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  1. I dont necessarily agree with all your points but youre respectful and seem to be genuinely interested in gaining knowledge and understanding. Its very late here and Im not in the head to respond more on point atm, but I would like to commend you for your respectfulness and open-mindedness.
  2. @JordanMiller, Im sure this is not the vibe you intended for this thread or for exhale in general. Doesnt warrant a response, I just think it deserves to be called out since we've seen countless identical posts by this same user in multiple threads with the same disrespectful, counterproductive attitude.
  3. Justice is not predicated on whether or not an action was fueled by "racism". Police brutality is police brutality, period. Some of it may be fueled by ego. Some of it may be fueled by corruption. Some of it may be fueled by racism. To claim that the only injustices that are relevant to a cause are those that were fueled by racism is simply wrong and inconsistent, regardless of how you or anyone else feels about it. It is irrelevant what the reasoning behind a people's mistreatment is. Whether it be because of skin color, orientation, nationality, religion, or any other characteristic. Injustices committed against people because of "skin color" are in no way inherently more injust than those committed against others for any other reason. For the record, "white Christians" are not the only people who have wronged and hunted my people throughout the centuries. Romans and Greeks killed, enslaved, and exiled them. Muslim nations throughout the world, of color or otherwise, have forcibly converted, oppressed, exiled, and murdered my people, rendering entire Jewish communities in the Muslim world extinct. Non religious notsees put them in concentration and death camps in addition to countless other horrific crimes against humanity. I didnt write all that out to claim more "oppression points". I wrote it out because the claim that "white christians" were the only ones responsible for past wrongdoings against my people, or against any other people, ignoring centuries of abuse by other peoples simply because they werent white or christian, is patently false, and people must know that. You may have legitimate grievances, but when you start discounting others' grievances and claim that your grievances are superior or more important, you push tons of people away. Which is part of the reason why "protests" like these recieve so much pushback.
  4. Respectfully, Videos people uploaded to Twitter with thousands of unverified claims are not in any way proof that "the facts [that prove what you are saying] are out there". I understand why people are angry. That doesnt mean everything they do is magically justified. I have a privilege that most people dont? In the past decade alone, its happened several times that for months at a time Ive had to be on alert for rocket sirens and rush to shelter simply because some well-funded terrorists want all my people dead and buried. Ive had to stand behind thick heavy safety barriers at bus stops daily because of a new fad wherein purposely ramming cars into my people as they wait for buses is enough to consider one a national hero in certain circles. Ive had to carry around pepper spray 24/7 while walking in my own neighborhood because certain people have made it their life's mission to infiltrate through security fences protecting our communities and stab my people to death, be it on the street or in their own homes, in front of their own children, and in some cases along with their own children. And those are only some examples. Regardless, I shouldnt have to explain any of this to anyone, since nobody should be making any assumptions on what "privileges" or "experiences" I or anyone else have had when they dont actually know. He is absolutely part of the reason the word "racist" has lost meaning and relevance. Repeatedly calling me or @C0CKy "racists" on no basis, simply because we disagree with him, detracts from the meaning of the word. Especially when millions of people carelessly and irresponsibly use it in the same way on a regular basis.
  5. Anything and everything in that post was negated by the last sentence, "take an effing seat and stfu, racist fool." Clearly you and your 2nd account are incapable of participating in a civil conversation. Also, the delusion and lack of self awareness in the following sentence is beyond redemption: "How can we not acknowledge the police that are literally destroying shops, the undercover cops destroying places and looting during peaceful protests? Don't try your alternative facts or whataboutism on here. You and your racist Exhale friends have been exposed." Literally spewing an incoherent conspiracy theory claiming that racist undercover cops have actually infiltrated an otherwise peaceful protest to cause mayhem and then frame the "peaceful protestors", and then being shameless enough to call my fact-driven responses to your off-topic, off-point, filthy-mouthed posts "alternative facts or whataboutism". Its because of people like you that the word "racist" has become meaningless in the 21st century. Id wager though that your unconstrained, repeated use of the word may very well be indicative of how prevelant the concept is in your own soul. God bless.
