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  1. Was gonna ask you the same thing! Next time carry pepper spray so that you can defend yourself sweetie!
  2. In conclusion, I think this thread did a pretty good job on its own exhibiting a lot of the points I made in my OP. Mods being flat out rude to users, and abusing their power. Mods supposedly wanting to help and making a bunch of points supposedly rebutting the claims Ive made, and then disappearing from the discussion altogether when I rebut their rebuttals. Like Jordan, when you claimed I couldve just DMd you guys? Ill say this one last time- I DID, several days ago. None of you bothered to respond. You claim this is the most positive Exhale has ever been? Since joining in March, right now is the closest to Exhell Ive ever seen this place. Rife with corruption, obnoxious users ganging up on others, etc. A good time to check out. Ive had some fun times on here but nows clearly not the time. Best of luck.
  3. Id report this comment but theres always the chance youd just review it yourseld so whats the use? @Jordan Miller, shouldnt a mod be someone who is objective? And who adds to the positive environment you purport to be promoting? Not someone who tells another user "You really don’t want me to go there about what people really think about you " thats just plain obnoxious.
  4. Most mature and to point comment by a mod on this thread. Keep up the good work :-)
  5. @Jordan Miller just another example of the lovely behavior by your lovely new moderators. Im not a victim boo. Quoting someone is not "gaslighting". Just stop.
  6. Quoting this before you have the chance to edit it. LET THE RECORD STATE.
  7. Stop gaslighting all of us. Youre as much of a troll as youre publicly trying to claim we are, plus you flip flop btwn being genuinely funny and straight out obnoxious. And the both of us have the chats to prove it. Just stop.
  8. Please let me know what comment youre talking about? What thread?
  9. Youre sweet. What happened to all your points? 😲
  10. Please explain what youre talking about? This has nothing to do with @Blackout2006, hes a sweetie.
  11. @Jordan Miller, loving the new mods and the way they speak to some of us 🙄🙄🙄 perhaps now you might get the picture of what Im trying to express in this thread. I dont care about the warning points for telling someone to drive a volkswagon. Maybe you interpreted that to mean I was "poor shaming" or smthng like that but that was not my intention, I just think its a kitschy looking car. But its the rest of the stuff going on here that bothers me more.
  12. Let that record state that *I DM'd both you and another moderator last week about your mistake in banning EasyThere and you both i-g-n-o-r-e-d me entirely.* Please dont play that game.
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