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  1. She’s just re-released Glory with Mood Ring. It counts as a release
  2. Sorry what song? I only know ...Baby One More Time
  3. We do, but they’re from an old flash site in 2000 and are really low quality and have a brick ton of reverb and not the full acapella, only the 1st verse and chorus
  4. My video again hehe This is the stem pack from 2000 with all the low quality parts of the song, some can be used sometimes but I wish we had the whole stem pack in HQ
  5. It made me so happy too, I’ll be so satisfied when the whole acapella leaks, I made a filtered acapella of Oops a while back, and while it’s no wear near as good quality as the new clip, it’s semi-acceptable
  6. This is my video lol, this is the only part of the official acapella we have. But of course the acapella is out there, I’ve reached out to multiple DJ’s who have the full acapella (David Ospina for example) who confirmed to me that he has the vocals but signed a confidently contract with Jive in 2000 meaning that he can’t release it for legal reasons, which is fair enough. Theres hope one day that we will get the acapella though! I’ve been waiting for many, many years Thank you for coming across my channel though!
  7. My only wish? Even though it’s an Xmas song it’s part of her discography
  8. I’ve been listening to Britney a lot recently (well more than usual) and I find it so relaxing... whereas with Oops I just want a party
  9. We love a supportive stan I’m having a little break from Mood Ring as I think I literally have played it about 300 times already since it was ‘released’
  10. Let’s see what everyone’s up to today As of writing this I’m listening to ‘When I Found You’ such a beautiful song from Britney. Previous to this have been streaming Mood Ring of course Tell me what you’re listening to as you’re reading this!
  11. Everything that involves Oops I did it again is perfect - except The Onyx Hotel performance
  12. As soon as I saw this topic I was waiting for your reply lol. Fair to say I was satisfied with your response
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