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  1. One of the best unreleased that we know of, but think how many amazing songs she’s recorded and we have absolutely no idea what any of them sounded like
  2. My thoughts exactly, he’s pretty much confirmed now that there is in fact someone to cancel... Presumably Britney agrees with him
  3. One of my favourite song and video from Britney for sure - Lucky really is Britney. I always loved the Making The Video or Lucky, how they composed ‘Britney and Lucky’ in the same scene
  4. Favourite has to be Luv The Hurt Away Least favourite Red Hot Lipstick
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Legendary Miss @Roxxy Spears ROXXY SPEAKING FACTS AS PER Us Oops stans always have each other
  6. I used to say that about E-mail My Heart... Now is a different story
  7. SERIOUSLY WHY ALL THE HATE FOR DEAR DIARY? Yes I understand it’s a bit cheesey but, like, so is the whole Oops album?! Oops is my no.1 in my trinity and I love all the songs, but on most rankings I see Dear Diary at the very bottom with the lowest ranking!! It drives me crazy It’s one of the first songs Britney had more control in writing, she co-wrote it, you would’ve thought fans would love it. Of course it doesn’t come close to some of Britney’s amazing ballads, such as Everytime & BTMYH, but it’s still such a good song and she sounds amazing!! If you hate Dear Diary, first of all But secondly let me know why you personally don’t like the song! I’m just curious
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