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  1. This is a good topic to think about. I’m sure they would’ve gotten exposure when the British crossover era (2005- 2007) happen in the states. We got Natasha Bedingfield, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Adele. I’m sure they would’ve gotten a hit or two. they wouldn’t not been one direction status When Cheryl was signed up for the American X Factor I always thought she would’ve launched her solo career and then eventually bring over the rest of the girls.
  2. Madonna and beyonce! In the past it’s been said both artist has came in to record the song, they changed 3 words and demanded songwriting credits!! Example: Madonna justify your love and beyonce irreplaceable! Please google these topics and you will see!
  3. I wanna go criminal he’s about to lose me Trouble for you scary random fact. I’m not the biggest fan of the album cover or the photoshoot. I love Britney from the bottom of my (broken) heart but it get me mad when she has her hand in front of her face. Same with the Britney Jean album
  4. Worst trend! I hate seeing that. When I get new music onto my iTunes I change back to upper case (if applied) lower case
  5. the dirrtiest song you will ever hear! And it has a nice dirrty beat!
  6. Well the Democrats and Republicans are working on free Britney, can we get add another stimulus check On that bill?
  7. Idk why this one hit wonder is trying to make this happen... no lie I always thought she was a lesbian she just came off to mannish (apologies if I offended anyone) but she’s talking down about my community (LGBTQI+) Bow wow come get your friend before the gays begin to read a witch down!
  8. Idk facts for don’t @. me maybe it’s a Apple Music issue because my BF told me that Sam Smith’s album isn’t on Apple Music anymore. I thought they (sam) took it off Apple Music as a protest of not getting a Grammy nomination.
  9. Maybe we will get the future nostalgia b-sides. IMO I don’t think the moonlight edition was the b-sides. Looking forward at what she serves us!
  10. Vocal Skills... cough cough Selena Gomez who whispers her loudest into a turned off microphone. I know there has been artist who didn’t have the strongest vocals but knew how to use it! Dance videos - back in the 90’s/00’s you would see Janet, Britney, Michael, Christina, Madonna have dance sequences/breaks and that would good to see. I feel like this Generation will only have hand movement/TikTok dances big budget video, I don’t see a record label dropping $500,000+ On a music video. The artist will get luck if they get $20 and a bus pass for a video.
  11. I’m glad Robin Antin said the girls are singing but what parts will they be sing!? Are they getting solos!? Will some of the girls take lead on singles’!? Or Are they only singing the chorus. Im gonna need Jessica, Ashley, Kimberly and Carmit singing verse! not just the the Oh’s, Ah’s and the La La La’s !!! hopefully for the best!! How I want melody to comeback into the group! Mid performance!!
  12. Sounds like someone is mad his emo pop isn’t sticking onto radio like other artist. Maybe if he actually went out and performed people would get to know his music. Quit yapping about something that isn’t meant to be and start booking some stages to perform!!
  13. I agree with this 100 percent! I’ve noticed every album cycle is basically the same, she tries to follow the stripped approach. First single will be provocative/***ualized. The second single will be a ballad.... (post bionic) after the album comes out and it becomes certified plastic and she will pretend it never existed. After she will go hide for another 4 years (has a hit record as a featured artists) and start working on another record. Idk how RCA allows her to do these with her album cycles.
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