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  1. On one hand I think artists should be paid a bit more for putting music on streaming services, however it’s better than it being free online I guess. Either way artists don’t HAVE to release more music especially if they’re not just in it for the money, however smaller artists who need income may have to do this. Idk it just sounds really rude from him.
  2. Oof imagine not having taste. Also it’s a VIDEO AWARD not music, no one is saying Drake hasn’t had an impact. But his videos are more than lackluster and aren’t deserving of an award putting him with the likes of MJ, Britney, and Beyoncé. And this isn’t the GLAAD awards who said anything about the LGBTQ community?
  3. She’s literally one the best dancers of all time and set the standard for modern female pop artists and dancing
  4. I didn’t mean singing as much as she copied some of her asthetics, we all know Taylor can’t sing LOL
  5. I literally haven’t actually like a Taylor swift song in 10 years. Since 1989 she has literally copied every artist in the book (Shania Twain, Britney, Britney again, Mariah Carey, and now Jewel/ Nelly furtado). I don’t get how she has fans when she literally makes music for people without taste. Also she literally used the gay community for you need to calm down and she used the feminism argument funny enough to put other women down. Don’t like her don’t care about this boring album WE ALL KNOW SHE CAN WRITE she doesn’t have to shove it down our throats. BYE
  6. Ew don’t use a Britney gif to defend Taylor please dear god it’s almost as offensive as swifties bragging about sales
  7. Also Taylor constantly pushes for her numbers to be updated which is SUPER ANNOYING, if any other main pop girl did this they wouldn’t get away with it.
  8. If you ever watch Britney’s for the record documentary she was extremely embarrassed after the VMAs , I think it’s extremely hard for artists to go from number 1 to dead last in an instant.
  9. They do this with any female pop star over 30 it’s ridiculous.
  10. This would be great but knowing Madonna she won’t do it lol.
  11. I really liked Dua’s new album and I’m glad she’s a Madonna stan, kind of reminds me of Britney a little bit and maybe her next album will help push her further, we need a new pop girl that isn’t obnoxious and it might be her! Until Britney comes back I’m gonna try to look for newer artists to support.
  12. A lot of people don’t realize that Madonna wasn’t number one for quite some time in her career and look at her now!
  13. I completely agree that it’s not her best effort to date but, but I also think it’s a stepping stone to better music.
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