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  1. Omg I can’t believe it’s been a year since Step Back in Time was released. I had to do a top 10 since I couldn’t stop at 5. I love all the kylie’s Dance Kylie, Pop Kylie, R&B Kylie, Indie Kylie, Cute Kylie, *** Kylie, County Kylie.... In no particular order. 1. Cowboy Style 2. Better the Devil You Know 3. Shocked (both Original/Remix) 4. Slow 5. On a Night Like This 6. Hand on My Heart 7. Spinning Around 8. Confine in Me 9. Put Yourself In My Place 10. Tears On My Pillow
  2. Wasn’t Roman reloaded pink Friday 2. Let me guess the name of it... Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded/The Re-Up edition [Ms. Queen Petty] “The Ultra Pink Edition” 2 with bonus track: Radar
  3. Ringgggg ringggg.... ring didn’t mean a thing didn’t come out because business reasons aka publishing/money between Kim Z and Kandi. My favorite would be Tardy for the Party since that was the song that really kicked everything off
  4. Omg seeing this gets me worried about my Chromatica Order. It said it was supposed to ship on June 10th... ugh where is my chromatica thong!? 😡
  5. I can see Katy making Teary eyed the "new" lead single (7th), and daisies was just a promo single aka the Jessie J excuse. Where is Smile? the song she did with Puffy, that should've been the Lead (6th) single off this record. it would've been a whole different story!!! PS Missy Elliott had a song called Teary Eyed... 15 Years ago and one of her most UNDERRATED song in her discography and such a great video! She is saying "I AM NOT CRAZY"
  6. That camila and Selena are the reigning pop icon and legends. Over time the bar has been put so low that Selena Gomez is a pop star... to the point she is singing off key on her own song. As well this is an annoying thing the artist said.... Jordan sparks once said her and Leona Lewis are the new whitney and mariah. That statement has bother me till this day! that she had the AUDACITY to say that!
  7. Good to see Ashanti’s voice is back to work after this quarantine. On a serious side, she’s going to release another song that goes nowhere and just move on to the next single. J.lo is still struggling to release her 2016 spanish album. Smh
  8. When i saw her make up, i was like what in the drag queen!? i'm really sad we never got the Mariah x Janet collaboration, Jermaine Dupri was trying to get it done around the E=mc2 and Discipline moments. i would like to see Mariah collaborate with more female artist, but on the other hand, i would (Can i get a little bit of) L.O.V.E. if she would collaborate with Drake and The Weeknd, those are two collaborations i would love see!!!
  9. Mine has always been Mariah and The Emancipation of Mimi moment. Even though she looks like Beyonce, this has always been my favorite.
  10. Why do all her videos (not counting say so) seem like the struggle/budget videos! Like does RCA give something more than 20 dollars and meal Voucher for the day!?
  11. Normani flopped because she didn't come with anything original. the video came off like i was watching some youtube people reenact other peoples iconic moments. Plus the song sounded (probably was) like a Ariana Reject, she sounded to much like Ari and not herself. she need to refocus with a team of writers, make material from scratch and not take peoples rejects. BTW where is her follow up single? hasn't been like more an 8 months since motivation?
  12. Katy is in awkward stage in her career, people like her but are feeling her music. it's sad to say maybe is she went back to the black hair and isn't trying to be Miley during her Malibu era. i understand not working with Dr. Luke but why not Max Martin or his camp!? Charlie Puth and Zedd don't have the best track records.... plus she released the wrong lead (6th) single from the album, she should've went forward with "Smile" featuring Puffy (Diddy) and daisies should've been the 2nd (7th) single from the album. Can Katy make a prior comeback.... yes but it needs to be with the right people or this decline will continue to happen.
  13. This is charli XCX we are talking about, i couldn't expect a higher position... ain't nobody want her experimental pop...
  14. I would love to see a brandy vs. monica... i'm a big fan of both discographies. but with tamar's comments this is just adding fuel the Atlanta Clique Beef.... aka Tamar vs Kandi, Tiny, Toya, Monica, and Rasheeda (the Georgia prune)
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