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  1. I can’t look at these ‘touch of 🌹 🌹 🌹’ anymore without seeing Carol Baskin
  2. I gotta say, having followed her for over 20 years, I think whatever really happened at the end of her relationship with Justin Timberlake was the beginning of a 7 years spiral. That’s not to say something that happened earlier in life was not the actual trigger. The Vegas wedding, Kevin and Sam Lufti were all part of the decent to rock bottom.
  3. I was dead at the clip where a fan asked for a photo in the street and completely cut Kim Kardashian out. Even though they are best of friends these days, I still thought it was kinda shady using that to show that she was a bigger star. The scenes with the boyfriend who was obviously either drunk or high were pretty uncomfortable and she did the right thing by getting rid of him. She just seems to keep attracting and letting these same D-bags in again and again. Probably a by-product of what happened in her past.
  4. Hey, this comment just reminded me of that bodyguard who accused her of all sorts of inappropriations... https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Entertainment/britney-spears-stinky-boss-bodyguard-fernando-flores/story?id=14126596
  5. Didn’t she admit in a magazine interview to being experimental (non-specific) in the 2002-2004 era? Think it might have been GQ, I could be wrong.
  6. It wasn’t him that mentioned TS🐍 ‘s name in that convo. And if he did before it could just be a case example since this is a similar situation.
  7. Unfortunately, I too thought suicide but then I don’t think that would be labelled ‘unflattering’, especially now with all the tolerance (for want of a better word) towards mental health. Drug use still has stigma, especially with substances such as meth or crack *******. They could both definitely be labelled ‘unflattering’. I really hope it’s not true as she I truly believe she is better than that but I think we need to remember, none of us here have been the most famous person in the world, or ever walked a mile in her shoes. Look at what happened to Michael Jackson in the end... AND she was hanging with Lindsay Lohan when it all started to go downhill. Jus’ sayin’!
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