  6. What a despicable thing to say for so many reasons. Im actually a middle eastern Jew, and you clearly have a lot of soul searching to do. Shame on you.
  7. Dont play that game. You know good and well that this subject is intimately intertwined with politics. The fake naivety is not cute.
  8. Before I write my essay @JordanMillerId just like to point out the difference in tone between a more respectful political thread like this thread, as opposed to your "Trump the monster dump fire" threads. Youve written about not wanting this place to turn into Exhell again while simultaneously, perhaps unknowingly, being partially responsible for creating the toxic environment that fosters Exhell. If you yourself dont practice what you preach, nobody else will respect or practice what you preach. Anyways, heres a great opportunity for me to write out all my thoughts on this subject and see what I actually think overall. This is more for myself than for anyone else to read, not expecting people to read through an entire essay... My Thoughts by DonoDotto I think youd be hard pressed to find a single person who is genuinely not disgusted or disturbed by the video of the cop choking a man to death. Virtually everyone agrees that it is horrific and outrageous. I think its dishonest when people pretend that someone not supporting aspects of the public's reaction to the video is equivilant to them not supporting justice for George Floyd, for example: I think something very important to note, which so many people dont even take into account, is that white and other races in the US are victims of police brutality as well. In fact, white people make up a majority of victims of police brutality in the US. Yet for some reason, its only seen as relevant by the public when a black person is the victim. Black people are more likely to be victims of police brutality on a "percentage of US population" - "percentage of victims of police brutality by race" ratio. There could be an endless number of reasons why this is the case. Not everything comes down to racism. And its important to acknowledge that there are a plethora of instances where police force is necessary and justified- even when the result is unfortunately deadly. But for every black person unjustifiably killed by a policeman, how many white people unjustifiably killed by a policeman is the public entirely ignoring simply because it doesnt fit into the "cops hate blacks" talking point? The fact that the general public only seems to care about a victim of police brutality when they can [seemingly] blame the death on racism discounts from the legitimacy and universality of the cause they purport to be advocating for. If "black lives matter" was a subsection of a more widespread "hold police accountable" movement, then "black lives matter" would, without a doubt, have far more supporters. Contrary to what many mistaken and misled people seem to believe, the past few paragraphs describe what most people mean when they say "all lives matter". No doubt the vast majority of people using that phrase are not the hateful, racist monsters that many BLM supporters have made them out to be. You just havent given them the benefit of the doubt insofar as to even listen to them before judging and labelling them. You wrongly assume they are entirely discounting every aspect of your cause simply because they are not in agreement with some or many aspects of it. I happen to believe that nothing short of being physically attacked is enough to justify violence or rioting. My ancestors and my people were the victims of rioting and pogroms for centuries simply on account of their being "Jewish". Their livlihoods destroyed, many of their lives taken. For centuries. In dozens of countries around the world. Rioting is an expression of the most barbaric and indecent aspects of mankind. It is indiscriminate, excessive, merciless, and therefore unquestionably unjustified. Justice is "an eye for an eye", not "an eye for everyone's eyes and ears and legs, even and especially countless completely innocent people who had nothing even remotely to do with what happened". The amount of people negatively affected and hurt by these riots will likely number in the hundreds of thousands/millions. In what world does one person's outrage justify the hurting of another innocent human being? Those trying to justify such cruel actions are in need of some serious soul searching. Ive read lots of people saying "theyre doing it because theyre hurting". Even if that were the case, one person's hurt never justifies the hurting of another completely unrelated person. Blocking streets can and does kill. There are countless incidents of ambulances and police cars not arriving in time to save people because the roads were being blocked by protestors (not necessarily in the recent protests, but in road-blocking protests in general). Who gave supposed protestors the right and authority to even potentially decide who lives or dies? Furthermore, the second an incident like this occurs, the entire "protest" loses