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  1. Queen Going along in the file cabinet of history of celeb head shavers Brit and @EasyThere yesss
  2. Wait wtf is this Iove it wheres this from
  3. No fanks. Just imagine a movie out in 2020 with the title "White Is King" or "Jews Are King". Half the world would be burnt down in response. Totally against this subtle form of racial supremacy. Its also obviously all a PR stunt to pander to where society currently is atm, couldnt have come at a more socially relevant and volatile time...
  4. Only if its @C0CKy and only if the words/phrases are "CONservatorship" and "fanks" #HisImpact #Iconic #C0ckyIsArtistOfTheDecade
  5. Oops sorry Im confused with the throwing in of an additional name dont mind me
  6. Omg What did he die from? In light of this Id like to affirm that my comment earlier about his deep pockets was all meant in good spirit 🙏 not in a rude way 🙏 RIP!
  7. Tbh I was only charged for the time it was up But the domain name website contains no acknowledgement that I ever owned this website... like its not even in my account history anymore. So strange...
  8. When I contacted the URL service they only had one word to say to me: @EasyThere Turns out hes been working with Lou to out all the #FreeBritney supporters on Exhale including himself in exchange for a release from his own conservatorship (~satire)
  9. *Update: forgot to mention this guys, My website mysteriously disappeared from the internet a month or two ago I was not informed about it, I just stopped being charged... and when I visited the url it was no longer running Clearly Ive underestimated Lou and her team of lawyers
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