesting point actually that could give a lot of you some hope! Initially when the vaccine was announced here a large portion of the population was incredibly wary and insisted they would not get the vaccine. Within days of the vaccine rollout and hundreds of thousands of people getting vaccinated, people changed their minds. I guess they saw everything is okay and they had more info so they felt better about it. Now nearly everyone is lining up to get the vaccine.
  5. Thank you, I am just spreading readily available information but glad I can be of help :-)
  6. 95% is officially considered immunity. It is unclear atm what the other 5% represents. It is your prerogative to keep wearing a mask. My take is that, assuming that mask wearing will be determined obsolete for vaccinated individuals, we should get back to normal asap. The corona virus is incredibly contagious. The chance of contracting it in normal circumstances is very high (comparatively). Vaccinated individuals become immune. Once that happens, we cannot continue to live life fearing and being debilitatingly cautious based on an incredibly small percentage. Just like we take a risk when flying, or we take a risk when driving of putting ourselves or perhaps others in danger (God forbid), or when doing literally anything in life, so too once a majority of the population is immune, the risk is so small that we cannot continue to debilitate ourselves. Every single thing in life carries a risk of some sort. Dont allow yourself to live life in constant fear of the increasingly unlikely. Youll regret it.
  7. 1. Regardless of the 99.97% recovery rate, the way it affects our bodies can be entirely unpredictable. Its likely linked to the strength of a persons immune system and comes down to simple genetics. Id also like my freedoms back and dont mind taking a vaccine if thats what it takes. 2. I said it might not protect me? Where did I say such a thing? 3. I trust this vaccine because, as I stated in a previous response, The year is 2020/2021. I believe scientists know enough and have learned enough from past mistakes (such as vaccines that proved to be harmful to recipients) to be able to say almost certainly that what the are providing is effective and not harmful. They have studied mRNA for decades and understand how it works. They didnt start from scratch, they based this vaccine off of existing vaccines. I have faith in the science and I have faith in God that all will be well and we wont be harmed :-) The "developed in 6 months" point is fairly misleading. The covid-19 vaccine is based off of existing vaccines for other corona viruses, such as SARS. They already had a base to start from, and most of the work was already done. Similar to how the flew shot is changed every year to varying degrees based on the emerging strain of virus. 4. I too am wary of corona related info, especially regarding death counts. It does seem the numbers have been inflated in many places, likely in an attempt to convince the populace to abide by government restrictions on the basis of the corona virus. Regardless, it is a real virus and its extremely contagious.
  8. See my response in the previous page: While I'm the first to be wary of fearmongering with regards to corona- continuing to wear masks after being vaccinated is actually a logical precaution atm, as I explain in that response. Given the fact that the vaccine is so new there are still some unknowns. Soon more info will be available regarding transmitability of corona after vaccination and we'll know if we can throw out the masks :-)
  9. Its really no different than any other vaccine. Most of us have been vaccinated dozens of times throughout our lives for countless diseases, starting when we are infants... It will, and very soon. Dont let the fearmongers convince you otherwise. There are a select group of people who benefit greatly from the current situation and would like to see it continue, at great personal cost to countless innocent individuals. Dont let them dictate the narrative.
  10. Once the vaccine is available to all, thats their problem 🤷‍♂️ you cant tell a person that theyre not allowed to get sick 😅 you can tell them theyre being foolish, but being foolish is their right 🤷‍♂️ The sole exception being individuals who are unable to get vaccinated for health reasons, however it is my understanding that they are very few in number and that there may be alternative vaccines available to them (?) Regardless, any large portion of a population being vaccinated is immensely effective at stopping the spread, allthemoreso if and when they determine that a vaccinated individual cannot transmit the disease.
  11. This is an important point- Theyre still checking to see if being immune from the virus thru vaccine also means you cannot transmit it. The explanation being as such: The virus originates in the nose, which is where it originally enters the body, and one of the sources from which it is spread (the other being the mouth). A body immunized thru the vaccine will not allow the virus to replicate once it enters the body, killing it on the spot. What is not known yet, is if a vaccinated person produces a high enough concentration of anti-bodies in the nose area to kill the virus right when it enters the nose, and before it enters any deeper in the body. I should note that they those who produced the vaccines are fairly certain that this is the case, but dont want to put anyone in danger without being sure. From what Ive read, they should have a definitive answer regarding this in the next month or two after the necessary research is conducted and the results released. If God willing they find that the body kills the virus while it is still in the nose before it even has a chance to multiply, then the conclusion is that a vaccinated person cannot transmit the virus and therefore has no more reason to wear a mask.
  12. 1. I got it in the evening but it literally had no effect on me. 2. After the 2nd dosage, we're given a document for such purposes. 3. I did not. The year is 2020/2021. I believe scientists know enough and have learned enough from past mistakes (such as vaccines that proved to be harmful to recipients) to be able to say almost certainly that what the are providing is effective and not harmful. They have studied mRNA for decades and understand how it works. They didnt start from scratch, they based this vaccine off of existing vaccines. I have faith in the science and I have faith in God that all will be well and we wont be harmed :-)
  13. Yup I can feel the internet molecules running through my veins as we speak, controlling what I think and say.
  14. I think thats because Russia's vaccine isnt considered real by most of the world 😅 They rolled it out months ago without any clinical trials 😅
  15. 3-4 weeks apart. Although some of the vaccines being introduced have an 80+ percent effectivity rate after the first dose, theyre still going with two doses just to be extra safe.
  16. It was exciting. I didnt realize how tiny the dosage was until I saw it with my own eyes. Something so small doing something so big.
  17. Yup, I climbed onto the roof today without help from a ladder. Its really cool.
  18. Just like a flu shot for me. Some mild pain/soreness in the arm where I got the shot which lasted about a day or two but thats all :-) Absolutely no other side effects.
  19. There is not enough data yet to demonstrate how long the vaccine is effective. It could be a few months, a year, or even 10 years. But we simply wont know for a while.
  20. Israel is doing a remarkable job at distributing the covid-19 vaccine. We are #1 in the world atm in terms of number of people vaccinated per 100 people: Bahrain, which for some reason is not included in that graph, is #2 with about 4 out of every 100 people having recieved the vaccine. The first dose is only fourty something % effective, I'm scheduled for my second dose in two weeks which is supposed to bring immunity up to 95%. Hopefully we manage to keep this pace up and the rest of the world catches up quickly! We're almost out of the tunnel! Feel free to ask me any questions :-)
  21. Was gonna ask you the same thing! Next time carry pepper spray so that you can defend yourself sweetie!
  22. In conclusion, I think this thread did a pretty good job on its own exhibiting a lot of the points I made in my OP. Mods being flat out rude to users, and abusing their power. Mods supposedly wanting to help and making a bunch of points supposedly rebutting the claims Ive made, and then disappearing from the discussion altogether when I rebut their rebuttals. Like Jordan, when you claimed I couldve just DMd you guys? Ill say this one last time- I DID, several days ago. None of you bothered to respond. You claim this is the most positive Exhale has ever been? Since joining in March, right now is the closest to Exhell Ive ever seen this place. Rife with corruption, obnoxious users ganging up on others, etc. A good time to check out. Ive had some fun times on here but nows clearly not the time. Best of luck.
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