any ounce of legitimacy it may have ever had: In what world is it justified or okay for a mob to lynch a human being? Moreover, the hypocrisy of people supposedly protesting against police violence turning around and lynching a human being cannot even be described with words. Youre protesting against people arbitrarily deciding who is worthy of living or dying while arbitrarily deciding who is worthy of living or dying yourselves? A man's life was taken. In a protest against that, there are those who find it appropriate to take more lives? The savagery and injustice exhibited here is equally as disturbing as the case that spurred the movement to begin with. Will this person be commemorated or remembered (if he was killed)? Will the entire world know his name? Will the entire world be equally as outraged at a man being lynched to death? Since it doesnt fit the agenda of certain powerful and influencial people- the answer to those questions is unfortunately a firm "no". And I find that absolutely despicable. In conclusion, Id just like to bring up a point that I find worthy of mentioning in this context. In general, during corona, "stay at home" is synonymous with the left, and "reopen" is synonymous with the right. The difference between people's reactions and judgements regarding something they support as opposed to something they dont support is both astounding and very telling: People who wanted nothing more than to provide for their families, survive, and not fall into an endless downward spiral in life were branded by millions with nasty names such as "grandma and grandpa killers", "flat earthers", "murderers", "right wing nut jobs". For countless people, returning to normal or reopening is a matter of life and death for a plethora of reasons- whether it be earning money to pay for their prescriptions, or staying afloat and not living on the street, or putting food in their families' mouths. Not to mention that hundreds of suicides are occuring as a result of the hopeless predicament many have found themselves in. Now that theres a cause that the people who were trashing the "reopen" demonstrators support, all of a sudden corona has become nonexistent. Social distancing is irrelevant. Mass gatherings is irrelevant. The inevitable results that mass riots and protests will have on the spread of Covid-19 is immeasurable, yet people are silent- because this cause they support, while the other cause they hate for no reason more than because it's associated with the right. The hypocrisy, the tone-deafness, the lack of self-awareness, and the silence revolving around it all is sickening. I pray that tons of people will start taking a good look in the mirror from now on, if not now then 1 or 2 or 5 years from now. That is all for now.
  9. My bad, I forgot that Twitter is the foremost trustable and relevant news source on the planet. Like saying "Wikipedia is the ultimate, conclusive encyclopedia".
  10. None of your response has anything to do with the questions I posed. To the contrary, it just sounds like youre trying to get an upper hand in the convo by playing "moral superior". If your intention was to ask me my thoughts on the video- I think its awful. I dont think theres anyone who would disagree either. Its misleading and dishonest to post non controversial in an effort to imply that I or anyone else is against it. Leave it to you to somehow bring "Fox News" or "Infowars" into the convo, despite nobody having mentioned them or brought in sources from them.
  11. Critical thinking skills. 1. Who said theyre not participating in the protests? Is there any relevancy to their being "white" if theyre there to support BLM? 2. Countless buildings have been looted, how do 3 videos of 3 buildings being looted by "white" people prove that "most of the looting is by white folks"? Unless someone made a tally of every single building that was looted, youd have no way of legitimately making a claim about the skin color of "most" of the looters.
  12. Id like to pose a question here, and Im genuinely interested to understand some peoples rationales. My friends neighbor just committed suicide the other day, leaving his wife and children behind, bc his business was going under and his debt suffocating bc of corona lockdown. Back when there were protests against the lockdown by people who wanted nothing more than to be able to make a living and provide for their families, many of you were calling them nasty names like "grandma and grandpa killers", "flat earthers", "murderers" etc. Now that theres a protest you actually support though, a protest with no social distance, no guidelines... actually no rules whatsoever- you all of a sudden dont care about corona at all, and on the ramifications such mass protests can and will create regarding corona. Please explain? As I demonstrated, lockdown for some people can be as deadly as a police officer choking a guy. Both cases are based upon life and death scenarios. Any explanation for the inconsistency...?
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