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    Hi. I’m Korey...crazy guy that loves many of the divas...going to concerts...and food haha
    Enjoy a good laugh as well.
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  1. Oh my...If she had released it last year like she said she would....maybe she could have already recorded some visuals. Im thinking like others said...she’s afraid she’s going to flop. If the music is good then it will be successful ...well hopefully.
  2. I’m sorry but I take offense to you saying her HIV has turned into Aids. What makes you think this? As a big Mariah fan this is my second time to question one of your post. On another you had stated Mariah had paid over 100 million of her own money to get Glitter but yet I found nothing to back up these statements. Ones opinion does not make fact.
  3. He will clean up next year. Look at the dates for this period of the awards...pretty sure it was delayed with the pandemic... Next year he will be his year again.
  4. I do enjoy Beyonce but like others have stated I feel she is way overhyped. I still don’t understand how they gave her a writing credit on Silent Night. It does make you question when you see her name as a writing credit.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous pictures. It’s crazy to think we’re one little dot on this planet that is just a micro dot of the universe...
  6. Where did the information come from that she paid that’s much for Glitter? I highly doubt she would do that. I mean why... I figure she owned the album out right...remember Virgin paid her to leave after that one album...
  7. It’s funny how everyone can have such different preferences. Thanks for the input guys!
  8. I don’t know what I did. I asked when do you think we will get new English songs?
  9. So a bit personal but was curious what others thought... Do you have a personal Grooming routine? Should the shrubs be trimmed or left alone? Help make the tree look bigger? Guys do the armpits need trimmed or let it be? Well I guess with girls too after the pic of Madonna’s daughter with hairy underarms. Do you like having a beard or no beard? Look forward to hearing your thoughts... Personally i I think the shrubs do need a trim on occasion. I’m not a real hairy person and don’t have much armpit hair. I think it can be sexy so just let it be. I can’t grow a beard well...so I usually am clean shaven.
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