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  1. Yeah I knew that but There is an interview out there with the director being jokingly asked was Britney really considered. He says yes that actually she is a great actress and when he was adapting The play he invisioned Britney as Roxy but her team shot it down couldn’t do it. She didn’t even do the cameo. But she did Auston Powers Gold Member, Diet Pepsi 🍋 ad and he cameoed in her video. Britney was also supposed to star in the Notebook but Rachel McAdams stole the show. Also Catwoman that went to Halle Berry. The author of TrueBlood is a Britney fan and modeled Sookie Stackhouse after her. Brit held her own in Crossroads. SNL, she was always great on that. Will and Grace is so genius, How I Met Your Mother😂. Jane The Virgin was funny 🤣🤣she just seemed tense a bit. I think it would be fun to see her Flex her acting skills again.
  2. “ I’m a slave for Lou I can’t deny that my dad’s trying to hide it”
  3. I honestly would love for her to release an album of her unreleased work that she enjoyed making but for some reason just didn’t make the cut. It could be a physical album and in the booklet she and the writers could share memories or why she felt connected to it. I have the theme be american horror story witchy gypsy, voodoo new orleans, swamp queen vibes. With tones of candles and cute title like Britney Spears: Wonderful Gems Collection She loves stones and candles. Mood Ring can be the lead single. she could do a simple video at the beach with a fire or candles with a photographer her being goofy and being brit It would be cool if she re-recorded some songs with artists she loves and have supported her. Stevie Nicks on the edge of 17/ Dreams PCD JLo when I grow up remix Megan T. If i was you Madonna/Christina/Missy, Katy P- like a virgin,what a girl wants, one minute man i kissed agirl Toni Braxton- He wasn’t man enough for me/so high Rihanna, Cardi, Kelis S&M, WAP, Milkshake, gimme more Beyonce, Gaga, Kelly R Telephone Bugaboo Mariah Carey Heart Breaker BOMT mash up, i can make it through the rain bette midler wind beneath my wings Miley acoustic not a girl not yet a woman Taylor Swift Tied together with a smile/lucky jewel foolish games alanis m. You outta know Divie Chicks, not ready to make nice janet j. Scream, escapade liza M. I dont care, over the rainbow Ariana G everytime Adele DLMBTLTK Cher the beat goes on/believe
  4. Glory era was fire 🔥 especially for what was happening behind closed doors. I trust when she is ready and feeling inspired she will. Wefts will be unwoven
  5. I am down for a Milian/Spears collaboration😍😍😍😍
  6. Get it Ashley. She is hilarious and talented. Why isn’t she in a Ryan Murphy project? She would be good in horror flicks too... Pitch Perfect 10
  7. She is one of the great actors of her generation. She is deep
  8. I can’t have a Trinity. I see it as The Old Testaments and The New Testaments. BC (before conservatorship) and AB (after blackout). We are in the dawn of a new era for her. PC (post conservatorship) 🧙🏻‍♂️🎃🥰🍂🍁👻🧚🏼‍♂️🕯 The only issues I have with Britney’s albums is that they are too damn short. Bring back the days of 20+ songs. For me its fine if not all the songs are hits. I simply enjoy listening to her catalog of work. I love the details behind creating the complete product. I love hearing songs that didn’t make it. Like why not make a docu-series (AppleTv+) that shows the process and interviews all the collaborative minds that made it happen and show love to the songs that got passed maybe explain why and be like oh I heard Miley or Selena is interested on laying vocals. I love the entire process🥰
  9. I am excited for these new movies I’ve had a crush on Tom Hardy since High School. I used to follow him on Myspace 🧙🏻‍♂️yup I’m old
  10. The best part of this era for me was Britney’s reaction to Ryan Seacrest having a girlfriend 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LEGENDARY
  11. Myah is a talented singer song writer, background vocalist and her harmonies are solid. Her voice compliments Britney’s very well but I can hear the distinction between them even when she is mimicking her tones. I think a huge issue on the album was over production. It felt like it wasn’t a priority and got sidelined for Vegas. Something was off during this time, the dessert thing was a jumble too. Maybe they were just trying to quickly finish it up. I enjoy the album. I just needed more Britney less production. Glory was 100% fun experimental Brit.
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