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  1. Thank you! I’m working really hard on making remixes I’m really happy with
  2. Hey guys, me again During the lockdown period, I’ve been working on my first ever remix album, which I’ve named ‘...Baby One More Time: Reloaded’ It’s full of my own remixes, tracks which didn’t make the final cut, demos and more I’m hoping to release the first track next week! Hope you guys will stick around on my YouTube Channel to hear what I’ve been making P.S It includes solo mixes I haven’t released yet
  3. Definitely her second best tour!! I love the setlist it had Pretty much performed all of the Oops album (no.1 album for me) The stage presence, outfits, pre-record and live vocals, setlist, visuals were all so good, definitely underrated I do wish that she performed Where Are You Now though
  4. I know a lot of people hate TikTok, more of the older generation given, BUT #FreeBritney gained so much more popularity from TikTok it really made the movement grow rapidly in the last few weeks.
  5. Remember now we’re at the longest period of time between albums, so if anything if she does decide to return it will be a ‘comeback’
  6. She only posted snippets as previews like many artists do. It’s just they never got released. It’s like with Mona Lisa, she played the Demo live on air, I have a feeling she done that because she thought that it was never gonna be released so she played the whole thing
  7. People definitely have it. (I don’t for the record) Some have the full demo and I believe some people also have a more polished track in full.
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