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  1. Blue Mustang from Stronger!!!!!! Yellow Crossroads Car 🤠🥰🤩
  2. since day one. Britney surpassed everyone. Even MJ was a fan and obsessed with her artistry. No one will ever do what she has done. She is revolutionary. She will be celebrated forever.
  3. Y’all can be mad disrespectful. This dude is just trying to be positive, provide entertainment, and give people a place to express their feelings. He is probably Britney’s most influential and biggest fan. He has helped give our girl a second voice and a safe place for her fans to express their love for her art without judgment. He gave fans a voice and help inspire a movement to free someone we all love. Jordan is super kind, humble-ish😜, and **** as hell. Yet there always is someho having a bad day that has to log on trashing him. We should all be more appreciative and kind.
  4. This busted man trying to convince the world this woman should have no rights and forced to pay extreme amounts of money to him and his client to have minimal custody of her children... Hmmm think not betch
  5. Mmm K. I am sure this has been said before but this is how I feel. For two decades this man took every opportunity to not just talk **** but exploit and profit of her. Nsync was becoming a tired boyband, boybands were fading, Justin was making moves to fly solo. Brit made Justin seem manlier and cooler than he was. She put his work on her album Britney to showcase his skills. Timberland gave him an urban edge. Then he gained more public sympathy because he didn’t just say and sing she cheated. He also makes a video. A video of breaking into her house and stalking her and having revenge *** in her bed with another person. All Access Pass for the media and paps. The Media would not have been half as cruel to her if he didn’t publicly vilify her. He made an album, single, music video, tv, radio, magazine, phone interviews at her expense. For 20 years. Could you imagine your first serious relationship publicly **** shaming you, your kid, your family, or your friend. He did not just steal her thunder. This man demolished her and then constructed his entire solo image/career/fortune from her rubble. Then gleefully sings “ The Damage Is Done So I Guess I’ll Be Leaving” and moves on to grope Kylie Monogue and leave Janet to be shamed for their stunt. To this day what people think about when they hear Justin Timberlakes name. “Oh Cry Me A River.” This wasn’t just a break up or scandalous divorce and a cute song. This is like bullying that we have never seen. Imagine the entire world turning on you, globally people are stalking you, hounding you. Everywhere. He knew all her secrets and most vulnerable spots and insecurities. He is willing to publicly shame women, cheat on them, including on his wife, and degrade them, exploit them, but will not come to their defense. But apologizes long after to save face. so yeah. I am not going to build my bridges higher while Justin is singing for more water. Kevin then did the same ****, helped Jamie take her money, kids, freedom. Its great people are being apologetic. Maybe we all should examine how we could have done better so we can do and be better going forward. All the public attention is to bring awareness to Britney. This movement is about justice for her. It’s not an apology tour for people to be absolved of their guilt or a blame game. I think these are important discussions that need to be had to grow. How we have treated her is a reflection of how women/girls are treated, conservatorships are handled etc. Also how we allow grown men to treat women and girls.
  6. Yes Liar this is perfect lol sorry had to edit posted in the wrong spot lol oops
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