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  1. I think there’s just not much buzz about it. The video is fun, but I don’t think it has the replay value like Thank U Next. I think it will do ok, but probably won’t be a huge hit. Maybe it will hit number 1? But probably fall... not really sure, it seems like it would just be a top ten hit. I feel like she over did it a little with the collabs and then put out a snoozer of a song. They definitely tried though, with releasing it only hours after the debate and making it a video where she’s President. Seems like a cheap trick for a song that wasn’t good enough to go number 1 on its own. Hope the rest of the album is better.
  2. Let me guess, the heat is coming from Twitter? Twitter is the dumpster of the internet. I haven’t watched the skit yet, but I doubt that it’s offensive. If anything, it sounds like it’s making fun of white women who fetishize black men. It’s satire ppl, pointing out things through comedy. Also the tweets you posted are from 2 white ppl from what I can tell, and one women who’s headline is “Kamalas flat iron” which I’m guessing means she has an issue with Kamaka Harris flat ironing her hair. Twitter just seems like it’s full of extreme leftists and rightists. I swear people are getting dumber. We’re seriously losing intelligence and people either want to act so woke it makes no sense anymore and life is enjoyable, or they’re racist and have no compassion for other ppl. Where’s the in between?! Everyone just gets their own news and facts, and believes it. It’s scary. Stuff like this just divides us more, are white women never supposed to like black men anymore? It’s not like black men haven’t ever festishized white women as well.
  3. I mean to me it always seemed like he tried to replicate Pharrell’s Happy, which I always hated. Repetitive, sugary song for an animated film.... but it’s his only song since future *** love sounds that I’ve liked... though I got tired of it REALLY fast and never listen to it on purpose anymore.
  4. Eh. It will probably grown on me. it’s a bit of a let down like god is a woman was first for me. Amazing video, and the title/video seem like a feminist anthem, but it’s really just another song about ***. It’s weird that she’ll post all over IG about BLM and politics, but it seems like she plays it safe with her music career all the time. But she looks stunning in the video.
  5. Wait. It’s not a “write in” is it? I received my ballot, and it has the same thing. So... he’s really on there folks. 2020 just gets wilder and wilder.
  6. I completely agree. I think most of the songs on it are awful, I kept trying, and I just could not get into them. I love Sand Castles and Daddy’s Lessons, all night is pretty good, and formation grew on me. But the rest is terrible. Particularly Sorry and Hold Up, those singles were terrible, no wonder they couldn’t break the top 10. I was a huge Beyonce fan for a long time, Sasha Fierce is my fave album my her. I can respect that she decided to go more rnb/hip hop after that album, but that’s when she started to lose me. I respect where she wanted to go as an artist (though part of me feels like she did it since ppl were starting to get over her) but I’m just a pop music lover, I prefer when she had better melodies, catchy choruses, and actually SANG, so many of her recent songs she’s trying to rap more and more. I do think she’s overrated, she’s very talented but I don’t think she’s the artists of her generation or anything. I feel like get peaks have never been like Madonnas, Michaels, Britney’s, Elvis, Lady Gaga, heck evening Taylor and Arianas peaks seem bigger to me than Beyoncé’s. I just don’t feel like there’s ever been a time where she’s been THE dominate pop culture icon. She’s kinda like Pink, she’s always been very successful but never been the main person.
  7. I feel like this list is more so ranking them based on they’re overall legacy which is dumb. There’s no way Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Radiohead were bigger than Britney! I really don’t get how Radiohead can even be ahead of Linkin Park, Coldplay, and Green Day? I honestly don’t get why Green Day is on the list. I mean American idiot was big, but that’s it. I get they’re trying to include different genres... but Xtina, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, the black eyed peas, even Carrie Underwood were bigger in the 2000s than I feel like Jay Z, Radiohead, and Green Day were... honestly, my top 10 would be 1. Britney 2. Xtina 3. Beyonce/Destiny’s Child 4. Kelly Clarkson 5. Avril Lavigne 6. Justin Timberlake/NSYNC 7. The *****cat Dolls 8. Rihanna 9. Carrie Underwood 10. Lady Gaga (it may have been only a couple years, but she was THE artist of those couple years) obviously I’m biased to pop. But their list just doesn’t speak to me.
  8. She was releasing so many good songs for a while... instruction, solo, no promises, the whole tell me you love me album. but this year, everything feels like, been there done that that’s she’s done. Idk, there’s just something not likeable about her. Everything about this “relationship” seems fake and like it was all for PR. I mean she conviently releases this song a couple days after their split is announced? But no one really cares lol.
  9. Why is JT STILL working with Timbaland? Does he just want his music to sound like the mid 2000s forever? This is bound to be the dou chiest collab ever. They may as well add in Chris Brown to sprinkle in some more dou che bag.
  10. I feel like “going on a diet” isn’t a healthy thing at all. It’s better to just have consistent eating habits that are good for your body. That being said, I don’t think Xtina needs to lose weight or be thinner necessarily, but I think when she’s perfoeming/touring she needs be in better shape, nothing about being skinny, but I saw her residency last year and she seemed out of breathe during uptempo songs and like she couldn’t dance/move that well. I lived in Vegas and knew someone who worked wardrobe on the shows at planet Hollywood, he said she got wheel chaired to the stage. Idk, that seems extreme to me if true. It’s not about how she looks, it’s about having more stamina. I mean she’s in her late 30s but I saw Gwen and Cher the same year and they both moved better.
  11. “Trust the court”... when they just let Breona Taylor’s murders off with nothing?! Yeah, that’s not tone deaf at all Lance. He’s grasping for any kind of relevancy.
  12. I was about to say this is the most interesting thing Mariah has done in years! Then I read it was back in the 90s lol
  13. It’s kinda dumb of Mariah to say J.Lo can “sleep 8 hrs day because she doesn’t sing.” Even if she doesn’t sing live or doesn’t sing 100% of her songs, J.Lo works very hard in her own way. I’m pretty sure the dancing J.Lo does is more physically exhausting than standing behind a mic in one spot singing. Really I think both women just need to get over it, maybe J.Lo should apologize for the things that happened back in the day, but I get the feeling Mariah wouldn’t even be willing to listen. Or maybe they’re faking it, because fueds sell and get headlines. Either way, both of them are in their 50s, and legends in their own way, so it would be nice to see them move on and leave the drama in the past
  14. Buttons. It’s one of my all time favorite songs and videos!
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