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  1. #YoureAllInvitedToMyWeddingToGreysonChance2021 #HeresYourInvitationBaby #PutYourLoveAllOverMe
  2. Make my dreams come true and make a remix of Let Me Be? I'm super excited for this, regardless.
  3. Note that this is back when insta had a REALLY short video limit.
  4. #YoureAllInvitedToMyWeddingToGreysonChance2021 #HeresYourInvitationBaby #PutYourLoveAllOverMe
  5. We share a birthday so obviously iconic. Even though we also share a birthday with Putin and Simon Cowell. BUT ALSO THOM YORKE!
  6. There's a lot more things open than the bar.
  7. Thanks for listening to my honey (clock the sweater). You both win front row seats at our wedding. #YoureAllInvitedToMyWeddingToGreysonChance2021 #HeresYourInvitationBaby #PutYourLoveAllOverMe
  8. #YoureAllInvitedToMyWeddingToGreysonChance2021 #HeresYourInvitationBaby #PutYourLoveAllOverMe
  9. As a Libra, I'm having a really hard time deciding who to vote for. I don't know if I can decide before 2 pm. Mainly because I'm not sure why they were cancelled or who anyone is.
  10. #YoureAllInvitedToMyWeddingToGreysonChance2021 #HeresYourInvitationBaby #PutYourLoveAllOverMe
  11. ANYWAY I guess there is Bionic merch but I'm not feeling it. https://shop.christinaaguilera.com/collections/bionic
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