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  1. This is so iconic, too bad the GP wouldn't handle something like that well back then and we probably won't see this level of idgafney again for her to say something so extra on a song.
  2. Ok, I feel like a jerk now. Thank you for saying something. Patience is not a virtue of mine () and I should have given them the benefit of the doubt.
  3. It takes no money to shoot out a tweet saying "sorry guys, something's happened and we need to distance ourselves from this" or anything to that effect. They haven't walked back anything they've said or dissociated themselves from the movement, which would put them in a safer place with the "powers at be" if they were in fact in danger.
  4. Exactly. I'm not asking for more than this and I would understand if they said something like this. It's just rude and disrespectful to their audience to just drop off without a word. It's like if Jordan pulled the plug on exhale all of a sudden and refused to mention it or address any of us afterward. It doesn't make any sense, does it?
  5. I've got a list of names and his is in red underlined.
  6. I wish I could make a case for why I should be uncancelled. Unfortunately, in the matter of Haha-ho v. Toxic, I'm guilty as charged.
  7. I'm sorry to say it, but I believe the girls behind Britney's Gram have shown great disrespect for their audience and the Britney fanbase as a whole by dropping of the way they did. I was always a big fan of their work and have been beyond patient and understanding about the fact that they have lives and careers outside of #FreeBritney, but to completely disappear without a word shows what level of regard they have for their listenership. As far as they did in uncovering the injustice and leading the movement, you would think their loyal and supporting audience would have earned the respect of at least being notified that there would be an extended hiatus. Obviously, they are free to do as they wish and it's their prerogative how involved they want to be, but their sudden drop off not only a strikingly unprofessional way to handle such a decision, it raises serious questions about the reasons behind this sudden shift. And for these reasons... I am unfollowing Tess and Babs on social media and giving the Britney's Gram podcast a 1-star rating. Who's with me?
  8. How do I make mine embedded like yalls?
  9. I don't get what they're doing. Did they just drive around and stop somewhere randomly and she got in the drivers seat to smoke?
  10. Sorry to twist the knife but to be clear I didn't mean least favorite Britney song, I mean literally least favorite song period.
  11. One second she doesn't care about the charts the next "it broke me in half", pick a lane girl
  12. Yes you're a flop, but welcome to exhale! You're in good company apparently.
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