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  1. Aw, good for them, I’m not the biggest fan but I love this song and the video is a serve. I wish this song would be bigger in the US, but most of the US has trash taste in music right now. Actually the US is lost just trash in general right now. so happy for them! I love happiness too hope they release it as a single.
  2. I like this song it’s fun, a d the video is cute. She looks great! Only thing I don’t like is the opening.... like who is this guy she’s asking for more money? And the video is clearly low budget... so it seems pointless. also Gwen, please dump Blake Shelton and right a killer breakup album. Im Here for a solo tragic kingdom PT 2.
  3. Lol, rush that single out ASAP Demi, try to take advantage of the situation to get a few streams
  4. I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s just not like able. In the beginning, when she, Selena, and Miley came out... I had zero interest in her. She always seemed 3rd like a Jessica Simpson or Mandy Moore. Her music catalogue is spotty. SNS is probably her only very memorable song... and even then, it’s still not like a Baby One More Time, Genie in a Bottle, Umbrella, or Party in the USA. She’s never had a HUGE smash. Confident has really good singles and I thought that would be the able where I’d finally be really into her... but the rest of that album was just a bunch of filler. TMYLM was actually really good, but she kinda dropped the ball... were there any singles after the title track? Cause I don’t remember if there were. It seems like every other album she’s coming back from rehab and trying to push a sob story. She seems catty, and just rude. She’s attacked a lot of other pop stars, and the ones she’s defended or seems to be friendly with are the ones who seem catty and like they gave an attitude too. Like Xtina, Katy Perry and J.Lo. Also she has a good voice and could be a really good singer, but she seems to gave bad technique live. Some pop stars just don’t have longevity, and I think she’s one, the songs she put our last year, aside from I’m ready we’re terrible.
  5. Umm, I could write up the “treatment” for BOMT in word and say it was my idea too, doesn’t mean it’s true. Lol. I don’t really see what that proves? It happened like 17 years ago why bring this up now?! Idk, it’s all just very weird. Seems like he’s been posting and talking a lot about Britney is the past year... when we hadn’t heard anything about him with Britney for years.
  6. I don’t consider myself a stan anymore lol. I was at that time, but this commercial must have almost never played. I literally never saw it. I remember her really boring commercial she did with coke. I know Here to Stay. The 2nd half of my comment was referring to her singing I Will Remember You, the “audience” in that funeral scene was annoying.
  7. I’ve literally never seen this, and I was an Xtina stan during from Stripped-Lotus. Lol. But wow, I know it was a different time, but cultural appropriation much?! I actually thought she sounded really good for the first half of the song, she still was doing a bit much at the end, but it was still overall pretty good. It was annoying how the audience was reacting, but I’m sure Xtina ate that fake **** up
  8. 1. Chromatica 2. Folklore 3. Future Nostalgia 4. Gaslighter 5. Heaven & Hell 6. Rare 7. Plastic Hearts 8. Love Goes Evermore will probably be added to my list, but I spend most of December listening to Xmas music and I’m still enjoying some of those albums that came out later like PH and love goes. most disappointing albums: Keshas High Road, I still like it, but Rainbow is one of my all time faves, so high road was a bit of a let down. I love half and the rest is eh for me. Positions as well, I might have listened to it more if there weren’t so many other great albums this year, but I gave it a couple listens and it was boring to me. overall I actually thought there was a lot of really great music put out this year. Hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to enjoy it at concerts again. Or at least dance in a club :(
  9. IF this is true, I can’t blame Britney. With ITZ and Blackout she was finally starting to have artistic control, I think she had some of Circus and Glory, but little to none with FF and BJ. 20 years of being held to the same type of image and sound, she’s probably not inspired to do music. I personally think if she got to make music she really wants to and evolve as an artist she would enjoy it again. And nowadays I don’t think anyone ever fully retires. I hope at some point she’ll want to make more music, but I support her happiness no matter what. I could definitely understand if she doesn’t want to tour or perform much if at all. Touring seems like it would be grueling, and she’s done so many. Not too mention she probably misses out on a lot of her boys younger childhood. My guess is she really wants to take time and have more kids. but I’m not sure if I trust this article... it praises Jamie... it seems like propaganda put out by him or ppl close to him to try to make fans see the conservatorship as not that bad, or we’ll never hear new music again. It’s also OK magazine... isn’t that a trashy tabloid? If it was ppl or rolling stone or something it’d be more believable
  10. Um, no. Do they ever say this about make artists? Are they ever like the weekend out michael’d Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber out Timberlake Justin Timberlake? No. I love Gaga and Dua, I like Kylie but I’ve just never been super into her. But like all 3 are COMPLETELY different to me. If anything, Dua gives me Cher vibes. Just because all 3 of them make dance pop music and are women? They’re voices are completely different. Dua can’t dance like Gaga or Kylie. Nothing about future nostalgia seems like it would be a Gaga album. I can maybe see a little bit of a Kylie comparison because it’s so leaning into Disco... but I mean, Kylie has been doing disco for years. While FN is def one of the best albums of the year, but I don’t think it’s like it had the impact with the gp like The Fame Monster or Born This Way had, I mean I still don’t think Dua is like a household name. She deserves to be, but I for sure don’t get Gaga vibes when I listen to FN...
  11. 1. Party In The USA 2. See You Again 3. Fly On The Wall 4. Who Owns My Heart 5. Can’t Be Tamed 6. We Can’t Stop 7. Prisoner 8. Midnight Sky 9. Night Crawling (this needs to be a single!) 10. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart 12. 7 Things 13. Younger Now 14. Malibu 15. Wrecking Ball 16. When I Look At You 17. Adore You 18. The Climb 19. Jolene Cover (bonus track) 20. On A Roll (bonus track)
  12. The internet mobs are awful. Half is horrible to Sam and hate on them for being non binary. The other half is hating on Shawn for what’s clearly an innocent mistake, he clearly didn’t say it maliciously. He should have had someone around to correct, but this should be a learning opportunity, not another chance to tear someone down. The internet is horrible to both of these artists all the time. And many others.
  13. I feel like there’s no genuine hit on this album. I don’t really listen to him anyways, but, his last album was the one with in my blood right? That one had some really good songs on it. It seems like ppl REALLY hate he and Camilla together, it doesn’t bug, but I’m still not really a huge fan of him to begin with. Tbh, he just seems boring. And the look I’ve seen him sporting this era from what I’ve seen.... I dunno, it’s like he’s trying to look like a homeless bum like Bieber was for a while. also there have been a LOT of pop albums this year, a lot of them really good. I don’t know if fans have time and energy to invest in listening to them all.
  14. Well that list is better than the actual year end chart probably is lol. I definitely agree with their number one pick. my top 10 would be: 1. Rain On Me - Gaga and Ariana 2. Swimming in The Stars- Britney 3. Physical- Dua Lipa 4. My Tears Ricochet- Taylor Swift 5. React- PCD 6. Midnight Sky- Miley 7. Dance Again- Selena Gomez 8. Kings & Queens- Ava Max 9. Break My Heart- Dua Lipa 10. Plastic Doll- Gaga honorable mention to Mood Ring (Pride Remix) not really a 2020 song but I was pretty obsessed with it
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