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  1. Your sister is insecure and projecting her anger on others. A secure person lifts others up. Dehumanizing and belittling a person is cruel, dangerous, and toxic behavior that while cast a shadow on all her relationships. Give her a hug and tell her you hope she can learn to love herself as much as you love her. When she sees the joy and beauty in herself she will be able to see the beauty that is within others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Talent is praise, an opinion, a compliment, not something that can be obtained, measured, or quantified. Celebrities are not the most gifted humans. They are individuals who are dedicated and committed to marketing their skills as a profession. Same as a nurse, a scientist, a teacher etc. On some level, we are all being paid to put on a show.
  2. I am pretty sure we are the first fan base in history to be this proactive and recognize our idol needs our help before it’s too late. (Yes we have our flaws but we continue to grow and better ourselves ) All over the planet We have come together despite our differences in solidarity of Britney Jean Spears. Our love for her is unwavering and unconditional. We are more than posts, comments, and complaining. Most of our work will go without recognition, appraise, or acknowledgment. We are often publicly judged, harassed, and criticized ourselves. Yet We FIGHT For Her. Ya’ll That’s Real Love. Love ALWAYS Wins 🥰🧚🏿🧝‍♀️🥰😘😍 Lets continue to show support in every facet of her life. We can support her carrier, her relationships, her kiddos, respect her private life, encourage her joy and creativity. And most of all help restore and support her freedoms. Every positive conversation you have about Brit in public or private brings awareness and will benefit her. Sending love to you all and all those you cherish in this very scary time💚
  3. Pepsi Is Iconic They should be a record company lol 😆 They put more into artists then labels
  4. I think these are teasers, Lou gone, James nearly out the door. Britney getting her freedom.
  5. Glad they are fixing it up. I would suggest maybe making her star a bit larger. A block at least
  6. Its a general comment to britney fans. There are too many to call out individually. Thats why its so freaking sad. You seriously don’t see all the mean comments?
  7. I LOVE IT what I find infuriating is this fan base. Honestly. Someone always has to spread there negativity. Its the same miserable accounts. Ppl here throw shade at Perez but atleast he stopped. When will you?
  8. Holy S h i. T ya’ll need to unclench your bum holes and stop be so miserable. this song is beautiful! Personally I am so thankful for it. I get a feeling the release is a good sign from B herself. Like Mood Ring.
  9. Oh My GaWD !!! I am so In love. when I was healthy I would swim in the moonlight when the stars reflect on the water its like swimming in space.
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