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  1. Yes i'm aware they were shelved lol. What I'm saying is when the tracks became available last year they were called mixtapes since Phoenix Rising/Under 21 never had a finalized tracklist
  2. Here's a compilation of the unreleased A Girl Can Mack tracks
  3. Im apart of that group and i know the guy lol. But what I meant was he made into mixtapes because it was alot of material since Phoenix Rising/Under 21 had alot of songs were recorded and the Point Of No Return mixtape is actually the finalized tracklist for when it was gonna be released back in 2006.
  4. Actually it is not four albums just two "mixtapes" that were assembled with the early Jessica material and the finalized Point Of No Return album if it would've been released in 2006 as it was supposed to
  5. Here's the spinoff to my 3LW is underrated thread They had some memorable bops and were one of the best to come out of the Disney Channel era of music
  6. JoJo is massively underrated and was screwed over by Blackground Records big time. Her unreleased third album "All I Want Is Everything" had so much potential.
  7. Kima, Keisha, and Pam oh ****, ****** Been listening to their 2 albums and man they had so much potential
  8. Here is where all the Kiely hate began in the first place at the 4:25 mark, Kiely shouts out Bow Wow as her "boo-boo" and she got dragged for it lol and still gets heat about to this day
  9. Adrienne and Kiely were first apart of this group before doing The Cheetah Girls franchise.
  10. Yep back in 2006 they were trying to both groups at the same time, it was terrible move in terms of timing. Feelin You flopped hard and there was zero promotion and the album kept getting pushed back until it was shelved, a shame cause it was a solid record.
  11. Adrienne actually had a solo deal Def Jam Records after TCG for about 3 years but her album Unapologetic was shelved
  12. This was originally the 1st solo track Kiely was going to release back in 2009 after The Cheetah Girls split. Honestly the lyrics aren't spectacular(no pun intended). It is 100 times better than Spectacular Here's the snippet to the video which still hasn't seen a full release to this day
  13. This is very true, once Adrienne and Kiely did The Cheetah Girls it was an absolute wrap for 3LW. I feel bad for Jessica(Naturi's Replacement) because they had some things in the works to relaunch the band(A clothing line, a movie with all three of them, etc). But Disney was not fond of 3LW and their mature image and A & K were over 3LW and just wanted to continue doing TCG.
  14. While Kiely may have been catty, and spoiled in a way I truly do not think she was a racist. I'll admit she was wrong for throwing food at Naturi but that's really only the worst thing she did but she really doesn't deserve all the hate that she does get
  15. Actually Kiely's mother is her older sister lol but yeah I do however think Kiely thought her and Adrienne had a real friendship tho. Once Adrienne started dating Rob Kardashian, that's when things begin to change between her, Kiely, and Sabrina. After she leaked her "*****" The Cheetah Girls were kicked off the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and then they went their separate ways. I can tell on Raven's IG Live with her that there was some hurt when it comes to Adrienne, hopefully one day they do speak
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