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  1. Oh, that 6ix9ine person? I do know who that is, but not the tekashi part. I just don’t feel like these ppl are household name types. I couldn’t tell you anything about roddy rich or the other guy you mentioned earlier beside that they’ve had a couple hits, which personally I’ve barely ever heard. They could be like Lil Nas X, who had one huge hit but seems like he’s already starting to fade out. But maybe not. And as far as 6ix9ine goes, the only things I know about him is that he tried to start stuff with Ariana, cried when his song didn’t go to number one, sexually assaulted a child, uses the n word when he shouldn’t be, has the biggest drop from number 1 in history, probably cheated/did some shady stuff to get that number 1, and looks ridiculous. So I guess I know quite a bit about him. But most of it’s not good, and a lot of it has to do with the fact it’s related to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. I knew nothing about him until he accused Ariana of inflating numbers. They I did a bit of a deep dive since everyone was calling him a child molester. if we were going to pick the biggest rapper of the moment I’d say it Drake. Out of the newer rappers I’d say maybe Megan Thee Stallion. Heck I’d even say Lizzo as biggest pop star/rapper over them. I mean I get why you would say them, sorry if my whole post came of as confrontational, but from my perspective all of the ppl you named just seem like the flavor of the week, they might only last a year, but they could last longer.
  2. I’d say Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. but it’s hard to say, I honestly think it’s really easy to be in your own music bubble nowadays. I rarely listen to radio or already made playlists by someone else. BTS is pretty huge, but I don’t know a single one of their songs aside from attempting to listen to them once too see star the hype is about. Black pink is big too, I mean they broke the YouTube record, but I have to seek them out to listen to them. The music Industy is just way different now. But I mean, Taylor had 3 top ten hits on her last album and had sales much larger than anyone else. And Arianas collabs keep hitting number one and it seems like she’s talked about a lot.
  3. What? I literally have no idea who Tekasi 69 is. Da baby and roddy rich have had some hits one the billboard charts (tbh I’ve listened to them once, couldn’t stand them, but I don’t really ever hear them even if I do listen to the radio). I wouldn’t say they’re influential at all. They’re just riding off a couple of hits.
  4. To be clear, Lady A (the single woman) is trying to get 10 million dollars out of Lady A (the band) to let them use the same name. That’s why they are suing her. She’s trying to use the situation to her advantage. I really don’t get this whole situation. I mean you can’t own a name? It’s like when Kylie Jenner tried to trademark “Kylie” and Kylie Minogue was like oh hell no. Let’s face it, very few ppl had ever heard of this singer, at least significantly less than have heard of the country band. She’s gotten a lot of exposure from this whole situation. And now she wants $10 million for nothing. But honestly the band should just pick a different name, they’re changing it already. Make it Lady America or something.
  5. It makes sense. The album came out about 7 months ago. By the time she’d be able to tour it will be over a year old, and there were no big hits aside from senorita, my oh my did ok. And obviously the tour wasn’t selling well. She’ll probably be able to do another album by the time she tours again. Hope she does well.
  6. 1. Poker Face 2. Love Game 3. Paper Gangsta 4. Brown Eyes 5. Just Dance 6. Disco Heaven 7. Paparazzi 8. I Like It Rough 9. Money Honey 10. The Fame 11. Starstruck 12. Boys, Boys, Boys 13. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 14. Eh Eh 15. Summerboy 9-13 are all about even for me... I like them all, but none of them really standout. 14 & 15 are my least faves. I still like them, but don’t listen to them all that much. I’ve never heard retro dance freak or again & again
  7. My parents didn’t stop buying it for me. And quite a few of Britney’s fans at that time were also around her her age 18-21 ish. Even 16-18 they could drive themselves to the store to buy the CD... and in my experience some of her fans were conservative, a lot of my friends like her during BOMT and the beginning of OIDIA it was between the 2000 VMAS and im a slave 4 when they all started to think she was “slutty. “ I lived in a small, religious, white town. Everyone loved her at first.
  8. What?! That’s a major reach. Chromatica was set to come out 2 weeks after future Nostalgia. Not to mention Gaga has been working on it for a couple years now. Plus Gaga has always dipped into disco.... I mean she had a song on her first album named Disco Heaven. If anything I think she was influenced by the popularity of POSE.
  9. I don’t really think that was the case, I mean it’s true I think she probably did lose a small percentage of conservative fans, but all those videos as songs were always near the top of the TRL countdown, all of them were “retired.” all the songs did well in the UK. All of her singles DLMBTLTK through boys went at least top 20 in the UK. They may not have done quite at well in the US, but I think without the radio ban they for sure would have all charted.
  10. I definitely thought he was gay IRL. The only other thing I ever remember seeing him in is MILK as another gay man, it was a smaller part. Hmmmm. also, it’s kinda annoying and pointless to say this over ten years later... and they ended up making him date Kelsey. Anybody woke pandering is annoying.
  11. The rules for how a song charted were totally different back then. There was obviously the radio ban which hurt how Britney’s songs charted, but it also has to do with sales of CD/cassette tape singles. It was actually pretty hard to find those, at least where I lived. I would buy any of them that I could find, but I don’t think Jive wanted to ship a lot of them because they wanted to make ppl buy the full album instead. Back then physical albums sold so much, and if they could get you to but an album for $15 as opposed to a single for $1-3 they definitely made more money. One weird example of this is No Doubts Don’t Speak, it’s pretty much their signature song and a classic 90s staple, but I didn’t chart on the hot 100 at all because they didn’t release a cd/cassette single. But the album, tragic kingdom, went diamond and was the 2nd best selling of 1997. despite the fact most of the Britney album songs didn’t do well on the hot 100, a lot of those songs are still considered classics for millennials. Im A Slave 4 U and Not a Girl are definitely well remembered. I think Overprotected and Boys not as much outside the fan base, but I do think they’re the type of songs ppl don’t necessarily think about a lot, but if they came on, ppl would be like oh I remember this song! I remember my non Britney fan friends saying they saw overprotected on MTV and thought it was pretty good. If it would have been on the radio more, it could have been more iconic. I believe by the time DLMBTLTK came out the radio ban already happened. I don’t think it would have been a huge hit but it definitely would have charted at least lower on the hot 100, but I think it would have made it to the top 40. As far as My Prerogative and Someday, I’m not really sure. I just know they weren’t pushed all that much like a regular single. MP was kinda just something to get ppl to buy GH. And Someday was just kinda randomly put out with Chaotic, although I think GP has definitely kinda turned on Britney at that point. Neither of those songs has ever been performed. I would imagine the label didn’t think Someday would be a hit and didn’t put much into it. and most of the other songs weren’t really released as a single with promotion and everything. The scream and shout remix was probably just added in with the original, much like the s&m remix or till the world ends remix. It probably just never made up the majority or sales/streams/radio play or it to be named over the original.
  12. If Swifties get in on it, Taylor will find out about it and might want to get involved! And she has some serious power!
  13. Yes Tinashe! Spill the tea! The fact that both Miley and Tinashe have both put a little support towards this now and they’re both women who have worked with Britney and her team really says something.
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